Environmental Science                             Name________________

Community Service Exercise      


1. List the organization, agency, or group that you are volunteering with.



2. Indicate the name, position, and phone number of the person you are working with/for as the coordinator or supervisor.


name___________________, position_______________, phone_______


3. Describe the activity or activities you participated in and indicate below the dates and total hours.






date                ________


time start:       ________


time end         ________


total hrs           ________


4. Signature of volunteer coordinator/supervisor of this project after completion:



_______________________________, date:_______________ 

Comments, if any, of coordinator/supervisor:








5. Reflections.   State how this activity(ies) made you more aware of or interested in environmental science.   Describe any significant ideas or concepts that were made especially important to you.  How will the work you did impact the environment in the near or more distant future?  Would you do it again?  Recommend it to future students?  Please type your response (2 pages double-spaced) and submit with this form.