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==> Tools_for_writing_science_papers  ...and how to work with graphics! (for field reports, etc)
Computer_graphics_software_and_resources     Computer software--utilities  

             Anaglyphs        Animations              the Big ideas of Earth science  the Earth science literacy principles. Watch the videos
Careers_in_Earth_Sciences     Centralia College links    
             Data_for_Natural_Sciences   (see also under "Math..." below)     Dendrochronology resources       Earthquakes_seismology   
             Education:_tools_and_links  Earth science lectures and powerpoints online   New items added periodically
             Earth  Science Misc    Earth_Science_Societies      Earth science textbooks and related aids online   (see also “Supplies and Books” below)
Earth Science—not online, but worthy of finding and reading!  
Geology_departments_Pacific_Northwest         Geologic_field_guides_online       Geologic_publications_online  
             Geology of the Pacific Northwest   Geoscientists   
GIS_Geographic_Information_Systems (plus Lidar and Physical Geography links)    Google Earth      Hydrologic_data                
             Maps and Map related    Math, Statistics, and Data tools         Monitoring Earth systems at Centralia College                              
           Online_educational_resources  *Fact checking   Open access and academic commons    Photography     Paleontology, fossils, and human history  
              Radiology resources                     
             Reference,_conversions,_standards,_etc      Rocks and Minerals     Science software   Software/freeware/shareware       Structural geology and tectonics  
             Student opportunities
       Study guide (geology)         Supplies and books           
                         Time-lapse videos                Tools_for_students        Undergraduate research  
             US Geological Survey useful links        USGS Diamonds    USGS selected hazards   USGS Afghanistan  
             Videos: Earth Sciences and related    Washington Online Writing Lab visit Centralia College's Writing Lab in Kemp 105 for info & assistance 



                                    Curious or amusing dept        Links       


Mars Ophir Chasm  3D Moon 

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12/26/2004 Sumatra quake and tsunami  from IRIS ....more about the quake models from IRIS  
NOAA: Tectonic plate movement, 200 million years ago to today 
USGS animations  

IRIS animations   

UC Santa Barbara multimedia visualization center   another link to the UCSB multimedia visualization Center     Exploring Earth visualizations 

Animations at RESGI  

gobookee geology animations   

Univ. of Kentucky: geology animations, interactive exercises, and songs   requires shockwave

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Apps for science   

[Geologic] Timescale Creator  


Geocareers—Geological Society of America (GSA)   
Careers in geosciences—AGI   (leaves this page)    AGI workforce infographic—consider a geoscience career     AGI: What is a geoscientist?  

see also under GIS for careers, below            Earth is calling   looking at careers in geosciences for high school students (video)

Geological Society of America Career Program  for GSA student members; Free, but advance registration is required (It's easy - just log in and create an account - if you have questions, contact E&O at the e-mail address provided on the website)


Infographic on careers in science                    Science careers at a glance by Open Education Database    Careers in geosciences  a youtube video

Workforce, transfer, and careers info from SAGE on 2YC site      UNAVCO careers    Why we should empower girls to be curious, a STEM challenge  

...once in the professional world (including college!), how to recognize, cope with, and escape from toxic individuals "Beware zombies, haters, pigs, and jerks"   

          Resume tips:

          10 phrases that kill your resume (online resource)


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Important dates and deadlines   find Final exam schedules and more here!     Centralia College webcams     New rocks dot the KNOLL  CCbuzz, April 2015
Centralia College Mission Statement, core themes, and values     

Computer_graphics_software_and_resources     making animated gifs      Irfanview freeware graphics viewer    Stereonet software for Mac, PC, or Linux 

NIH Image homepage--image analysis software and  tools     Object Image Mac program for image analysis works only on Mac classic

Researchgate image analysis pages  

download site for Adobe Acrobat Reader   Urban legend or not?

NASA Dapple data browser   

Also, please see Tools for editing or making graphics or figures, below

GPlates: software for interactive visualization of plate tectonics                      printing out posters  An online service in case you don't have a plotter

GEE: Global Earthquake Explorer, an educational and outreach tool for seismology  

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Computer Software--Utillities

data recovery software     zamzar file converion utility   CRAYFIS app—detect cosmic rays on your phone  

Viper plagiarism checker, free software  Windows only     dustball online plagiarism checker   checks through open-access documents  seotools--another plagiarism checker 

paperrater    turnitin    doccop collusion and plagiarism tool by Mark McCrohon review of plagiarism detection tools    

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          see also Monitoring Earth systems link below for more data...

    Washington Climate Summaries  new site to find station data as of ~ 2012!    [Use Vancouver and Centralia precipitation "monthly" records for semhill and O'Neill natural area projects; “ANN” = annual precip]; old climate summaries site  

    WA Snowtel site snowfall records  PDO, Pacific Decadal Oscillation    PDO, NOAA website  *ENSO status NOAA NWS 

    NOAA Paleoclimate data   [see "data search" for tree-ring, ice, fire, coral, cave, paleofire, etc]



    USGS Real-time water data--Washington State site  (see "Statewide Streamflow table" link)

    USGS Washington State Water Center   

    National Weather Service  

    NOAA storm predication center  

    NOAA storm prediction center, surface and upper air maps  

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Norm's GIS Glossary      SEDAC Center for Earth Science Information Network, Columbia Univ.   

