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Science Honors Program

What is the Science Honors Program?

The Science Honors Program is a track within the Honors Program designed specifically for students planning to major in a science discipline at a four-year college or university. To apply to the Science Honors Program, you must have completed two 200 level science courses in one scientific study area, as follows:

Earth Sciences/Geology: Geol& 101 + Geol 108 OR Geol& 208
Chemistry: Chem& 161 + Chem& 162 OR Chem& 261 + Chem& 262
Biological Sciences: Biol& 221 + Biol& 222 OR Biol& 222 + Biol& 223
Physics/Engineering: Engr& 214 + Phys& 221 OR Phys& 221 + Phys& 222

As in the regular Honors program, to apply to the Science Honors Program, you must have and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5. Like the regular Honors Program, Science Honors is 11 elective credits. However, those credits are for different components:
  • 3 credits: doing background research for an independent project;
  • 5 credits: conducting the research project; and
  • 3 credits: writing up the project following scientific reporting methods.
You must do these three steps in sequence. Science Honors students may begin in any quarter following admission to the program. Science Honors students do not take Honors 250, the Honors Colloquium.

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