Weather Description Assignment

Describe weather phenomena in the south Puget Lowland over a 7-day period. Relate the phenomena you describe to the movement and interaction of air masses. Provide at least two paragraphs and make sure you answer the following questions. List the websites and/or references where you got your information.

1. What were the daily temperature ranges during the period of record in your home town or near your hometown?

2. What types and amounts of precipitation fell in your home town or nearest to your hometown?

3. Describe the motion and interaction of air masses during this period.

4. What kind of clouds did you see, and how did they help you to interpret the nature of the weather changes you observed?   If you observed fog, describe where and  how it formed?

5. What natural phenomena, if any, were related to wind, temperature changes, precipitation, or hydrologic response to precipitation during this period?  (examples: wind, frost, or flooding damage, increased discharges of streams, accumulation of snow, etc)

6. Did the physiography of this region noticeably influence the weather? (location of ocean, mountains, or other landforms)



Here are some helpful web links:        Chappell family weather page, Centralia, WA             Kent Short's weather links at Bellevue Community College                      Univ. of Washington Atmos. Sciences --weather data page (scroll for surface and upper-air observations, forecasts, satellite imagery, radar, and climate data)        NOAA Olympia Airport weather data


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