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Anthropology and archaeology

Ghosts of Stonehenge—PBS NOVA  
Discovery of the oldest yet human fossils   Archaeologists find oldest drawing WAPO 2018    Early Canadian settlement 
wave or large animal extinctions linked to early humans     a pulse of mid-Pleistocene volcanism in the Ethiopia at the dawn of Human evolution 
Neanderthals, the world's first misunderstood artists  NYT     White settlers buried the truth about the Midwests mysterious mound builders Smithsonian 
Neanderthals in Italy burnt boxwood sticks to create "digging sticks" ~171,000 years ago    200,000 years of humans  19 min  
Hunting for the lost farms of North America—Archaeobotany     Gene variant tells story about human skin color   
Humans didn't outsmart Neanderthals, we just outlasted them...   Scientists may have found the oldest known human remains (~300ka)  
Anthropologist dispels myths at plankhouse talk    Ancient Canadian village in BC   Most scientists now reject the idea that the first Americans came by land   
There is no such thing as "pure" European or anyone else—DNA shows     Evidence of human migrations from Neanderthal DNA  
Legendary American Indian city Etzanoa discovered in Kansas  Possible fossil evidence of humans in California ~130,000 years ago  
Smallpox disaster witnessed by Vancouver and crew in 1792   14,000-year old settlement unearthed on Triguet Island, British Columbia ==>more on Heiltsuk site  
The first Americans: Earth Magazine January 2017   Bradshaw Foundation: Stephen Oppenheimer's "Journey of Mankind" via DNA  
Humans and megafauna coexisted in Patagonia before megafauna extinction  Earth Magazine   bad weather hampered Mongol invasion of Europe  Mongol article in Nature   
New Viking site in North America identified via space imagery   NYTimes 3/31/2016  How a 15-year old discovered an ancient city 
3-D modelling of the bust of Nefertiti  Artists covertly scan bust of Nefertiti  When did Northwesterners stop speaking Chinook jargon   About early hominin habitats 
Major shift in human history abourt 14,500 yr ago  The other Neanderthals (Denisovans), The Atlantic 8/14  Our hidden Neanderthal DNA, diseases, and more... on the 39ka Silawesi cave art  Sci-News on the Silawesi cave art  National Geographic on the cave art  Smithsonian mag. Jo Marchant on the 39ka cave art  
Massive Native American depopulation in 17th century was rapid, caused forest fires   Picture of 39ka rock art, Leang Timpuseng cave, Sulawesi  
Sarah Parcak, space archaeologist, interviewed by Stephen Colbert   Evidence that humans depicted volcanic eruption in cave paintings ~36,000 year ago  pics of the paintings
Bones revealing hearing abilities of early Humans   British and Irish DNA: where are they really from?      Was man in North America 50,000 years ago?  
National Geographic on the discovery of Homo Naledi    Geological and taphonomic context of Homo naledi  2015
Clues from the ancient Maya reveal lasting impact on the environment   Geologypage   More info on the Rising Star cave discovery of Homo Naledi 
Article in about the archaeology of the Siberian cave where evidnence of Denisovan man has been found   Siberian Times 7/28/15
A tattoo anthropologist investigates Otzi's tattoos     60,000-year 14C calibration curve and understanding of the Middle-to-Upper Paleolithic time in western Eurasia  
Aboriginal legends reveal ancient secrets to science     Genome analysis pins down arrival and spread of first Americans  GeologyPage  7/22/15
500,000-year-old stone tools show humans butchered elephants     Discovery of 2.8-million-yr-old jaw sheds light on early humans  geologypage
Oldowan vs. Acheulean stone industries    Acheulean     Acheulean handaxe    Aterian   More Aterian   Univ. of Missouri Museum of Anthropology  
First DNA tests indicate Kennewick Man was Native American    Seattle Times Jan. 17, 2015  Oregon archaeologists discover 15,000-year-old knife  
Dendrochronology and Aegean archaeology     Kennewick Man and new information about the history of North America   Dec. 7, 2014
From ancient DNA, a clearer picture of Europeans today    NYTIMES. Oct. 30, 2014  Collapse: why do civilizations like the Maya fall
Possible Neanderthal "art"     Stonehenge secrets      Bronze Age flint dagger unearthed in Denmark  the same flint dagger at  
Smithsonian website on Homo Sapiens      Evolution of Homo Sapiens and the blooming of culture   
"Thinking outside the rocks in the search for ancient earthquakes"—archaeology and oral historys help    Earth Magazine, August 25, 2011
Archaeology as a vital US strategic interest     July 8, 2014 A Fox News opinion piece written by dendrochronologist Sturt W. Manning
The Black Hole, Quintana Roo in Mexico   The Ebbsfleet elephant: Paleolithic activity in Britain at 400k yr B.P.! Wow. 
Interesting variations in Latino genetics in Mexico        Hilary Stewart, Pacific Northwest Archaeologist 1924–2014   
DNA surprises from near Lake Baikal in east Siberia—A bit of east and west   NY Times Nov. 20, 2013
Neanderthals on the verge of extinction before arrival of modern humans   
Discoveries challenge ideas on when early humans arrived in the Americas    NY Times March 27, 2014 
Genetics reveals a pause in the peopling of North America    NY Times, Nicholas Wade, March 12, 2014
Tracing ancestry, researchers produce a genetic atlas of human mixing events     NY Times, Nicholas Wade, Feb. 13, 2014
tribute to archaeologist Dr. Dick Daugherty for his work on  sites including the wet site in Mud Bay Henderson Inlet 
800 ka–1 Ma  human footprints found in the UK!   more on the footprints and video     published paper on 800 ka footprints in PLOS 
Neanderthal genome shows early human interbreeding, inbreeding  Dec. 18, 2013  ScienceDaily
Oldest javelin? 
24,000-year-old body shows kinship to Europeans and American Indians via DNA  11/20/2013
Arthur C. Ballard's 1929 work: Mythology of southern Puget Sound  University of Washington digital collections
Ancient planet, an online journal  

