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Linda Foss

English Faculty

Kimberly Bennett


Before coming to Centralia College as an adjunct instructor, I earned my BA in English Literature at Portland State University, and my MA in Creative Writing at Wilkes University.  I worked in several fields:  nursing, hospitality, and publishing while I earned my degrees.  Like many of my students, I divided my energy between working, studying and parenting.   

I teach English 098 and English 099, classes that prepare students for college-level writing, as well as Reading courses.  I also teach literature courses, English 101 and English 102.  You can find me at least one afternoon a week at the campus writing center.  My own writing is eclectic: poetry, memoir and essays, fiction and book reviews.

Everyone struggles with writing, and I look forward to helping you tackle those frustrations and learn new skills as you work toward your degree and future profession.