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Electronics Robotics Automation (ERA)

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The Industry

Even though this industry is expected to grow just 4% by the year 2020, ERA technicians and those working in the electronics industry are, and will continue to be in high demand. ERA technicians are employed in a variety of careers and are vital to many high technology industries. With a median income of $57,850 a year, and with medical and retirement benefits available at most jobs, the earning potential for ERA graduates is well over the national average for most other occupations.

Our ERA Program

Prepares students to meet the challenge of advancing technology and industry demand

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The Electronics, Robotics & Automation program prepares students to compete for a variety of possible jobs within the electronics industry. Graduates have found employment in positions within the computer industry, audio and pro-audio industry, test equipment manufacturing and calibration, automation and motor control, and the computer networking segment of the electronics industry.

The ERA program at Centralia College is an Intel partnership program, with Intel visiting every year for the last seven years to conduct on-campus interviews. We are also a SemaTech partnership school. SemaTech is a consortium of many companies considered leaders in cutting-edge electronics. We average visits from 3 to 5 Fortune 500 companies annually!

Centralia College ERA graduates consistently have an employment rate of 100%.

Centralia College maintains an Electronics Technology Advisory Committee of industry professionals who are invested in the local community and are experts in the electronics industry. These advisors help to guide the college when changes in the curriculum become necessary as the electronics industry makes advances in technology or as industry demands change. Our goal is to ensure that we are offering our students the highest quality educational experiences available and that our students be as prepared as possible for real-world applications as they enter the workforce.

Career Opportunities

Graduates have gone to work in various industries:

  • Computer Industry
  • Aerospace
  • Office Automation
  • Communications
  • Data Communications
  • Semiconductor Fabrication
  • Research and Development

Associate in Applied Science, Electronics Robotics & Automation

The Associate in Applied Science–Electronics Robotics & Automation program at Centralia College prepares students with the technical knowledge and hands-on skills for these high-demand careers in the computer, robotics, electronics, communications, and electronics fabrication industries. With a mixture of in-class instruction and hands-on training, Centralia College ERA students receive comprehensive training in a wide variety of installation, fabrication, testing, maintenance and repair of computers, electrical systems, electronics, and robotics systems.

Occupational Outlook, Job & Salary Statistics

For statistics on ERA occupations, see the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook for:

Work in a variety of electronics & computer industries...

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ERA Program Guide
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