Washington State University/Centralia College
Teacher Certification Program

PLEASE READ THROUGH ALL THESE ANSWERS BEFORE SCHEDULING AN ADVISING APPOINTMENT FOR THIS PROGRAM. You can also get further information by exploring these WSU/Centralia College pages.


1. What exactly is this program?
Centralia College, in conjunction with Washington State University, will offer a specific program leading to an elementary teaching credential.

2. Who can apply?
Students who have completed their AA degree or Bachelor’s degree. Students with more than two years of college but no formal degree may apply once they have had a formal transcript evaluation to determine prerequisite courses needed to qualify for the program. Entry is competitive.

3. Do I have to have a certain grade point average to be accepted?
Yes, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.50 in your AA or BA.

4. Will this entire program take place at Centralia College or will I have to go to another place to take classes?
The entire program will take place on the Centralia College campus through regular and distance learning classes.

5. How long will this program take?
If you have met all the prerequisites, the program will take four semesters and two summers.

6. How much will the program cost?
You will pay the regular Washington State University tuition, approximately $2,400 each semester and $1,400 each summer, plus books and fees.

7. Will I be able to get financial aid?
Financial aid may be possible, but you must submit a Washington State financial aid form. If you already receive financial aid from Centralia College, you must submit a student report from Centralia College along with the Washington State financial aid form.

8. Are any classes required before I can apply?
Yes. You must have taken the following classes and received a 2.0 or higher in each:

9. Will financial aid cover my prerequisites?
This may be possible, but you must check individually with the Financial Aid Office at your college and/or WSU.

10. Will I be able to obtain additional endorsements or credentials during this program?
There is nothing to prevent you from gaining additional endorsements but time, since endorsements mean more credits and courses.

11. Will there be a specific sequence of courses I will have to take?
There is a recommended sequence of courses that will help you finish the program as quickly and effectively as possible.

12. Who will be the instructors for these courses?
Instructors will be local credentialed professionals and WSU faculty.

13. If an emergency occurs and I have to drop out for a quarter, will I be able to finish the program?
If you drop out for a quarter, you will have to wait until the required courses are offered again or attend the program on another campus.

14. If I decided to attend WSU on its main campus, would this program transfer?
Yes, but you must check with the WSU School of Education and WSU Extended Degree Program Office for sequencing and schedules.

15. If I moved, could I finish this program?
Yes, you could complete this program at Lower Columbia, Clark, Grays Harbor, and WSU, but space and sequencing might be a problem.

16. Are there any guarantees this program won’t change once I enroll?
No. State guidelines and WSU changes might affect this program.

17. Is there any credit for military service?
Military service must be evaluated by WSU.

18. What if I have already taken some of the required classes?
The classes you have already taken must be evaluated by WSU, and once deemed acceptable, you should not have to retake them.

19. Are there a limited number of students for this program?
Centralia College hopes to have 25-30 students in the program with a waiting list.

20. Can I apply for this program at more than one campus?
Yes, your application will go to WSU from any campus site. However, your interview will take place on the campus where you will enroll as a student in the program.

21. Will an interview be required for acceptance to this program?
Yes, a 30-45 minute interview will be required for acceptance. This interview will be representatives from WSU, Centralia College, and public schools.

22. When will this program begin?
New students begin with a six-week summer session –June/July 2004.

23. If I am interested in applying, what is my next step?
You must submit official transcripts from any previous college, a WSU undergraduate application form from the WSU Extended Degree Program Office, and a non-refundable application fee of $35 to David White at Centralia College.

To receive an application form—contact:
David White
WSU Program Director
Centralia College
600 W. Locust St.
Centralia, WA 98531
(360) 736-9391 ext. 229