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The glaciers did it!—Kirk Johnson on the Puget Sound coastline & his new book w/ Ray Troll   Seattle Times, Jan. 19, 2019 
Researchers are finding out more about shallow-crustal faults near Mount Hood   More on the faults near Mount Hood
Footprints of ancient earthquakes in Discovery Bay near Port Townsend   How often does Cascadia Fault rip? Sandi Doughton Seattle Times 
2006 lecture video: Brian Atwater: "Japan's orphan tsunami of 1700"  The Orphan Tsunami of 1700  Cascadia earthquakes slide show pdf by Kelin Wang  
The M9 Project, Part I, History of Large Earthquakes in Cascadia   AMNH: Ghosts of tsunamis past   BBC The next megaquake—Transcript 
tsunami, possibly from Cascadia, dug up California coast 1100 years ago          Pieces of mantle rising under Cascadia Fault—geologic anomamolies 
Journey down the Chehalis   Mount Rainier webcams   Chris Goldfinger is interviewed about the Cascadia subduction zone on CBS Morning 
Journey Down the Cowlitz—Glacial Beginnings Chrononline   later in the Cowlitz journey--Ohanapecosh to La Wis Wis   Underwater towns along the Cowlitz 
Cascadia earthquake tsunami animation   Stories of indigenous peoples about coastal megaquakes   Seattle earthquake hazards, and urgent issue Seattle Times 180217
Overview of Rattlesnake Ridge landslide, WA Geological Survey FB page    A jolting comparison of 2001 Nisqually EQ with the 2017 8.1 Mexico quake SEATimes
seismic monitoring of a slow landslide on Rattlesnake Ridge, WA January, 2018 Rattlesnake Ridge webcorders  Seattle Times re landslide; link to overflight video 
Is the coast, toast? Exploring Cascadia earthquake probabilities   Nick on the Rocks: Bridge of the Gods landslide video ~5 min 
Cascadia 1700 CE tsunami animation  Slow slip event of 2017   Realtime tremor map for Cascadia ETS (slow slip) seismic events 
WADNR Geology publishes new tsunami maps for the San Juan Islands   Emergency manager Eric Holdeman weighs in on Washington quake hazards and readiness  
Washington Div. of Geology and Earth Resources landslide program   Closing in on the source of the 1872 earthquake in Washington  
Five-year anniversary of the 3/11/2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami   Lessons from Japan's Tohoku earthquake  John Vidale does a webinar: Cascadia quake early warning  
Elwha River delta evolution in time lapse, May 2012–December 2015     Tsunami and the Straits—The BC version   Washington Cascadia tsunami model animation slow slip events may presage larger earthquakes   CBS News on the threat of the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake  Jan. 21, 2016 
Winter 2015–2016 ETS progress as of January 24th, posted by John Vidale of   "big one" quake article in The New Yorker jolts the White House into action  
When will massive earthquake and tsunami hit the Pacific Northwest?   *Tremor Catalog from 2012.1.3 to 2016.1.9     PNSN...more about ETS, episodic tremor and slip  
UW's M9 project regarding Pacific Northwest earthquake safety  M9 RSS feed   Guler Ice Caves near Trout Lake Washington    *PNSN Pacific Northwest ETS tremor map  
Don't be scared, be prepared—UW seismology grad student Shelley Chestler responds to the New Yorker "Big One" article  
Every big Oregon coast quake since 7845 BC     Three Pacific Northwest geoscientists receive major NAGT awards   WADNR Geology: earthquakes and faults 
WADNR Division of Geology: Earthquakes and faults *   Turbidite event history of Cascadia earthquakes (very long document)    Summary of odds of a Cascadia quake 
The great earthquake and the great drowning   USGS: Pacific NW earthquake hazards overview   PNSN: faults of the Pacific Northwest * 
"Unprepared", and Oregon Field Guide special about Oregon's preparedness   "When nature strikes" NSF 6-minute video   Tectonic earthquakes of the Pacific Northwest  *
Northwest quake early-warning system begins to take shape   Megathrust faults weaker and less stressed than thought  
Emergency managers and expert seismologists respond to "The Really Big One" article by Kathryn Schultz   7/28/15 Spokesman Review
Terry Pinder responds to the New Yorker Cascadia article in the DailyKos  July 20, 2015   Dana Hunter's Scientific American blog post about "The Really Big One"  8/5/15
Humboldt State Univ. Geologist Lori Dengler responds to The New Yorker "Really Big One" article   August 1, 2015 Times Standard
CREW's Cascadia earthquake scenario 2013    Cascadia earthquake effects: three UW Tacoma professors responses to The New Yorker "Really Big One" paper   
June 18, 2013—Sandi Doughton, Tim Walsh, and John Schelling talk about Pacific Northwest earthquake history and hazards   excellent!
Status of the the Pacific Northwest eartly-warning system for earthquakes as of 7/21/15   KUOW 3-min video 
New book on Pacific NW: Beauty from the beast: plate tectonics and landscapes of the Pacific Northwest by Dr. Robert Lillie 
Seattle faults—Maps the highlight our shaky ground   Funny satirical article about future Cascadia quake devastation     Bill Steele of PNSN on New Yorker quake story  
An inaccurate Fox News story on the Kathryn Schultz Cascadia quake article    A story about the Cascadia Quake in The Stranger   
The Really Big One, a New Yorker write up by Kathyrn Schultz about Cascadia earthquakes, past and to come...    Preparedness and training, keys to riding out the "big one"  
Earthquake supercycle in subduction zones controlled by widthe of seismogenic zone     NASA Earth Observatory Panorama of the Pacific Northwest  