Washington State Geospatial database

Oregon State geospatial data    lidar maps for Oregon         Mount St. Helens high-res digital imagery based on 2009 lidar   

ESRI GIS software  (world’s most used!)   ESRI online resources        ArcNews online        Drone perspectives  on ESRI web      ArcGIS_The geologypage  

GIS data depot    Commercial site   ArcGIS 10 for geology  Use of GIS in weather and climate sciences, EOS 2016

Getting a job in geography and GIS  Spring 2013 Arcnews; a piece by Doug Richardson, Exec. Dircector, American Association of Geographers ; see also AAG-careers 
New online geography and GIS resources  Winter 2013 Arcnews; another piece by Doug Richardson  GRASS GIS  
Mapping prehistoric activity in Colorada—GIS and archaeology Spring 2013 Arcnews
Using GIS and social media to map a volcanic eruptions's aftermath  Spring 2013 Arcnews
NSF_open topography  LiDAR data      NSF open topography Facebook page       GIS-enabled tour of the Bull Run watershed in Oregon   TESC list of GIS online mapping—make maps using digital environmental information  

ArcGIS help 10.2+   login ESRI 

GIS, Google Earth, and Macintosh computers
Free geography tools including GIS for Macs 


Puget Sound Lidar Consortium   WADNR lidar database–Online lidar imagery   Access online WADNR lidar directly 
Quantum Geospatial (lidar data acquisistion)   Lidar at WADNR (announcement)  WADNR Geology lidar portal   WADNR Geology about lidar  
Volcanoes images via lidar, USGS   

Processing lidar in ArcGIS for archaeologists, a guide  
MN Glossasry of lidar-related terms  

Physical Geography
A 2-minute video about how Eratosthenes calculated the circumpherence of the 240 BCE!!   The history of cartography a great overview of mapmaking 
NOVA guide to The Search for Longitude  
Hila outdoor and science education site  Cool science videos and more!

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Gmap4   A cool and very useful site using Google Earth
Gmap USA  A good launching spot for using Gmap to find areas of interest and helpful info like most up-to-date magnetic declinations using Gmap,-102.041016&z=4&t=m
Google Earth 1:100,000 scale Washington State geology data for 3D overlays  Thank you WADNR Geology Div. for this useful format!! Scroll to the bottom of the linked page for the 1:100,000 scale maps. Be sure to read the PDF file overview at the top. Technical notes: Regarding item 4 adjusting transparency of overlays: you have to select the "adjust opacity" symbol at the bottom of the "Places" TOC in left sidebar to see the transparency slider. Regarding item 6: 3D adjustments including vertical exaggeration are under adjustments in "Google Earth" menu --> preferences in standard version 7.0.3 of Google Earth.
Batchgeo  paste your Excel GPS data under the proper headers and create a map from Google Earth or GPS data
Earthpoint—USGS topo maps on Google Earth     Earth Survey: BLM PLSS in Google Earth  Terrain shaded-relief maps in Google Earth  

GE user guide
GE navigating tutorials 
GE keyboard shortcuts  not an official site, but looks very useful!
GE keyboard shortcuts--windows  
GE keyboard shortcuts--mac  NOTE:
Create a Google Earth narrated tour    USGS Google Earth/kml files    Google Earth Library  
I find two of the most useful keystroke shortcuts to be "u" (up or birdseye view) and "n" (orient view with north at top)
Dave Tucker's blog entry on WA Div. of Geology's Google Earth geologic overlays 

Google Earth alternatives    Openstreetmap  

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Lab. of Tree-ring research at Univ. AZ --education tools

Lab. of Tree-ring research at Univ. AZ --dendro resources

The Ultimate Tree-ring web pages

Searchable bibliography of dendrochronology    Check tree-ring references here! 

NOAA tree-ring paleoclimate database  

Pat's tree-ring links


AGI: Education Geosource 

Physical Geology open textbook by Steve Earle     Earthscope earthquake simulator 

Link to an online Physical Geography textbook by Michael Ritter           Stats online  Online stats calculators  about regression  Using Excel  

Earth science lessons online         Highpoint Geology—A geo-educational resource       Annenberg Habitable Planet textbook online  

Physical Geography net      Geography glossary   download a high-quality version of Roadside Geology of Mount St. Helens, by Pat Pringle 

Link to the introductory Geoscience Virtual Textbook

Online Oceanography textbook by Robert H. Stewart

Encyclopedia of Earth                  Geowiki          OATs guide to open text info                        Windows to the Universe (NESTA)         

Link to the companion website for AGI/NAGT Geoscience Laboratory Manual_v.8


Michael Kimberley's physical geology presentations    (both as text + pictures for printing or for viewing online)

About     See about rocks    and explore links to rock types   teacher resources  

Tutorials | GeologyRocks   (You must establish a username, but this is free)  Niayar Imam's quick study—rocks and minerals   

Igneous rocks—West Virginia Science Teachers series   

Online geological  dictionary       Other online geological dictionaries

Geology Labs On-Line  There are only a few labs here, but great potential…      Steve Dutch's informative geology homepage   Please read disclaimer as Steve asks

Geowords-Hugh Rance's online geo site, his paleo book tocglossary of geowords by Hugh Rance     Glossary of important terms in glacial geology  

e-notes-for earth science   an assortment of Earth science vocabulary words that may be helpful

DLESE Earth science literacy maps Try out the plate tectonics map and then click on the gray text box links to learn more. 

