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Media Studies Program

media studies classThe Media Studies program is designed for students interested in transferring to a four-year college or university to complete a bachelor’s degree in the radio or television field.

This particular program is equally well suited for students interested in a two-year terminal degree prior to entry into the radio broadcasting or television production fields.

The radio and television facilities at Centralia College are unique among Washington State community colleges. Students learn on professional audio and video equipment and are provided experience in all areas of television and radio production.

KCED-FM, a fully equipped radio station authorized by the Federal Communications Commission, is operated by students in the radio and television programs. Those students desiring an emphasis in radio broadcasting have ample opportunity for live "on-the air" experience in broadcasting as well as radio production experience. The Centralia College television studio is well equipped and provides experience in taping, directing, and producing television programs. Students who transfer to a four-year college should consult their advisors for choice of distribution credit courses and elective courses.