Selected links to Earth Science Information (special focus on WA State and the Pacific NW, USA)

Compiled by Pat Pringle...October 24, 2018


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Engineering_and_Environmental_Geology                            Natural_Hazards


Monitoring Earth and Earth Systems         Geological_Societies

Volcanoes                                                                               Pacific_Northwest_Links

Oceanography                                                                        Online journals                       GIS_Geolographic_Information_Systems

Hydrology                                                                                Physical_Geography


Scientific societies   



Mark Franceks Earth Science resources**…an amazing oasis!

Digital Library of Earth System Science                                 

Yahoo Science                                                                       

Cosmos and astronomy
NASA Center for Near-Earth Object Studies  
European Space Agency and the Planck Institute 

NWS space weather prediction center   SWPC Facebook page 

SMAP—NASA Soil Moisture Active Passive satellite  
Solar Dynamics Observatory, NASA   aka "SOHO"
Voyager NASA/JPL site 



Henri Grissino-Mayer’s The Science of Tree Rings     

The Tree-ring Society                                                  

The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research                       

NOAA World Data Center, Tree Rings                         

Tree-Ring Lab at Lamont-Doherty in NY                      

Univ. of Victoria Tree-Ring Lab                                    

Association for Tree-Ring Research                            


Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (Univ. of WA)        (old site)

PNSN "legacy" site     Washington State Military Dept. Emergency Response Plans 

USGS Earthquake feeds and notifications    

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program                         

USGS Earthquake information                                    

Earthquake net                                                           

IRIS earthquake browser    ==> GUI driven controls for maps and cross-sections

Earthquake    independent reporting site

Earthquake information for Centralia College

General Tsunami Information




National Groundwater Association     

Prof. Geologists Licensing in Washington State            

Guidelines for preparing Engr. Geology reports in WA  



The New Scientist                                                       


WA Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility

Washington Environmental Council (WEC)                 

People for Puget Sound                                              

Puget Sound Partnership (form. Action Team)            /

Women in Environment     US Energy Information Administration 

The Northwest Geological Society           Weblinks from the NWGS      
The Geological Society of America                              

The American Geological Institute                                

The American Geophysical Union                                         AGU Position statements      

The American Association of Engineering Geologists 

The Association of Women Geoscientists (AWG)                  

AWG Pacific Northwest Chapter  

The Geological Society of the Oregon Country            


USGS water data                                            

USGS WA Water Science Center                    

USGS WA real-time water data                       

NRCS National Water and Climate Center           

CUAHSI Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Sciences       Let's talk about water    

WA Dept. of Ecology 

United Nations—Global outlook for snow and ice   USGS—The world's water   US drought   Careers for Clean Water

Monitoring Earth and Earth Systems
NOAA: Earth Systems Research Laboratory  
NASA Worldview —Interact with satellite data within hours of it being acquired


Natural Hazards Center                                   

UNESCO – Natural Hazards                            



Interactive Oceans, the Neptune Project

COSEE--Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence

Teaching Ocean Systems--SERC

Proceedings of a 2009 conference on Puget Sound shorelines and armoring

National Data Buoy Network   

NOAA view data   
Ocean Observatories 

Online journals

Sources of open-access scientific papers 

Earth's Future/AGU  

GSA Today  

Solid Earth   European Geosciences Union open access, peer-reviewed journals  


Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries     DOGAMI lidar viewer 

       Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources  

USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory (CVO)            

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (Univ. of WA)       

GEOMAPNW The Pacific NW Center for Geologic Mapping Studies 

Washington State Geology News  

Northwest Earth science listserv                                  


Physical_Geography (See more sites under “Geography” in Pat Pringle’s geolinks, above)

Association of American Geographers                         

Physical Geography net                                                

Geography network                                                       



Google Earth                                                                 


Volcanoes  (find more volcanoes sites under “Volcanoes” in Pat Pringle’s geolinks, above)

USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory (Vancouver WA)

USGS Volcano Hazards Program                                

Smithsonian Institution Global Volcanism                    

How volcanoes work                                                     

Volcano world                                                               

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network- volcanoes           

Mount Baker Volcano Research Center                       

Volcanoes for kids

GR Code volcanoes page  This site kindly submitted by Carly Walter's class February 29, 2012 (Leap Day) 

MODVOLC near-realtime monitoring of global hot spots 
Center for the Study of Active Volcanoes facebook page   


See more links at Pat's Weather and Climate links

National Weather Service-Western Region              

NWS – glossary                                                

National Weather Service-Seattle Forecast       

University of WA Weather and Climate            

University of WA Weather/Climate research   

Chappell family weather station Centralia        

Weather Underground                                      

Western Regional Climate Center (NOAA)      

WRCC WA climate summaries (histories)      

Spatial Climate Analysis System (PRISM)       

Realclimate—Climate Science                        

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change   

NRCS National Water and Climate Center      

American Meteorological Society AMS          AMS Statement about Climage Change    UW NW weather forecast model loops  Compare forecast models  

NASA Climate Change      Seattle Office National Weather Service Forecast Discussion  

Office of the Washington State Climatologist    Line graphs of long-term averages and recent data for WA State  


Scientific Societies

National Academy of Sciences     Koshland Science Museum of NAS        Northwest Scientific Association          Northwest Scientific Association on Facebook   

Earth Sciences at Centralia College                     



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