Deep part of Cascadia fault so slippery sun, moon trigger tremors Seattle Times April 27, 2015, by Sandi Doughton  More depth on the tidal tugs on Teflon faults... 
GPS velocity field and hazards assessment for the Pacific Northwest       Bonnie Lake Precambrian schist  
OSU quake study 2012     Project Safe Haven: tsunami vertical evacuation on the Washington coast   Tim Walsh (WADNR Geology) GSA abstract on the Ocosta project   Dispatches from the Geosphere blog  
Geology of Hug Point, Oregon, Rosetta Stones blog    James Roddey on the threat of a Cascadia megathrust earthquake  youtube video ~ 21 min
A cooperative proactive effort to mitigate tsunami hazards at Ocosta school in Westport WA—first of its kind on the west coast of the US  
Mount Rainier historic images The Olympian December 2014     Adapting to a changing climate at Mount Rainier Tacoma News Tribune, December 2014
More on the fault found near Entiat, and that could be from the 1872 earthquake?     The Blue Lake rhinoMold of a rhino killed 15 million-years ago in WA 
David Williams's geowriter blog about what lies at the bottom of Lake Washington     August 19, 2014  trenching a fault in Mills Canyon west of Entiat  11/13/14
Coastal quake watch: Japan on watch, Northwest, "essentially blind"   Sandi Doughton, Seattle Times Aug. 30, 2014
Wenatchee geology lecture by Nick Zentner (43 min)  Nick Zentner expounds about Ellensburg blue agates  
Seabed samples cast doubt on a recent reinterpretation of earthquake risk in the Pacific Northwest     Nature News, August 4, 2014
Yakima River Canyon—Nick Zentner gives a lecture and virtual field trip this fascinating canyon    July 25, 2014 youtube
The poor mans prepping guide for natural disasters (on a shoestring budget)     The Cascadia Initiative   
Pacific NW seismic hazards prepardness guide from Portland Monthly 2014    Some great photos of Mount Rainier by Rollie Geppert  
Washington glacial erratics       Overview of the ongoing Cascadia initiative    from Oceanography, 2014, v. 27, no. 2.
The creepy central Cascadia Subduction Zone    Epidode 2: The Cascadia Subduction Zone gets creepier and creepier!   
Listen to a <6-minute interview with John Vidale about slow-slip earthquake precursors and seafloor instrumentation May 21, 14 
Nick Zentner and two minute geology video visit to the giant current ripples at Trinidad WA produced by the great Ice Age Missoula Floods   a great view of these dramatic features!
Ice Age floods stuff:   
Two-minute geology, by Nick Zentner   
Geology at Larrabee State Park, geonote by Dave Tucker       USGS finds clue to 1872 earthquake that blocked the Columbia River  
Deep electrical resistivity structure of the NW US derived from 3-D inversion of USArray magnetotelluric data EPSL January 22, 2014  
Links about the tragic Oso landslide of March 22, 2014 in Washington State   
The Coastal Nerd Gazette     Ian Miller's blog includes links to the restoration of the Elwha River post dam removal.
A short youtube video about Keith Phillips, the Tenino stonecarver     Bruce Bjornstad's Ice Age floods geologists web page  
A neophyte guide to Mount Rainier, by Dee Molenaar  Northwest Mountaineering Journal
North Coast and Cascades Science Learning Network 
IRIS earthquake browser   Cascadia subduction zone earthquakes, a Mg. 9 earthquake scenario 
Quake study shows quake-triggered landslide hazards for Seattle   Oct. 21, 2013
New offshore research reveals Cascadia tsunami could be larger   AP and KGW 9/4/2013
An interview discussion with Sandi Doughton about her book, Full Rip 9.0 about Pacific NW earthquake history and hazards   The Olympian, July 10, 2013
Two contrasting models of the Cascadia Subduction Zone   USGS site
The science and discoveries of the US seismic array  
Becky Oskin reports on the "new view" of how the western cordillera may have been made noted below   April 3, 2013,
A novel interpretation of how the western mountains of North America were made  Interview with Eldridge Moores in Nature, April 3, 2013
Report makes chilling forecast about future Pacific Northwest earthquake  π 2013
Superquakes, supercycles, and global earthquake clustering: Recent research and recent quakes reveal surprises in major fault systems  --Earth Magazine, Jan. 7, 2013 Mystery mounds in Hood Canal may be result of earthquakes ~ 1000 yrs ago    Seattle Times news Nov. 30, 2012-WA Div. of Geology scientists make discovery Episodic Tremor and Slip event (ETS) of 2012—a record setter!   This is a story by Jake Ellison of KPLU in Tacoma; The tremor page at PNSN   Puget Sound faults   An information-packed wikipedia entry! Perhaps a better name would be "Puget Lowland faults", but in any case, it's a very useful interpretation of the structures. Bremerton WA: new subsidence, drowned forest, and tsunami and landslide evidence about the size of the Seattle Fault earthquake CE 900–930  July 17, 2012
New faults and earthquake risks found in Washington in the Bellingham basin  April 25, 2012
An interesting blog post by John Vidale regarding the importance of monitoring at Tohoku and Cascadia   3-11-12
Tsumami potential in the Pacific Northwest—Japan's quake hints: is inundation >100 ft possible?  Sandy Doughton, Seattle Times  3-11-12
KOMO "What if" special on Cascadia earthquake hazards, 2011
USGS Preliminary Atlas of shallow, active, tectonic deformation in the Puget Lowland, Washington  released August, 2010   
Slow seismic slip event of August 2010
animation: plate tectonic history of western North America 