This Dynamic Earth: the story of Plate Tectonics  A nice overview courtesy of Bob Tilling and others of the USGS  Uyeda's classic: The New View of the Earth  

             MIT open courseware    MIT-Intro to Geology   lecture notes for MIT-intro to Geology     Earthscope presentations   Plate tectonics tennis ball activity USGS

WA SBCTC Open Course Library  select "courses" in the menu bar to start or go directly to the links below

About the Open Course Library (news release)

    OCL Physical Geology  (all modules & resources)      OCL Physical Geology  "ebook" chapters   Physical Geology Info page

InTeGrate geoscience and sustainability courses  SERC workshop Teaching environmental geology   Visualizations  

Earth Science animations, interactive exercises, and songs    Univ. of KY, shockwave required    Earth Science Week     NGSS—Next Generation Science Standards        NGSS High School Evidence Statements   

Understanding odds and probability in the geosciences, by Eric Baer     Floods and flooding by Eric Baer   Teaching about recurrence intervals  SERC teaching tools by Eric Baer

Earth2Class   NAGT Teach the Earth   

Earth Science—not online, but worthy of finding and reading!

Books by Marcia Bjornerud: Reading the Rocks—The Autobiography of the Earth   

                                              Timefullness—How thinking like a geologist can help save the world      Review of Timefullness by Angela Chen in The Verge


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          Physical Geology notes and powerpoints by Michael Kimberley at N. Carolina State  (two versions--one for printing, one for viewing online)   

          Into the Earth Podcasts: 1. Stories in rocks   2. Discovery in the Lau Basin  3. A volcanic mystery  4. Why high school students should study Earth science

          US Geological Survey's video lecture archives       CWU: selected public lectures about geosciences    

          Mike Strickler's geomania page       Geoman's Glossary of Earth science terms (also by Mike)  INTEGRATE WORKSHOPS AND WEBINARS   

          Pam Gore's geology lecture notes

          Rob Viens' powerpoint lectures for Geology of the Northwest, BCC

          No more lousy powerpoint slides Read Eric Cheney's article on how to produce a decent (non-lousy!) powerpoint show 

          Joel Rubin's enviroscience study guide outline  

          Carla Whittington's powerpoint lectures for Natural Hazards, Highline CC


Where do Americans get news about science? Summary of a PEW research study   Geologypics by Marli Miller—Geology through photographs 
Scientific American: One reason young people don't go into science? We don't fail well   Why kids can't write NY Times   
Seattle Times: retiring Chief Marty Brown shares what he's learned about Washington State's community colleges  
seismology education activities     AAAS educational resources   On communicating science and the backfire effect Slate 2017 
NSTA: teaching with web-based videos  SeattleTimes: State needs community colleges and needs to fund them...Marty Brown  Dec. 27, 2016
Cencer  Free ebooks at       InTeGrate and STEM teacher preparation in Washington State    Cool stuff about community colleges from PRI

High school students should study Earth science—Here's why...      Message to my freshman students by Keith Parsons, Univ. of Houston  
The Next Generation Science Standards    The NGSS     the sourcebook for teaching science by Norman Herr    1/6/2016 NGSS info by Kirk Robbins  
Puget Sound area science teachers share thoughts on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)    NSTA: Ken Huff's 3 common myths about the NGSS 
NGSS HUB: the National Science Teachers Association's web portal for articles on the Next Generation Science Standards 
CORelaborate   Education literacy in the southern Puget Lowland
Good things community colleges do, Part I           UNAVCO short courses       Norway—no tuition fees ...although there are other fees if you read the fine print; still!   

Global volcanic hazards and open-access book 2015   Primer on earthquake focal-plain mechanisms       

Gates_Foundation_College-ready_education    What professors do      How to get students to work harder...  if you are a student, please don't read this ;-) 

Dan's wild wild science journal    Dan on what science fundamentals American are not learning--part 1   part 2  part 3: five things we need to teach every American about science      PBS: I love teaching    Thoughts about how math is taught in the US, The Atlantic 

The Triangle Coalition for STEM education     NOAA Science education resources  
SERC, the Science Education Resource Center    Curriculum for the bioregion    
Old sticks in the mud  Class & lab activities teaching about the hazards of lahars at Mount Rainier by Patrick Pringle

