Why Earth Science?

We call planet Earth our home. We utilize and depend on its resources, we stare in awe at its grandeur, and we often times are humbled by its powerful forces. Throughout human history, man has been profoundly affected by geology processes. Philosopher Will Durant stated:

"Civilization exists by geologic consent, subject to change without notice."

Right now we are living in a time of revolutionary scientific discoveries and awareness. At the same time our growing population is having profound impacts on Earth's interconnected systems: geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere. Because we are a part of those environmental spheres, we need to better understand how they work, not only so we can solve the problems we face, but so we can live more safely and sustainably and appreciate the intricacy of the natural world!

Earth Science Literacy is all about our understanding our planet's geology and our connectedness to Earth Systems. The learning objectives of Earth Science classes include the Big Ideas and Supporting Concepts of Earth Science.


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