Indigenous stories and geoscience history

Serpent power stories along the Seattle Fault Ludwin and others, 2005  Tribal oral teachings and ancient megaquakes in the Pacific Northwest  9/14/15

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Yahoo Science News      
Sciencedump     livescience     Sciencedaily   15 great geology web pages    Deborah Green's geologistwriter blog and website   
EurekAlert  stay up to date on science publications Institute of Earth Science Education   SEDAC Center for Earth Science Information Network, Columbia Univ.   


American Geological Institute AGI  publishes  Earth Magazine (see also Earthmagazine-FB) which supercedes Geotimes (searchable archives)

The Geology Blog            David Williams's blog      redditgeology on twitter        Geology page     also, 
Callan Bentley's geoblog    Deborah Green's Geologist Writer Blog   Rockhead sciences geoblog    Roy Haggerty's "Thanks, Science!" blog  
Tuff Cookie's geoblog      Marli Miller's Geologictimepics blog      History of the Earth blog by Richard Gibson        Earth Story    Let Science speak blog 
Magna cum Laude  Jessica Ball's hot rocks blog   Beth's Earth science stuff blog     Mary Caperton Morton (Earth Magazine and more) 

Northwest Geology Field Trips blog by Dave Tucker       Geoscience data at supersites    CREW: the Cascadia Regional Earthquake Workgroup 

David B. Williams—Geologywrite blog       Geotripper Blog by Garry Hayes       Washington State Geology News   

Terranes by geologist and author Ellen Morris Bishop    The New Yorker: Elements blog     

Washington State Geology News          TheEarthStoryblog     The AGU blogophere    Jim Speer's dendrochronology blog  

Erik Klemetti's Volcano Blog  Greg Stockmaster's Big Volcanic blog    The Glaciology Weekly   Richard Gibson's History of the Earth blog  

The Northwest Earth science listserv

Sliding Thought Blog-- Washington's landslide blog

Dave's Landslide Blog

The Center for Land Use Interpretation         Kate McKittrick's Symbiartic blog     Kate's post on "Women in Science Illustrations"    Julia Rosen, science writer 

Cool Cat teacher blog     Today's science for tomorrow's scientists, a page by Prof. Bob McMahon at Univ. of Wisconsin     

Encyclopedia of Earth –2008 winner of the Best Website Award from the Geoscience Information Society

Washington State geology field trips

Washington DNR State Geologic maps—One-stop link  Kellie Wall's Goat Rocks blog page  

The National Center for Science Education  

BIG THINK: The 10 biggest ideas in the history of science.   OK, here are the 9 BIG IDEAS OF EARTH SCIENCE  

Keenan Lee's geology page

Missoula Floods paper by Keenan Lee


NOVA | scienceNOW | Get Involved | PBS

Floods and flow resources--teaching Mars geology on Earth

Entertaining links and exercises on geologic time

International Commission on Stratigraphy

Windows to the Universe  by NESTA—The National Earth Science Teachers Association     Solar System Exploration  

The Fossil Museum 

Science Daily  Stand with Science  

Real scientists doing science!     Geodynamic evolution of the Hangay Dome, Mongolia central Asia    

On becoming a scientist     The skeptics guide to the Universe Facebook page   

Sloan career cornerstone 

ScienceFriday          sense about science   a public trust about science  John McPhee assembles California on Science Friday

Mount St. Helens Science and Learning Center      Pakistan Science Club    

Archaeological Digs Blog   Volcano Cafe 

Washington State emergency response plans   Tremor   Christina Heliker's photography 