Better Earth science teaching, Facebook page   Kirk Robbins Science for All blog  
SERC: Deep Time   SERC hazards  SERC climate  
The STEM gender gap, a ScienceFriday discussion   
RSA Animate: Changing education paradigms Sir Ken Robinson, and amazing 11.5 min edublitz
Making sense of uncertainty in science 
Kevin Brown: "Why teachers do what they do"   
3 facts to help you think like a scientist  
Pat's Canvas notes        Training teachers to teach critical thinking, Blooms Taxonomy  
let tech organize your teaching    lots of resources for teaching Earth science --from Edutopia  
8 apps for teachers from Edutopia  
Earthcache     3 most commmon modeling mistakes teachers make     10 things every college professor hates      Developing a growth mindset 
What should teach when we teach about science communication?     Classroom resources for your inner fish    
the lonely job of a college teacher: time study of a faculty schedule    (some) colleges reinvent classes to keep more students interested in science  NY Times Dec. 26, 2014
Making college relevant, NY Times, Dec. 29, 2009      Critical thinking is needed throughout life, not just in science  New Scientist Dec. 9, 2015

Open access and academic commons

The acceration of open access (Inside Higher Ed) August 18, 2016   Copernicus Publications  

Undergraduate research 

AGU Virtual Poster Showcase    AGU 2016 Virtual Poster opportunities for students    Virtual poster winners talk about their research  EOS: Virtual Posters   
Council on Undergraduate Research      Libguide: library research tools and links at Centralia College  
National Science Foundation Research for Undergraduates     NSF REU Earth sciences   NSF REU funding 
The Univ. of Washington undergraduate research           Early-career researchers gain skills in organizing symposia June 24, 2014
STEM research by high school students at Mount St. Helens via the Mount St. Helens Institute
Geoscience research by Earth science students at Centralia College   Tips for mentors of REU programs  

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International Commission on Stratigraphy 
Smithsonian Institution: Foundational concepts about the dating of the Earth    US Geological Survey: How do we know the age of the Earth?   
Report of USGS workshop on Geochronology 2015   Feedback page for the USGS Geochronlogy report   Berkeley-Understading Evolution: About Radiometric Dating  

Perspectives of a Christian scientist on geologic time and the age of the Earth  

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Dee Molenaar    
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     The age of Uranium   News about American Geological Institute (AGI); ~3.3 min 2017)    Hilaroad online science and geography videos 
     Earth and Environmental Sciences videos
       Nick Zentner talks about the geology of Seattle and Puget Sound  Bing Crosby, the Sunset Highway, and the Channeled Scabland     Geoscience Videos  
      Nick Zentner examines lava on the Big Island of Hawaii     Ice-Age lakes between Seattle and the Cascade Range, with Nick Zentner  17 min.
       Ice-Age geology: a common thread for Pacific Northwest agriculture  57 min  West Bar giant ripple marks created by the Missoula Floods ~9 min.
      Videos: the Earth science literacy principles             Earth is calling   looking at careers in geosciences for high school students

      Main Annenberg website    Great resource               Earth: the Operator's Manual     The story of plate tectonics, Part II, by Naomi Oreskes  2015

       Annenberg College level/adult video series               Habitable Planet video series, guides, online textbook, and more!  

       Earth Revealed, Annenberg video series                   Mike Strickler's study guides for Earth Revealed videos     

       Annenberg Planet Earth videos series                        AGI's "Faces of the Earth" video series on youtube    Ice Age Floodscapes   

       Nova videos     BBC special on the elements            Nick Zentners "2-minute geology" videos     Nick Zentner: I-90 rocks, and lahars 

       Nick Zentner discusses how lava flows can provide clues about the course of ancient rivers 

       Glacial Lake Missoula—18-minute video 19 min    Missoula Flood rhythmites 12-min  Nick Zentner: I-90-Geology, N. Bend to Snoqualmie Pass ~16 min

       Geology lecture series at CWU     2-minute geology series from Nick Zentner at CWU; the 2-minute geology Facebook page 

       Science minute videos-Olympic National Park          Nick Zentner talks about the Columbia River Basalts and Missoula Floods 16+ minutes
     Nick Zentner, December 2015 regarding earthquakes: "Will everything west of I-5 really be toast?"   ~48 minutes
      Nick Zentner explores the geology around Snoqualie Pass Washington in an informative 18-minute video  
       Geologic Journey I: The Atlantic Coast                     Mount Mazama ash from the big Crater Lake eruption ~ 7700 years ago  
       Central Rocks half-hour geology TV show from CWU with Nick Zentner
       KOMO "What if"" video on earthquake hazards in WA State     

       NOVA: Australia Awakening   Australia's ancient landscape 2013

       USGS lecture series online     To scale, the Solar System (7 min)  

       Watch episodes of "Your inner fish"    

       "Keepers of the beat"—Glaciologist Jon Riedel as he studies glaciers in North Cascades National Park in this 18 minute video

       Pat Pringle presents at SWOCC on November 9, 2013: "Stories in the rings: eruptions, earthquakes, and landslides of the Pacific     Northwest...and the buried forests that tell their tales"  SWOCC 2014 Geology Lecture Series 
       NOVA:Doomsday Volcanoes   
       Nick Zentner: Mount Stuart and the Baja BC hypothesis   

       Earth Science: Crash course in the history of Science #20 

Ice-Age Floods

Gardena Cliffs  rhythmytes 

    Weather and Climate videos

        NOVA: Hunt for the supertwister         Another "hunt for the supertwister" link   

       Weather and climate videos for online viewing  American Meteorological Society video on demand (get weather, but get advertisements too!)

