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English Faculty

Rosemary Reigle


Rosemary R. Reigle, Ed.D.
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I knew from my first day in pre-school that I wanted to teach.  It would not be until the 5th grade, however that I would discover my love of higher education. Like many of my colleagues, I graduated high school and took time out to marry and raise a family.  When I returned to college, as a non-traditional student just like many of you, I studied full throttle! After receiving my Associates of Arts and Sciences at Tacoma Community College (far too many years ago), I went on for a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Washington (go Huskies!),  Master of Arts, and Literature [I love old dead guys!] at Antioch University, followed by a Doctorate of Education at Argosy University School of Education. My specialization and publications focus on the ‘socialization of online learners.’  I earned both graduate and post graduate degrees via a combination of flipped and hybrid courses with  75% of my time in the classroom. Before transferring into education, I was a business manager (25 years) for a local architectural and engineering firm that specialized in Criminal Justice facilities.

When not teaching, I spend my time writing about the world around me and the wonders it contains. I am a published poet: "Poetry for Women of the 21st Century,"  and currently working on a fiction story (I would tell you the working title but as any writer knows that can be bad luck.)