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Universal units reflect Earthly origin, from EOS BUZZ   Scientists reveal a massive biosphere of life hidden under Earth's surface 
Viable Nematodes from Arctic permafrost Doklady Biological Sciences   ILFScience article on the nematodes in permafrost 
Radiocarbon dating of the Shroud of Turin   June 2018: Trump administration tightens rules for federal scientists talking to reporters  
Sloshing of Earth's core may spike big quakes   more accessible link to sloshing of Earth's core and quakes news   Five ways to fix statistics (Nature, Nov. 28, 2017)  
Paleomagnetic data hint at link from Earth's continents to core   Scienctists learn more about the durable concrete of ancient Rome   
17 equations that changed the world  Stephen Nash blog: he writes about dating musical instruments using tree-ring science 
Water's properties are still being revealed, Smithsonian Magazine   On science and spirituality by Mayim Bialik   ScienceRocks_Facebook_page 
The mistrust of science: by Atul Gawande, in the New Yorker  June 10, 2016   *Science Alert FB   AGU blog by Jessica Ball: science policy/science literacy tools and links   
New insights from superdeep diamonds from 2016 Nature     Rolling stones, turbulence connect evolution to physics ==> Rolling stones, turbulence...the paper in Nature 
Gaia Vince becomes first woman to win the Royal Society's Winton Prize for science books 2015   Tardigrade genome sequenced—Most foreign DNA of any animal known 
An excellent review of the value and achievements of government scientists over the decades by Professor Naomi Oreskes  
The top 100: Nature's top 100 most cited publications of all time (up to Oct. 29, 2014)
Earthquakes reveal deep secrets beneath east Asia      New Archaea discovered that bridge the gap between prokaryotes and eukaryotes  Nature May 2015
Metals used in high-tech products face future supply risks   3/28/15     India-Asia tectonic collision—How does it continue; when did it start?  NY Times 5/18/15
Five books to guaranteed to make kids like science, from Science Friday     A possible source of sudden tectonic movements    
New evidence about flipping of the magnetic poles    {the caption should say "...the magnetic north pole wandered around..."]
evidence that Earth's tectonic plates have doubled their speed in the last 2 billion years   New Scientist  
Scientists create transparent solar concentrator    New theory on why rocks move in the Racetrack Playa   Mantis shrimps can "see" cancer   
Microbial life found in Antarctic lake 2600 ft below the surface
More on the microbiome in NY Times    And how to think about microbiome research—A good read that applies more broadly! 
Fascinating research about the microbiome within us and it's relationship to our diet and how we feel, and more     ScienceDaily  August 15, 2014
Magnetic pole reversals got you down? No's a bit of background and status report     ...magnetic field may change sooner than expected   Scientific American 7/9/14
Resources and environment for the next generation: Democracy ensures we don't take it all with us... June 2014
New evidence for oceans of water deep in the Earth   escience news June 13, 2014
Decreasing science funding and Congress    Slate, May 7, 2014    CA groundwater depletion slowly raises the Sierra Nevada mountains  
Mountain building and end of ancient ocean beneath modern New England; published in Geology
The quest to document the world's oldest living thingsin striking photos            DNA explained in three minutes     sciencdump  
Ancient landscape found under 2 miles of ice in Greenland         Impact glass stores biodata for millions of years April 18, 2014
AOGS 2014: Asia Oceania Geosciences Society 2014—Some good papers here!   
One way to approach reading a scientific paper  
Gold and eucalyptus leaves         Weird magnetic anomoly reveals ancient tectonic crash involving east coast of North America   
The importance, care, and maintainence of gut microboita   Science Daily; on antiobiotics and gut microbiota   
Earthquake lights linked to fault zones      World's largest deep earthquake recorded    
Bill Moyers 2014 interviews with physicist Neil de Grasse Tyson: on the Cosmos   science, religion, and the universe   on science literacy 
Runaway process drives intermediate-depth earthquakes according to Stanford researchers Dec. 9, 2013
early human interbreeding evidence from Spain     
UNAVCO: Solid Earth geodetic science snapshots  
Patagonia bugs survived K-T extinction  
Blood-filled mosquito is a fossil first  
Is there a new subduction zone off Portugal? 
Is there water inside the Earth?   
Major "grand canyon" found under Greenland Ice Cap via Ice-penetrating Radar  
Proto-mammal fossil from China sheds light evolution of the earliest mammals    Sciencedaily August 7, 2013
ESA InSAR shows ups and downs of East African Rift Zone   
Important news on bee die offs, a fungicide is part of the problem  
Dino-killing impact did not wipe out all freshwater species    livescience
Huge dinosaur tail discovered in Mexico  
Finding rare earth elements in gold rush era discards 
A new interpretation of "Hobbit" (Homo Floresiensis) fossil based on CT scans of skull  
Science and discoveries of the US seismic array   
Subglacial Lake Vostok found teeming with life   PLOS ONE article
Correcting come common misrepresentations of evolution in textbooks and the media by Kevin Padian at UC Berkeley
Bill Nye, super science guy!   
Is a new subduction zone forming off Portugal that could swallow the Atlantic?   Here's the scoop from  
Geologist Peter Selkin of UW Tacoma talks about the Earth's magnetic field on Science Cafe  April 9, 2013
Oldest Earth rocks, 4.238 Ga, found in northern Quebec  discovered by McGill Univ. researchers and others, Sciencedaily Sept 26, 2008
Discovery of 1.5 Ga water  
Ice surge in Minnesota, 2013!   see the videos on youtube
Benefits of sunshine 
ocean floor holds ancient DNA  
When did plate tectonics begin on Earth? ...and what came before? April 28, 2013
Otzi the iceman was in poor dental health   
Pioneering women of the geosciences a Rosetta Stones blog note about these overlooked women, March 27, 2013 
Oldest known Eutherian mammal fossil discovered in Japan This early Cretaceous (112 million yrs ago) Eutherian gave rise to placental mammals
Earth's mysterious tectonic boundary layer between lithosphere and asthenosphere 3/21/13 Yahoo News
"Lost" Farallon tectonic plate found beneath California  
The graphene story playing with sticky tape led to discovery of a carbon crystal with great potential!
About dinosaurs that had long necks...
More details on the precise dating of Chicxulub crater   February 8, 2013; Reuters via Yahoo News
More precise daing of the Chicxulub crater and dinosaur extinction impact    UC Berkeley News, February 7, 2013; Read about Gerta Keller's ideas on the dinosaur exctinction
Recent rejuvenation of a portion of the Appalachians—Earth's mantle on the move?    NC State Univ. news
A Jurassic bird fossil with teeth  Live Science Jan. 7, 2013 Are Neanderthals Human?   NOVA Science Now, by Carl Zimmer, posted Sept. 20, 2012 Bacteria fossil >3.9 billion years old found in Pilbara Australia   ABC News, Jan. 7, 2013 New information on use of tools etc by Peking Man (a Homo Erectus) gleened from reexcavation of cave   Yahoo News/ December 31, 2012 New evidence about the extinction of saber-toothed cats at the end of the last Ice Age   Yahoo Science, Dec. 28, 2012; analysis of fossil teeth at La Brea Tar Pits provides clues Lizards and snakes suffered extinctions at the Cretaceous-Paleogene (aka "K-T") boundary too   Dec. 10, 2012; Too bad you can't access the entire paper!
Scientists debate if Deccan Traps lava or the Chicxulub asteroid killed off the dinoraurs 65 million years ago   Yahoo news reports from the AGU annual meeting, December 2012
Did bacteria play a role in the greatest extinction in the fossil record ~250 million years ago?   Yahoo news reports from the AGU annual meeting, December 2012 Is the Grand Canyon young or old?  NY Times Fossil footprint of giant Eocene bird Diatryma giganteus found in Eocene Chuckanut Sandstone near Deming WA  Water for the Rock Science News, March 17, 2002, Where did Earth's water originate?  A good overview of the evidence by Ben Harder Ferocious Jurassic pliosaur  
Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson interview with Stephen Colbert   ...a long interview (12/2011), but well worth watching. Lots on the value of scientific exploration and investigation
Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on why exploring space still matters     This NPR interview is just shy of 8 minutes long
How dust from the Saraha Desert influences the Amazon rainforest  
579 Million-year-old volcanic ash buries weird Ediacaran life forms in Newfoundland   Field guide to microbes?  March 1, 2012, Wired Science  
New pterosaur fossil found in China    
Video of tornado on the Sun    2/17/2012, from the NPR news blog
Huge source of water found in protoplanetary disk TW Hydrae
October 2011: new planet formation caught in the act

Rise and fall of Rome recorded in tree rings  January 2011 BBC News

Possible impact crater found in the Congo

AP story about the hacked emails from climate scientiests      Dec. 12, 2009 (This is a long article)

A Warming Arctic: Greenland's Ice Sheet Melting Faster than Ever - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International  Nov. 13, 2009

soot as a climate forcing factor (abstract)

June 2009: ICGS recommends redefining the base of the Pleistocene series of rocks/sediments

Michael McCracken's analysis of errors in Robinson, Robinson, and Soon   July 25, 2008 from Climate Science Watch  
Blue Nile incision, uplift of the Ethiopian Plateau, and homonin evolution   a pdf paper from GSA Today, 2007; 2013 paper on mantle upwelling and initiation of rifting Afar depression  