       Climate change videos at  

       Christopher Sabine, Oceanographer/Director NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL), Seattle. STEM presentation on the Ocean carbon cycle and climate, January 23, 2014 at Centralia College

       Professor Andy Bunn of WWU talks about climate change   April 9, 2009 presentation at WSU Whatcom Extension on Vimeo

       Dr. Terry Gerlach "Volcanic vs. Anthropomorphic CO2"   February 17, 2012 Rising Tide STEM lecture at Centralia College

       The rise and fall of El Nino produced by NOVA    Another location for streaming "The rise and fall of El Nino" 
       Flash flood videos by David Rankin   (about 5 min)

    Math, Science Literacy, and Misc. Sciences

        The Khan Academy—lots of tools and helpful videos!  


        NOVA | scienceNOW | Get Involved | PBS    Watch NOVA online!      

       The scientific method, a short, but sweet, 10 min video!   

       Neil de Grasse Tyson--selected highlights of his interviews with Bill Moyers      How big is a micron?   

Anthropology-related videos

NOVA: The dawn of humanity  Homo Naledi, a heretofore unknown human, is discoved in a cave in Africa

Humorous or morale-building videos

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Timelapse videos

Mars Curiousity rover's first 12 months in 2 min.   time-lapse photos of blooming succulents  

Sea ice animations 1987–2013  

Puu O'o' crater collapse of March 5, 2014—time-lapse video  

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Washington State Lakes
WA Water Supply Bulletins focused mainly on lakes    WA Dept. of Ecology  

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Taking notes: is the pen still mightier than the keyboard? copyright basics: The Teach Act    NCSU re: The Teach Act toolkit (LH's "go to")       Open-Ed libguide at Centralia College  by Leah Hannaford   
find books and videos at the Kirk Library     Centralia College Library      Open education resources—where to start (N Seattle CC)     

online tutoring at Centralia College               Centralia College Writing Center    STEM scholarships at Centralia College    Centralia College Earth Science EdPlanner 

Monterey Institute's national repository of online courses (see "view repository")     Open Educational Resources   
DLESE-the digital library for Earth systems education  

SERC—The Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College       SERC—The math you need, when you need it—8 great skills!
The Khan Academy—Thanks to Paul and Carol for this terrific link!        The origins of math anxiety   
9 strategies for motivating students in math  
Education Portal online free courses and videos      Scientists bring new rigor to education research    
online courses (free!) more than 500 free online courses from MITopencourseware     Wolfram MathWorld  

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Fact checking   A project of the Annenberg Foundation  

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WA Geology Division publications and maps           Search online database of geology of Washington

Oregon Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries         Oregon Geology and the Ore Bin publication       

American Museum of Natural History Research Library    

Environmental and Earth sciences
open-access online journals
GAIA   an online journal of environmental and other science  (Western WA University)      Earth's Future        GSA Today    GEOREF: open-access journals  links to many*
PLOS, the Public Library of Science   

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Maps and map related  

AGI: Meeting challenges with geologic maps  This is a useful and informative booklet!  
NSA GEOnet geographic names      USGS topo maps      USGS publications      Mapquest       Google Maps!!!      Terraserver USA free aerial imagery   NASA Worldwind software for Windows         LiDAR links for mappers      US Historical topo map explorer, USGS      USGS National Geologic Map Database  
40 maps that explain the world: The Washington Post August 12, 2013      Exposing the truth about map distortion        
Great Circle mapper     Stepmap: create customized maps online  
Geologic Map Day  
National cooperative geologic mapping  
Jules Verne Voyager map tools     UNAVCO IDV: one geology & geologic maps    geology maps from WMS servers         Geofacets  web-based research tool for geomaps
USGS topographic maps  ==>quickstart guide to USGS topo   ==>USGS topo map locator and downloader   National Park maps!  
Internation Commission on Stratigraphy, ICS wikipedia page  

Washington State Geomaps

Index to geologic mapping in Washington State   WADNR Geologic Survey  Chris Heg's WA Geology map site   WA soils    
New Washington State kmz files for geology!     Washington State geologic maps by scale   this pages supercedes the "one-stop..." page below

One-stop pdf link to most WA Div. of Geology geologic maps  access all scales here; 1:100,000 are scans of b&w maps; also valuable here is progress map on the 1:24,000 mapping (this page works for old maps, but is not longer updated; see the "...geologic maps by scale" link above

WASHINGTON STATE GEOLOGIC INFORMATION PORTAL   * GEOPORTAL map help     old-style index to WA State 1:24,000 topo maps (pdf)  

Search the WA bibliography of geology     

Washington Geology Library      Geologic field guides online    A list of geology field trips compiled by the WA DNR Div. of Geology

animated gif showing geologic evolution of WA state by Jack Powell and John Figge watching WA evolve

WA DNR map of the Capitol Forest   There are also links to other WA State Forest maps etc, WA DNR Div. of Geology

