This information is for my use only, to better help students individually.  The data will not be shared with anyone. Please email me the information at ppringle via 

Please include the text “envs150”, “geog201”, “weaclim”, or “geol101” in the subject line of the email depending on which class you are enrolled in. You can include other info in the subject line, but if the appropriate text above is listed, then it helps me to file the emails more easily. Thank you!

Name___________________________Student number ________________________

City/town_______________Email: ____________________Phone: ________________

Program at Centralia College  ________________________________________

Year you graduated from high school____________________________________

Rank from 1 to 5 (least used to most used) how do you communicate w/ others:

phone___  cell phone___  text message ____ email____

Rank how you get information (1–5): radio__TV___newspaper__web sources__blogs__

If you plan to transfer to another college or university after Centralia College, which have you chosen? 


Goals/reasons for being in college and long-term plans?



Reason for enrolling in this class (if for science distribution, why this science class?) 



List college-level science courses you have taken:



Check if you have taken (or are currently taking) the following courses:

q English 101

q English 102

q Speech

q Math 108 (Statistics)

Do you know basic PowerPoint?  q Yes    q No


Did you have high school earth science?                               …environmental science?


Are there subject areas in natural sciences that are of particular interest to you?


Is there anything else about yourself that you’d like me to know?