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IPCC: Climate Change—Five cheap ways to remove CO2 from the environment   Extreme heat and drought threatens beer production *
Climate scientist Ben Santer speaks out about climate change and President Trump's attitude and words about it; Scientific American   
October 2018: Major Climate Report Describes Strong Risk of Crisis as Early as 2040 NYT    ==> IPPC Climate Report SR15, October 2018 
The hunt for better climate science—NASA scientists assess ice loss in Greenland  "Finding hope in climate enginering" (online ed resource) 
Columbia Conversations podcast of John Dodge interview re his new book on the great Columbus Day storm of 1962 
September 2018 EOS: Climate research funding still under threat, report warns 
MacDonald and others: Climate warming and 21st century drought in SW North America* good paper showing evidence for more droughts in a warming climate
Losing Earth: the decade we almost stopped climate change (a history) *   97% of climate scientists really do agree about human influences on climate change  
"Expose on climate change", a book by dendrochronologist James Speer   Temperature circle—global temperature anomolies  Scientific American about the circle   
"Chasing traces from the past"—Trailer for climate change video   "Pines in the Mist"—(3.5 min video) Swiss dendrochronologists study Canary Islands climate 

53 Sources for climate change news (Geo. WA Univ.)   TED TALK: Scientiest James Hansen speaks out about climate change, 2012  

