Career info: Radiology, Physical Therapy, and misc


Part I: Radiology

General career or occupation information
  • Professional societies
  • Licensure and government offices
  • College and University programs
  • General career or occupation information        Washington Health Care careers     careers in radiology      more info on radiology careers

    Tacoma Community College Radiology prerequisites

    Professional societies      WA State Radiological Society

    Licensure and government offices    Radiology: state licensure info     Washington State DOH Office of Radiation Protection

    College and University programs        Bellevue Community College Radiologic Technology        UW Radiology webserver        Tacoma Community College Radiologic Sciences course descriptions        WSU Tri-Cities Low Dose Radiation Research Program

    Radiation info
    Radiation does chart  

    Part II: Physical Therapy

    Physical Therapy at Arizona School of Health Sciences

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