ENVS 170 Intro to Natural Resources


Assignment:  Conflicts in Natural Resource Management


You have been learning about many challenges to managing natural resources during the course of this quarter, both during class and through your news review assignments.  Now it is time to delve deeper into one specific issue.  Choose a topic, either from the suggested list below, or from your own interest.  If you propose a new one, get it approved by me first.  Organize your report similar to a news review, but go into more detail and discussion.  Give the background to the issue or conflict, list all the stakeholders and what interest each has in the issue, describe past or proposed actions, describe the science driving the issue, discuss political and financial aspects, and summarize with your opinion. 


Use at least three references in your research.  They may include: newspaper articles, journal articles (available through ProQuest at the library web site), interviews with professionals, and reputable web sites (see below).  You may use some of the biased sources not allowed for news reviews, but do not use:

·         any web site not backed by a valid publisher, academic institution, government agency, or reputable organization. 

·         blogs

·         web sites posted as class projects by other students


The body of your report should be 600-800 words (not including works cited at the end), which is about 1 ˝ - 2 pages single-spaced.  Use standard fonts and margins, formatting similar to your news reviews.  When you use specific information from your research, be sure to cite your sources.  A tool to help you format your references can be found at the website Knightcite http://www.calvin.edu/library/knightcite/index.php.   All references should be listed at the end in a “Works Cited” list. 


This assignment is worth 30 points.  It is due Friday, December 5.  Turn in your assignment in print or by email.  These instructions are also available on our class website. 


Some suggested topics are listed below.  You may choose another, but you must get it approved by me (by email or in class) no later than Friday, November 21. 


Prioritizing urban-wildland interface fire fighting

Fuel reduction treatments to manage wildland fire

Invasive species and (forest, fisheries, wildlife or wilderness) management

Climate change and (forest, fisheries, wildlife or wilderness) management

Roadless areas in public lands: should they be regulated by national or state government?

Should the Endangered Species Act be revised to weaken restrictions on private lands?

Cooperation between Tribal and State fisheries management

New rules on mineral prospecting in Washington state to protect fish habitat

Evaluate a proposal for either listing or delisting a species under the Endangered Species Act.