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City University of Seattle
Centralia College Transfer Program

Bachelor of Arts in Education & Teaching Certification

What is this program?
Centralia College, in partnership with City University of Seattle, offers a program leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Education along with state Residency Teaching Certification. The program now offers a "dual endorsement" in which the teacher candidate will choose to become endorsed in Elementary Education (K-8) and/or Special Education (K-12) and Mathematics, ELL or Reading. Learn more at

Who can apply?
Those who have completed a college degree as well as those who have taken the equivalent of more than two years of college or those nearing the end of their AA work can apply. Your application to City University of Seattle leads to a formal transcript evaluation by the registrar to determine your eligibility for the program. Entry is competitive.

Do I have to have a certain grade point average to be accepted?
Yes. 2.0 or higher.

Where are program classes taught?
Most classes will be held on the campus of Centralia College. Depending on your choice of endorsements, some courses may be offered online.

How long will this program take?
This is an eight (or nine) quarter program beginning in July with graduation two years later in June.

How much will the program cost?
For current tuition rates please visit:

Will I be able to get financial aid?
You may qualify. City University of Seattle administers various types of federal and private financial assistance. For more information regarding financial aid, go to our web site:

What are the prerequisites for entry into the program?
Please see the Bachelor of Arts in Education Admissions Packet at:

Will I be able to obtain additional endorsements or credentials during this program?
Yes! You can choose to pursue dual endorsements as part of this program. Options may include: Elementary Education (K-8), Special Education (K-12), Mathematics, ELL or Reading. Talk to an advisor for full details.

What is the format and schedule of courses for this program?
Courses are presented in-class, enhanced by the use of Online Blackboard. A two-year course of study will be presented well in advance of the program start. One of the benefits of the City University of Seattle programs is that they are "cohort based" - this means that you will start and complete the program with the same group of people - allowing you to form valuable lifelong networks and relationships. Historically, classes are held two weekday evenings, along with Saturday morning and afternoon sessions. Some endorsement courses may be offered online.

Who will be the instructors for these courses?
Instructors will be local credentialed professionals and City University of Seattle faculty. All City University of Seattle instructors are accomplished practitioners who work, lead, manage, and excel in the fields that they teach.

If I moved, could I finish this program?
Yes, this program is offered at several other City University of Seattle sites throughout Washington. If you find this to be a concern please contact your Advisor to determine your best options.

Are there any guarantees this program won’t change once I enroll?
Although significant changes are not likely, changes in state guidelines and City University of Seattle changes might affect the program.

Is there any credit for military service?
City University awards credit for military training and experience according to the American Council on Education (ACE) Guide. Contact your Advisor for assistance.

What if I have already taken some of the required program courses?
In order for a course to be transferred into an undergraduate program, the student must have achieved a 2.0 or better decimal grade or a letter grade of "C" or better. In addition to the prerequisite 90 approved lower-division credits from recognized colleges or other recognized institutions, City University of Seattle may accept up to 45 upper-division credits from recognized four-year colleges and universities toward fulfillment of baccalaureate degree requirements. These credits must clearly be:
  1. Upper-division credits AND directly equivalent to the City University of Seattle courses, as determined by similar course number, title, and content; or
  2. Approved upper-division professional courses.
Students applying to the Bachelor of Arts in Education program are required to fulfill all general education and program prerequisite requirements regardless of the number of transfer credits accepted at the lower division level.

Are there a limited number of students for this program?
As a general rule, cohorts are kept to no larger than 25 students.

Can I apply for this program at more than one campus?
Yes, this program is offered at several other City University of Seattle sites throughout Washington, including Tacoma and Vancouver, but program start dates may vary.

Will an interview be required for acceptance to this program?
Yes, after applications are screened, prospective students will be called in for an interview.

When will this program begin?
The next cohort is schedule to start July, 2011, and usually starts every other year..

If I am interested in applying, what is my next step?
Stop by the City University of Seattle office in Kemp 115 or call (360) 736-9391, ext. 498 Information is also available on the City University of Seattle website:
City University of Seattle in Centralia

To apply:

Visit the City University office, Kemp 115, or call:
(360) 736-9391, ext. 498

For more information, contact:

Lynn Panther
City University Program Coordinator
Centralia College
600 Centralia College Blvd.
Centralia, WA 98531
(360) 736-9391, ext. 498