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What is Tech Prep?

Tech Prep is a statewide partnership between Washington community colleges and high schools providing dual educational credit in career pathways.  Centralia College and local high schools have agreements providing students the opportunity to take specific classes at their high school and then transferring the credits to the college at no cost to the student.

Who Can Participate?

Tech Prep courses are open to high school students in grades 9-12 who wish to complete skill-based (Workforce Education) college level course while attending high school.  These courses allow high school students to explore career opportunities and areas of interest while establishing an official college transcript. Courses vary by schools and students can check with their counseling center for information.

How Does a Student Get Credit?

  • Enroll in a Tech Prep course at your high school
  • Complete the college Request for Credit form and return to the high school CTE director with a parent’s signature.
  • Complete your course with a B or better
  • Make sure the High school sends in a copy of your transcript along with the Request for Credit form at the conclusion of the school year.  Documents are sent to the Workforce Education Office.
  • When you enroll at Centralia College, you will find you have college credits waiting for you!

Centralia College recommends that students apply to the college (online) and seek tech prep credit that will pertain to the degree they will be pursing when a student at Centralia College. 
Sample Tech Prep Classes at Centralia College:

  • Keyboarding or Digi Tools
  • Welding
  • Accounting
  • Child Development
  • Business Math

Important Links
Student kiosk:
Non-traditional credits info:
State Board of Education Tech Prep Consortium:

For more information contact:
Centralia College Workforce Education
(360)736-9391 ext. 427