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Acceptance into the Nursing Program

A maximum of 24 students are selected each year for the two-year (six-quarter) program. Students seeking mid-program transfer or readmission are considered for admission only on a space available basis (Advanced Placement).

Notification of Admission

Students accepted into the Nursing Program are notified by mail before the end of July. Immediately contact Centralia College Nursing Program (360) 623-8922 if your decision to accept placement in the nursing program changes.

Notification of Alternate Status

A list of 10 alternate candidates will be rank order assembled. Should spaces become available, only students on the alternate list are offered admission for the current year’s program. Alternate candidates who do not receive an offer of admission by the 10th class day of fall quarter will be denied admission. A new Nursing Program application must be submitted to be reconsidered for future admission.

Notification of Denial

Students who have not met all application requirements, or whose application did not rank high enough for admission or alternate status, will be denied admission to the Nursing Program. Students are notified by mail before the end of July. A new Nursing Program application must be submitted to be reconsidered for future admission.

Appeal of Selection

If you wish to appeal your Nursing Program admission decision, you have 10 calendar days from the date of your decision letter to do so. The appeal is a meeting with the Director of Enrollment Services. If you wish to appeal the decision of the Director of Enrollment Services, you have five calendar days after the decision to appeal. Write a formal letter of appeal to the Vice-President of Student Services. The Vice-President will send you a written response within 15 calendar days after receiving the appeal letter. The decision of the Vice-President of Student Services is final.

Mandatory Orientation

Attendance is required for orientation, usually occurring within the first week of August.

Nursing Program Courses

The following courses are required to successfully prior to graduation from the Nursing Program:

  • NURS 101 Basic Nursing Care Concepts
  • NURS 102 Common Alterations of Health I
  • NURS 103 Common Alterations of Health II
  • NURS 201 Nursing Care of Clients with Health Alterations related to Mental Health and Lifespans
  • NURS 220 Management & Leadership in Nursing
  • NURS 202 Complex Alterations in Health Medical-Surgical
  • NURS 203 Complex Management of Health Alterations
  • NURS 222 Transition to Practice

Prepare for employment in the nursing profession...

Our Nursing Program


Over the past 3 years, Centralia College RN students have averaged the following:

  • Completion rate: 96%
  • NCLEX-RN first-time pass rate: 90.3%
  • Employment rate (as a RN within first 6 months of graduation): 83.1%