USGS Preliminary Atlas of shallow, active, tectonic deformation in the Puget Lowland, Washington

PNSN Crustal faults in Washington         

Oregon Geology info

interactive online geologic map of Oregon      in progress!

another Oregon geologic map 

Oregon statewide aerial imagery   Thomas Condon: of Faith and Fossils  

go back to the table of contents      Search the Geologic Guidebooks of North America database (GIS)  


Mount Hood field guide by Scott etal, 2003

Landslides of Seattle field trip, BCC

Archive of GSA field guides since 1999 online      DOGAMI—Oregon geological field guides   Washington State field trip guidebooks  

Ian Madin's geotour of Portland Oregon* 

Search the Geologic Guidebooks of North America database (GIS)       Roadside Geology of Mount St. Helens by Pat Pringle, a nicely-scanned version at Albion College web   Mount St. Helens fieldtrip guide by Pallister and others (2017)   Northwest Geological Society fieldtrip guides

Pat Pringle's Centralia College fieldtrips (updated spring 2017)     Roadside Geology of Mount Rainier    

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The Geology of Washington and Beyond—From Laurentia to Cascadia by Eric Cheney and others   The orphan tsunami of 1700 
Bruce Bjornstad "multiple scabland coulees" on instagram    WADNR Geologic Survey story map about the great Ice Age floods   
Paper: A kinematic model for formation of the Siletz-Crescent forearc terrane by capture of coherent fragments of the Farallon and Resurrection plates   
Discover the Ice Age floods at the "hugefloods" web      Density or Minerals 
Bruce Bjornstad's webpage—On the trail of the Ice Age floods    Nick Zentner's 2-minute geology videos  Nick Zentner's Columbia Gorge Ice Age floods ~22 min

Rob Viens Geology of the Pacific NW page    Check out this useful page describing Rob Viens’ summer geology class

Evolution of the Pacific Northwest by John Figge   Rock aggregate resources of Lewis County WA  2015

A river runs through it—geology of the Portlan Basin by Evarts, O'Connor, Wells, and Madin* 

Ralph Dawes pages on geology of the Pacific Northwest  

USGS revised geologic time scale 2007

Sedimentary rocks;

USGS Bulletin 1244 on Lincoln Creek Formation in Grays Harbor CO 

The Columbia River Basalts and Oregon High Lava Plains

Watch a short Oregon Field Guide video about research on the High Lava Plains 

Selected reports of interest
Parke Snavely's Geology and coal resources of Lewis County WA... (1958)  Rock aggregate resource inventory of Lewis County, July 2015 announcement  

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 Central Washington Univ. Dept. of Geological Sciences        Inquire about the program or prerequisites

Western Washington University Geology           WWU advising questions

University of Washington Earth and Space Sciences         more on undergraduate admissions to UW       about transfer requirements for UW 

MS in Earth Sciences UW     

Washington State Univ. Earth and Environmental Sciences       

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US_Geological Survey (USGS)

USGS plate tectonics videos 

USGS This Dynamic Earth 

USGS Geologic Investigations Map I-2800, This Dynamic Planet

USGS Geology of the National Parks  and more Geology of the National Parks    USGS photo library of National Parks 

USGS Earthquake Hazards, Earthquake Glossary   strike-slip fault animation    normal fault and thrust fault animations

USGS Earthquake Hazards, For Kids, Animations for Earthquake Terms and Concepts

USGS multimedia gallery 

USGS  videos and audio interviews audio podcasts on the left; video podcasts on the right

USGS talks, video, etc    Lots of interesting lectures you can listen to!   presentations about water  more interesting lectures!

USGS Water Science for Schools, Photo Gallery    USGS Fundamental Science Practices  

Plate tectonics, a historical view 

3-D geology of the National Parks  You need red/blue 3_D glasses to view this.

USGS publications about diamonds:  

-- diamond commodity info web site:   

and yearly commodity reports:  - for 2013, Diamond (Industrial) is on pages 50-51

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USGS hazards links:
USGS Earthquake Summary Posters:

Sumatra-Andaman, 2004:

---tsunami generation:

Haiti, 2010:

Chile, 2010:

Japan, 2011:

USGS Water Science School, Tsunami Hazards:
Global earthquake archive search: 

"Top 10" lists and maps: 

To volunteer to host a seismograph, information is available at: 
-- for example, for this last website, check out the stories under the text "NetQuakes in the News"

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USGS Projects in Afghanistan:

projects listed:     Earth Magazine: A dry and ravaged land: investigating water resources in Afghanistan   January 2014           

- hyperspectral surface materials maps:  

---- press release: 

 - water: 


-- example, mineral reference (bibliographic) database: 

-- example, geospatial reference datasets: 

--- scroll through the list to find the map coverage of interest...
o credit the U.S. Geological Survey, please refer to the following web site: 

Additional information: 

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Earthquake glossary—USGS 
Earthquake focal mechamisms primer-SERC   pdf file  Focal mechanisms and fault plane solutions—USGS

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NW Geological Society/   Student memberships are $5 per year

The Geological Society of America (GSA)          

The American Geological Institute                       

The American Geophysical Union (AGU)           

The American Association of Engineering Geologists

The Association of Women Geoscientists            

The Geological Society of the Oregon Country    

Become a member of AGU                  Students pay only $7 per year—what a bargain! Get EOS weekly including online access to past issues!!