Volcanism triggered PETM—hottest time in the mast 56Ma   The Sun and Climate—USGS Fact Sheet   
Climate change and colleges   Melting glaciers, a threat to thermohaline circulation, the climate-stabilizing "global ocean conveyor belt"
Magnetic changes in soils as records of monsoon/climate changes, Chinese Loess Plateau   Time-lapse pics of Emmons and Winthrop Glaciers at Mount Rainier   
Seven brutal winters of note in the USA  If Earth is warming, why am I freezing?   Scientist tracking "atmospheric rivers" from mobile lab on jet Seattle Times    
Even small things help in the battle with climate change...   Extremely cold weather: fueled by the jet stream and climate change   The years of living dangerously  
Katherine Haehoe's climate-change Facebook page   Climate Reanalyzer  A response to people who use cold weather to refute climate change 
Ventusky wind and weather map   Benestad et al, 2015, Learning from climate change mistakesQUARTZ—Flaws in 3% climate-deniers papers 
A response to the Forbes article noted below in Science magazine   How will climate change affect the USA in decades to come (based on the 2017 US govt. report)  
critique of 2011 Forbes article challenging NASA climate model, and example of "due diligence" necessary when filtering on the web  
How Americans think about climate change in six maps  The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscilallation (AMO) and hurricane Harvey—A human influence?    
XKCD graphs climate change and human history  NASA: scientific consensus on climate   NASA: causes of climate change 
How a professional climate-change denier discovered the lies and decided to fight for science  How GOP leaders came to view climate change as "fake science"  
Yale climate connections: why 1°C of global temperature increase matters   NASA data: Visualizing the world's CO2 emissions  *ENSO status NOAA NWS 
QRAs tweak Rossby waves of the polar let Chis Mooney, Washington Post      AAAS: climate change: reality, risks, and response...  
false color animation of GOES satellite photos of dust storm over NW Texas and OK 2/24/17   More GOES animations  ...more from NOAA on atmospheric dust  
*US drought  CO2 and climate linked during the middle Miocene  Modelling of the Miocene climate optimum (2006  in press pdf)  ==>final paper on MCO 
How to discuss the topic of climate change  *United Nations—Global outlook for snow and ice 
AGU: Dan's Wild Science Blog: 2016 warmer than normal—good graphics!   Gustavus Adolphus Univ. Climate across the curriculum  
Climate scientist talks of getting harrassed and receiving death threats    Two broadcast journalists regarding climate change: separating the real from the fake news  
Giant snowballs in Russia? Weird   Scientific American: Physics doesn't care who was elected president   El Nino 2016 and global temperatures; Dan's Wildscience blog 
Interactive map shows where animals will move in response to changing climate   NASA animation shows changing Arctic sea ice 19642016
The media and climate change science   Satellite photo time-lapse sequence shows how Earth "breathes" as the seasons change  What is warming the world (stats)   
Skeptical Science website weighs in on the "Medieval Warm Period"    * Skeptical Science web    A fascinating visualization of global temperature increase: 1850–2016  
The National Climate Assessment  roll cloud over Calgary, Alberta Canada, 10/13/15     Twentiety Century glacier change on Mount Adams volcano   
Wikipedia: Milankovitch Cycles  Cyclon Winston: strongest southern  hemisphere storm in history, hits Fiji   2016: scientists concerned about Arctic changes WA Post 
NASA Earth Observatory re: Milutin Milankovitch  Milankovitch tutorial & animations  EO: Milankovitch cycles   Kahn Academy: Milankovitch Cycles  NOAA-Milankovitch 
Science teachers' knowledge of climate change found lacking   NYTimes 2/11/16
Could mankind postpone the next ice age? New research suggests we could   Recent climate cooling caused by volcanoes  Man-made heat in the oceans has doubled since 1997 
NOAA: a Paleo perspective on global warming     Paper: Peterson-et-al_2008_BAMS_The Myth of 1970s global cooling   
Model of solar cycle's impact on climate gets upgrade   EOS 12/7/15   EOS: Climate Closure—a thought provoking statistical evaluation of recent climate vascilations  
Richard Alley and ice-core evidence of abrupt climate change    Call to Earth: A message from the world's astronauts (8 min)    The assault on climate science NY Times 12/8/15
Cloud formations  Abrupt climate change about 630,000 years ago    Pleistocene paleoclimate data from the Santa Barbara basin   12/3/15
Time-lapse pictures of clouds and Mount Rainier mostly   Nov. 6, 2015, NASA study shows mass gains in Antarctic Ice Sheet   Scientific conscensus: Earth's climate is warming 
Oct. 30, 2015 NASA study: Mass gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet great than losses    The  north-south climate seesaw     Columbus Day Storm of 1962  
Bubbly plumes off Washington, Oregon suggest warmer ocean might be releasing methane   PDO   National Geographic—Climate change issue 
ocean-climate: a look at abrupt changes in the southern extent of North Atlantic Deep Water during Dansgaard–Oeschger events  2015  Nature Geoscience paper 
2015, a tough year for Pacific Northwest glaciers  More on the Mount Baker glaciers from Dan McShane's blog 
Sierra Nevada snowpack at five century low   9/14/15 Newsweek    Scientific literacy (like about climate change): not (just) about the facts 
Syria's climate conflict, a cartoon by Audrie Quinn and Jackie Roche   Wicked hailstorm in the Bay of Naples   Are there signs we can slow down climate change?
Testing contrarian views of the global consus on climate change 8/25/2015     ==>the paper in TAC: Learning from mistakes in climate research  open-access 
What will happen if and when Arctic sea ice disappears?     Three concurrent typhoons captured in NASA photo on 9/2/2015    
August 29, 2015—strongest summer storm on record in Pacific NW    Nature: Significant anthropogenic changes in climate since 1950  
Climate Research Unit—Univ. of East Anglia   Science Friday: El Nino vs. the blob, and more...     Dramatic haboob in Algeria, 8/22/15  
Corrected sunspot history: present warming climate not caused by natural trends in solar output  7/15/15
Laura Faye Tenenbaum's climate blog:   "We get it, climate is changing—So what can we do about it?" Part I of II   4/10/14
Washington State's drought 2015     Ice-core dating corroborates tree-ring chronologies  8/5/15     Are we at the point of no return on climate change? Rolling Stone 8/5/15
decrypting 1000 years of past climate history in Europe   Climate change and the rise of ISIS     Did an impact trigger the Younger Dryas cooling event?  
2015 El Nino intensifies   2010 NASA link: is the Sun responsible for increasing temperatures?   New info on the role of small volcanic eruptions and SO2 in climate 
The big glacier collapse even in Greenland      Sensible thoughts about the July 2015 "we're entering a new ice age" mania (we're not)   
June 22, 2015: powerful derecho blasts midwest with 90 mph winds      What's warming the world, a dynamic graphic using NASA data 2015 
Scientists sound off about climate change data dismissed by politicians   The sounds and songs of climate change     twin tornadoes from a single supercell thunderstorm 6/8/15 Simla CO
Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has some choice words for  politicians  who are  cynical about climate science     Galloping Gertie  
Aurora borealis from Ellensburg WA St. Patricks day 2015      Recent Glaciations of the Pacific Northwest, by Professor Steven_C_Porter 
Photo (then and now) comparisons of glaciers on    Another rephoto glacier project    Global warming and the jet stream  
The Senator with the snowball episodes    Scientific American reviews "Merchants of Doubt", a documentary about the efforts to obfuscate climate science  
NASA's Earth Observatory: "Why so many global temperature records?"   Jan. 29, 2014    The Colbert Report: "sink or swim"  June 4, 2012, Climate change and sea level
NASA data peers into Greenland Ice sheet         8 pseudoscience claims debunked by science       oops—malfuntioning weather map for AZ  
2014 hottest year on record since 1880 January 16, 2014  Has the puzzle of the rapid climate change in the last Ice Age been solved?   
NASA Earth Observatory: New insights (into climate changes) from old snapshots of Greenland      AGU: Arctic report card: dramatic changes to the region  EOS Dec. 2014
a climate skeptic's continued efforts to disprove Michael Mann's climate change evidence      How hot will get in my lifetime?  Plug in your birth year and see    
the polar vortex and climate change    El Nino 2014–2015 is now official (Nov. 5, 2014)    How does the IPCC know climate change is happening? IFSScience
