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Honors Students Projects

What are Honors projects?

Honors projects include two 3-credit independent projects: Honors 160 and Honors 170. As an Honors student, you work with a faculty mentor to develop, complete, and publicly present projects of intense interest to you. HON 160 and 170 can be completely separate projects done with different mentors; alternatively, you can choose to tackle one project in greater depth, using HON 160 as "part one" and HON 170 as "part two."

What topics work as Honors projects?

Topics for Honors projects are virtually limitless. If you are interested in it, you can probably develop an Honors project to do it! Types of projects have been:
  • Practical: One Honors student researched and developed her own small business plan, then presented it to a Business class. Another Honors student interpreted for a hearing-impaired child, then signed a presentation about the experience to an American Sign Language class. Another Honors student, whose goal is to teach Art History, "shadowed" an Art professor, developed several lesson plans, and then taught short lessons in an Art class. Honors students could, conceivably, craft a computer program, write and illustrate a children's book, develop a nursing simulation, and more.
  • Creative: One Honors student wrote an original poetry chapbook; another wrote almost 200 pages of her own novel. Both gave readings of their work at the Writing Center. Graphic arts, drawing/painting, drama, photography, or music projects are options, too.
  • Academic: You might choose a specific topic not covered in depth (or at all) by any one course at Centralia, research it, and write a paper about it. One Honors student researched several novels by William Faulkner, wrote a paper about them, and presented her work to students taking English 249, Great American Novel. Another Honors student researched the possibility of creating a common market for the Middle East as a means of reducing tension in that region.
  • Scientific: See the Science Honors Program.

Honors projects