Become a student member of GSA       Dues are $30 per year, but benefits are huge!

Become a student member of the Northwest Scientific Association  
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About the nwearthscience listserv      How to draw contours 1 (NSTA)     Make a contour map 2 Nat. Geo.   A video on how to draw a contour map   A video on how to draw a topographic profile

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Washington Water Supply Bulletins focused on lakes   WA Dept. of Ecology

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Math, statistics, and data tools

Sigma 1, Sigma 2, Sigma 3 in stats etc.   

   Monitoring Earth and Earth Systems

    ...see also Data for Natural Sciences link above for more data...

    NOAA: Earth System Research Lb

    geoinformatics and rise of digital data   Earth Magazine August 18, 2013   

    Journal for Advances in Modeling Earth Systems an open-access online journal

    NOAA: view data imagery portal     New NOAA View data portal   Environmental Visualization Lab

    NASA Worldview —Interact with satellite data within hours of it being acquired

    GPS Time Series NASA-JPL   UNAVCO:  Introduction to Earth tides (pdf)  

    Phases of the Moon 

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Monitoring Earth Systems at Centralia College
USGS Netquakes    QCEN_UW_01 Centralia College accelerometer  (detects seismic ground accelerations N, S, up-down for significant quakes)

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network     Capitol Peak seismograph       Pat's weather and climate links    CO2-Earth       World Population Clock   

US Geological Survey, Cascades Volcano Observatory (Vancouver WA)  *ENSO status NOAA NWS  PMEL El Nino status  Oceanic El Nino Index ONI 
CC weather and climate links collection  Streamflow data for Washington State 

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Paleontology, fossil, and human history

WA Division of Geology and Earth Resources: fossil collecting in WA    test your knowledge of the geologic time scale 
Fossils of Washington State, Information Circular 33, 1959   This short pdf file has sketches and info on some noteworth WA fossils
Katherine Van Winkle's 1918 "Paleontology of the Oligocene of the Chehalis River Valley  a pdf paper       
Washington State fossils   I found this site online, sponsored by "World of Watches". Use caution when interpreting the data, you might buy a watch!

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The Oregon Encyclopedia    National Geographic libguides 
The Grammer book   

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Christina Heliker's photography  


online conversions

Tera, giga, mega, kilo,hecto, deka, ---, deci, centi, milli, micro, nano       Make sense of why Ma is short for mega annum (a million years), etc

Convert degrees-minutes-seconds of latitude/longitude into decimal degrees  

Greek letters used in mathematics, science, and engineering Wikipedia   
The signficance of digits: just how reliable are numbers?    68.3—95.4—99.7 rule for sigma 1, 2, and 3 in statistics 

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D.J. Minerals    GeologySource    Minerals Unlimited   Geoscience Industries   DJ Minerals, Butte MT    Hands-on-labs  digital resources   Grenville Minerals  DavidKJoyce (fine) minerals   Rocks and Minerals4U   About Gold, Geology Page   How to study minerals, by geologist Gary Sandstrom 

The official Science Olympiad list of minerals and rocks     

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  Oxcal radiocarbon calibration software

     CALIB radiocarbon calibration software

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Structural geology and tectonics

Scotese Paleomap project   Plate tectonics animations from USGS   Deep down geologists discover new feature of Cascadia Subduction Zone  


Subsurface Biosphere Initiate at Oregon State University        Summer internships. Deadline is 4/15 for 2006, but they may be flexible!

Mosaics program in the National Parks and other locales    Sponsored by the GSA, Nationals Parks, and others... 

Mount St. Helens Institute's Volcano Outdoor School 

Wenas Creek WA, 16,000 yr BP: What was life like for the Wenas Creek Mammoth back then?   

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10 time-saving tech tips with David Pogue  These are great--all in a six-minute TED talk       10 cool things to do with old USB flash drives 

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Student Services at Centralia College

Student web access at Centralia College       (this is the old student kiosk)    learn to accept stress as a tool in your life  a 14-min video

Isa Adney's "10 things to do for community college success"                     Careers for Clean Water
Talk nerdy to me: Melissa Marshall tips in presenting scientific ideas: Ted Talks      
*TED TALKS: How to talk, and listen to anyone, with Melissa Headlee  

"Why I killed my standing desk" —should I sit or stand when studying/working?   Why writing notes my hand is more effective than typing them
Should I get a PhD?   Here are some opinions in an anthropology blog ip
22 important diagrams you need for camping!            Zamzar, a tool for converting documents online  TVery useful!
Smartphones: powerful tools for geoscience education           An interview with glaciologist Lonnie Thompson in Earth Magazine, 2015   
Productivity science: the most important part is getting started   Good read if you have a field report or written assignment due and you want to get kick started!
A Stanford dean on adult skills every 18-year-old should have   What is the difference between a resume and a curriculum vitae?   
Find a mailbox, post office, or UPS location with MailboxMap     How the ballpoint pen killed cursive 

