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Focus the Nation, a national teach in on Climate Science

Focus the Nation's Centralia College link  With schedule of events including Lyceum speakers*

Focus the Nation--Evergreen, Centralia College, St. Martins, South Puget CC  find out more about cosponsored events and events at each school/community

Weather in the News    activity to help students develop skills to interepret media coverage of weather

Tracking hurricane news       Get the picture: severe weather     Hurricanes and climate     all student activities

Cliff Mass's weather and climage blog


NOVA: Hunt for the supertwister     

       Weather and climate videos for online viewing  American Meteorological Society video on demand (get weather, but get advertisements too!)

       Climate change videos at  

       Professor Andy Bunn of WWU talks about climate change   April 9, 2009 presentation at WSU Whatcom Extension on Vimeo

       Dr. Terry Gerlach "Volcanic vs. Anthropomorphic CO2"   February 17, 2012 Rising Tide STEM lecture at Centralia College

       The rise and fall of El Nino produced by NOVA    Another location for streaming "The rise and fall of El Nino" 
       Flash flood videos by David Rankin   (about 5 min)

  • Weather_conditions

  • Wunderground fronts_USA   Washington online weather    

    NWS-national forecast maps--Nat. Ctrs. for Environ. Prediction          National Weather Service    National Weather Service Forecast maps    Intellicast  

    6—10 day outlook from Climate Prediction Center        Outlook maps graphs and tables

    NWS Precipitation data     NWS AHPS   NWS Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center   
    Earth wind map   more on Earth Wind map  


    Lewis County: emergency response teams     UW: Pacific NW observational data Many useful links to satellite maps, etc; scroll down to see list  
    Tornado History Project—Washington  

    OWSC: Office of the Washington State Climatologist  

    NWS Northwest Forecast Office                                                     NOAA, NWS, Zone forecast for South Washington Cascades   

    Washington Online Weather

    UW Weather Info (framed)

    Pacific NW environmental forecasts and observations UW Atmos. Sciences

    National Weather Service Forecast Office Seattle   




    Washington Climate Summaries   find station data here!               WA Snowtel site

    NRCS National Water and Climate Center   lots of links to climate data here!   NRCS precipitation reports for WA  (monthly)  snowtel daily  *

    Climate Data online

    Spatial Climate Analysis Service (PRISM climate GIS data)     

    PRISM Data Explorer        National Climate Data Center       ESRI NOAA greenhouse gases  

    NOAA: climate telectonnections:     Pacific Decadal Oscillation  


    USGS Real-time water data--Washington State site  (see "Statewide Streamflow table" link) 

    Streamflow data for Washington—fancy new version    Chehalis River flood status page—Thurston County WA   More Chehalis River flood info 

    US drought portal      Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI)    NIDIS map and data viewer   about Palmer Drought Indices 

    Drought Risk Atlas   



    USGS Real-time water data       



    Videos for online viewing—American Meteorological Society

    Atmospheric Sciences Classes - Spring Quarter 2004

    The Austin College Weather Station (ACWX), located on Austin College's Sneed Environmental Research Area approximately 10 miles

    Amer Meteorological soc Final Program Listing (Expanded View)

    Thomson Learning - InfoTrac College Edition

    Meteorology Now

    Climate Courses usc_carbone_climate research lab


    Climate History Slides Index

    Weather-related tutorials and other links-- NOAA Southern Region

    Climate change and colleges  



    UW Atmos Sci-Weather & Climate


    Interactive Weather Satellite Imagery Viewers from NASA GHCC

    Goddard Institute for Space Studies

    The Weather Analysis Page



    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

    Eric Steig reviews Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"   posted at    (links to blog about the movie)

    Focus the Nation --climate science awareness

    PEW Center on Climate Change

    US Climate Change Science Program publications


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