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Use the back of this sheet if necessary.  Please provide details and examples for each part of the question asked.

1. What is the central issue or topic in this video presentation?  Other topics?  Note the scope and any pertinent details about location or setting of the issues, subjects, or topics? 



2. Who are the parties or researchers? If relevant, mention anyone else was involved or affected and how.





3. What actions or strategies did researchers or others  take or propose (if relevant), and what were the actual or expected consequences of their research work, their results, or their actions?  How effective was (or would be) each research project or action in dealing with the central issue or scientific problem? Were their ideas immediately accepted, challenged? Why?





4. Do you think there are unsolved scientific questions or ones that need further work? If so, please describe and elaborate.




5. Evaluate how scientific evidence or the scientific process was/has been used by various key players and researchers.




6. Who were the narrators or experts? Did they present the material in an understandable way? Did they do so objectively and without sensationalism? Be sure to distinguish between the producers of the film and scientists or experts interviewed.