NOTE: For most students your email address will be your

i.e.  NOTE: If you have trouble doing this, please go the computer lab on the second floor of WAH to get help! It takes but a minute or two

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Supplies_and_Books –

Free graph paper on the web     more free graph paper from math-aids graph paper      graph paper from Norm Herr's sourcebook for teaching science     science illustration inspired stationary from Sit Set Goods  

Places to buy field gear: Forestry Suppliers  Miners Catalog   Ben Meadows    geology superstore 

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Most important to read! (Please find info on how to do graphics below)

Geodude's tips for a better field report/science paper  Includes important guidelines; this is a MUST READ***
Field trip report tips   (geological field trip oriented--read this to see overall field trip report format, and then look at Sean Student and Fake field trip report below for ideas)
Example lab report     (Mainly this one applies to tree-ring or weather and climate field lab)
Sean Student's field trip report (hypothetical)  **This is an example of a student's report on a geology field trip (pictures did not import, and he had no references however) 
Fake field trip report outline (example)   **A hypothetical example of the format of a geology field trip report        

Rubric for grading of field reports  This is a rough guide as to how I allocate the points when grading a field trip report   
Rubric for reports--general version   Want to find out what makes and A paper different from a C paper? Check our this rubric and the one that follows
Detailed rubric for grading of papers and reports    
Centralia College Writing Center     Permission to use student work    To capitalize "Earth", or not capitolize?   

Geology info and pubs on reserve in Kirk Library Put more information into your field trip report and cite a reference!!

Want help with format and grammer? See the Writing Center info below

Easybib for referencing web pages   Purdue Online Writing Lab  <== MLA style  APA style [use this!]       How to cite web pages 

10 tips to makie writing your PhD easier                      Grammarly—The world's best grammar checker    EasyBib—grammar resource 

How do you cite a tweet in an academic paper?           How do I write a strong abstract?       How do you write equations in MS Word? 

How to write a lab report    When to capitalize "Earth"   

More info 

The Principles of Poor Writing     By Paul W. Merrill

Writing guidelines for science and engineering students    Micheal Alley has put his whole book and more online.

40 tips to improve grammar and punctuation from the DLM site     spend a little time here and improve your grades!!!

Style guide for geology papers      This is heavy duty, because it's the official style guide for submission of papers to the Geological Society of America

US Geological Survey "Suggestions to Authors" (a classic)

Writing for an audience       Formatting tips and guidelines for abstracts and papers submitted to the Geological Society of America    Official GSA style guide   

strategies that may help students write    How to bore everyone with science  [the answer] from the Plainspoken Scientist   How to write a strong abstract   

Grammatical and usage tidbits

i.e vs e.g. Which to use?   Capitalisation rules, Govt. Printing Office 


Reference sites for checking on geographic or geologic names, DOI numbers, etc  

US Geologic Survey Board of Geographic Names   Check to see if a landform or place has been recognized as a Geographic Name, and if you need to capitalize it. 

GEOLEX Check geologic names, lithologic or geochronologic  

Proofreaders marks   How to figure out what that teacher or reviewer meant by all those marks and squiggles they put on the paper you wrote!

What is DOI?   While researching you may see a "digital object identifier" at the end of a reference, like this: "doi 10.1130/B25899.1"  You can go to the DOI website and type the number (not "doi") into the "RESOLVE a doi name" query box at the bottom of the DOI website to find the reference in question.

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Tools for editing or making graphics or figures  

Making graphics for field trip reports  [succinct version for people who know how to cook]  Edit digital pictures [“cookbook” version]      Poster printing online      

How to make perspective drawings          Taking screen shots with a Mac computer 

A cool site with info on editing the levels histogram of an image in Photoshop

See also Google Earth and Maps section above       IrfanView is a great free image viewer and editor      Irfanview on a Mac with Wine

Download Jing, a free screen capture app        gimp is a free image manipulation/editing program   Graphicconverter for Mac (not free anymore)

ImageJ Image analysis software

SERC: Analyzing change over time using ImageJ  

Stepmap: create customized maps online      

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Mount Everest webcam   

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Earth science art project   CC phone list 
Pat's weather and climate links 
bug guide 

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Professors work hard, an open letter....    The Magnus effect    19 English words not often used    Science World's "chemistry is awesome" videos  
John Oliver's arcane details on on Boron-Group metals pricing...  Satirical look at pricing of a major geologic resource; ~ 10 min., 2nd part starts after the Beer Institute joke...
Let the Jive Aces cheer you up   ...if the weather is getting you down  

The Pringle Surface   Geodude suggests you check this out!

Science tatoo emporium  from Carl Zimmer's The Loom science blog
Attempting the world's largest omelet in Chehalis WA  
Ponder the chasm of deep time and the future of the universe    
Durham NC bridge  
OED word generator Which words originated in your birth year?
scientists favorite jokes   useful punny conversions 
Why geologists drink beer    Entry on "geologist" at the Uncyclopedia   Faux news: teachers in shock after student actually consults syllabus  

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