ENVS 170 Intro to Natural Resources


Assignment: Electing Washington’s Public Lands Commissioner


Who would make a better Public Lands Commissioner for the State of Washington?  Doug Sutherland and Peter J. Goldmark are both seeking the position in the upcoming November 4th election.  Sutherland is the incumbent, Goldmark is the challenger. 


Write an essay, evaluating the two candidates.  Say who you think would do a better job, but you may keep your actual vote private.  Support your decision with evidence from one of the web sites provided, or from your own search through newspaper archives.  Your essay should include:

  • job description for Washington’s Public Lands Commissioner,
  • each candidate’s qualifications,
  • the criteria you feel are most important, and
  • which candidate best meets those criteria.

You may also include a candidate’s:

  • previous work experience relevant to the position,
  • endorsements from others,
  • party affiliation, and
  • record, whether voting record or of other actions (most easily available through news articles). 


Washington DNR website:  www.dnr.wa.gov

WA Voter’s Guide: http://wei.secstate.wa.gov/osos/en/Pages/OnlineVoterGuideGeneral2008.aspx

Doug Sutherland’s campaign site: http://www.dougsutherland.org/

Peter Goldmark’s campaign site: http://www.petergoldmark.com/


The periodical database ProQuest archives most of the major daily newspapers from Washington.  It is available through the Centralia College Library’s periodical database website: http://library.centralia.ctc.edu/periodicals.shtml.  As a CC student, you can access this from any computer.  If you are off campus, you must use your student ID as a password. 


Your essay should be 600-800 words, which is about 1 ˝ - 2 pages single-spaced.  Use standard fonts and margins, formatting similar to your news reviews.  When you use specific information from your research, be sure to cite your sources.  If it’s a newspaper article, include the same information you’d have in your news review.  If it’s from another source, name it and include the URL (web address). 


These instructions are also available on our class website. 


This assignment is worth 30 points.  It is due Tuesday, November 4th (Election Day).  Turn in your assignment in print or by email.