waterspout Oct., 11, 2014                       video of the Oct. 11, 2014 waterspout near Anderson Island, WA   Doug Lortie's picture of the waterspout   
Critique of a Wall Street Journal piece on climate change   Sept. 22, 2014     The Arizona monsoon of 2014    Bryan Snider video of the monsoon  
Tampa Bay watershout, Sept 9, 2014     How geology played a role in tracking past climate changes     2014 California drought pictures  
Study indicates changes in solar activity during influences climate during the most recent Ice Age  Here's the solar activity article link in Nature Geoscience 8/17/14
NASA Polar-orbiting missions, VIIRS scanning radiometer       NASA Worldview    
NASA Earth Observatory new version of NOAA View data exploration tool    Get true-color near-realtime images and data; with links to other tools; see also NOAA View 
video about how ice cores are processed    a speculative long-range forecast for winter 2014–2015 owing to the building El Nino   August 11, 2014 Dan's Wild Wild Science blog     An Oklahoma haboob on July 1, 2014 reminiscent of the Dust Bowl days       tornado appears in wedding photos 2014  
Six things Michael Mann wants you to know about global warming      What some teachers are presenting about global climate change June 26, 2014
Messinian salinity crisis: did Mediterranean salt change the climate?  
House votes to deny climate science, etc     May 22, 2014             Clouds in time lapse         Irridescent clouds over Thamersku   
Climate change humor: a mathematically representative climate-change debate (John Oliver show)  
Fire rainbows      Demystifying San Francisco fog      supercell timelapse    
National Climate assessment 2014        International surface temperatures initiative           Climate change 2014: Mitigation of climate change  
Scientific American: "'Dark Money' funds climate change denial effort"   Dec. 23, 2013
Superman's Krypton aids hunt for world's oldest ice     Which produces more CO2, volcanic or human activity    February 15, 2007
Historical analysis of climate change by McGill physicist Shaun Lovejoy supports manmade warming interpretation    April 11, 2014
United Nations emissions panel report shows who's responsible for CO2    April 11, 2014
Will the next El Nino be "a monster'?   
New satellite offers 3D view of rain and snow         Famous paintings yield secrets about Earth's past climate...  
Climate change and the future of Mono Lake   
river discharge alters Arctic Sea 
Time-lapse video of northern lights    
the "polar vortex" (intense arctic continental air mass) of January 2014  
Jetstream may be changing     response of Mount Rainier landscape to climate change  
video of satellite images of early February 2014 storm moving into the Atlantic coast and eastern US  
More on California droughts: reading the tree rings   
Past California megadroughts have lasted more than 200 years  Paul Rogers, San Jose Mercury News January 25, 2014
Atlantic warming melts antarctic ice    winter storm paralizes Atlanta: a tale of politics and science   
student takes on climate "skeptics" in an amusing 4-minute clip  
"Communicating the science of climate change" from Physics Today 2011
Artic Sea Ice news and analysis: National Snow and Ice Data Center   
Climate change animations   a blog entry re 2013 AGU climate science  
USGS: future climate projections for your county...
2014 Climate model wall calendar  
The view of a "climate skeptic" about sea ice decline  animated gif image
Dr. Sheel Bansal of USFS talks about climate and forests,  Nov. 15, 2013 Centralia College Rising Tide STEM Lecture Series
Weather blog of Cliff Mass   
NOAA webtools for climate visualization  
Largest recorded storm ever   more on Haiyan 
Pacific ocean warming 15x faster in the past 60 years than it did in last 10,000  
State of the climate: 2012 report  published by the American Meteorological Society 
Arctic sea ice time lapse: 1987_2013 
Article about a new paper by Santer and others summarizes "fingerprint" evidence about climate change   
Irridescent Antarctica—Nacreous clouds   
Which came first: low CO2 or an ice age?   Scientific American, Sept. 1, 2013
NAS America's Climate Choices    main site: National Acadamy of Sciences (NAS) 
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems  an open-access online journal
USGS Regional and Global Climate  ...and access to the Global Climate Change Viewer   
Our shrinking glaciers—An article about a movie in process by Jerry Freilich of the National Park Service
Nocticlucent clouds and aurora, a time-lapse view   August 4–5, 2013 in Scotland
Evolution, climate change, and uncertainty: why understanding the process of science matters  
NCSE climate education center  
PBS News Hour weighs environmental risk of cashing in on the coal export market   August 2, 2013
Four noteworthy republicans make a case for climate action  NY Times, August 1, 2013
130 years of Earth surface temperature change   APOD 7/31/13; remember, this is a conformable map, so areas appear exaggerated in higher latitudes
Climate Explorer   A research tool to investigate the climate    climate videos from
What happened to the Aztecs? 16th Century megadrought suspected; tree rings support this explanation   
Ice-free arctic winters could explain amplified warming during the Pliocene  
Lawsuit filed against the National Review my Michael Mann   July 24, 2013
Chapman Conference 2013: paleoclimatologist Michael Mann talks about his experiences as a climate scientist   (~20 min; learn about the history of "climate change denial")
Mammatus clouds 2013, nice photos and an explanation... 
Arctic theme page, by NOAA   
Ancient undersea volcanoes off Antarctica may hold mid-Miocene climate secrets     
Madden-Julian Oscilation (MJO)  NOAA fact sheet for this months-long intermittent cycle; NWS Climate Prediction Center MJO website 
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions   
Cool picture of Milky Way over Crater Lake  
Climate Progress climate science discussion links   
Snowball Earth  
Quantifying this consensus on anthropogenic global warming in scientific literature   5/15/2013 more about this 
New evidence of bacteria related to the Justinian Plague 
CO2 passes 400 ppm   Climate Central;  NOAA: CO2 passes 400 at Mauna Loa 
Earth's CO2 flirts with 400 ppm   5/8/2013 WA Post Wonkblog
Parenting in the age of climate change from Dan's wild wild science journal  April 24, 2013
Mayan calendar indicates drought led to collapse   
Evolution and climate change in the next generation science standards (NGSS) 
The wisdom of the isotopically-gifted little clams! 
Rapid melting of Quelccaya Ice Cap in Peru at a rapid pace over 25 years   The Week, April 5, 2013; NY Times article on the changing Quelccaya Ice Cap 
~6 ka, when the Saraha went from green to brown 
Climate scientists respond to climate change cynics about Holocene climate reconstruction of Marcott et al    March 31, 2013
Why the globe hasn't warmed much for the past decade   research paper reveals where the missing heat
Michael Mann, a leading climate scientist, talks about personal attacks him from a variety of sources    March 27, 2013, The Scientist    
Motion to dismiss the indictment of Punxatawney Phil   A Dan's Wild Wild Science journal commentary on groundhogs and climate change; 3/24/13
Bill Moyers interview: Encore: ending the silence on climate change March 15, 2013 
Why was CO2 lower during the last Ice Age?   results of new research show it was stored in the deep ocean
Plants set the stage for later larger life by producing Oxygen--new dates for Oxygen milestones  by T.W. Dahl using Mo isotopes 
Large 2008 collapse of Jacobshavn (Illulissat) Glacier in Greenland largest glacial calving event ever filmed (by Adam LeWinter and Director Jeff Orlowski)
Berkeley Earth surface temperature   
Beyond denial: the next frontier in climate change   Huffington Post, Dec. 11, 2012, by Peter DeMenocal, noted climate scientist
Climate change: lines of evidence      ...videos by the National Academies of Science
Black carbon (soot) is more of a climate forcing factor than previously thought    AGU EOS  Januarly 15, 2013 The warming of Earth continues: NASA data up through 2012    Snowball Earth  A truly awesome resource on the Neoproterozoic glaciations and implications for evolution of the Metazoans   Submerged forest in Lake Tahoe reveals ancient megadroughts worse than the Dust Bowl  High Country News, Dec. 24, 2012
Identifying human influences on atmospheric temperature Santer et al, Science, 2013, v. 110, no. 1 [open access]  Univ. of Pittsburgh scientists study past 1500 years of climate in the Pacific Northwest   The Oregonian, July 2, 2012 6 degrees of devastation—Archaeology News Network article on future impacts of global climate change     A piece on religion, politics, and science of climate change    the bulletted science of climate change Animated map of global dust, SO2, salt spray, etc   Professor Andy Bunn of WWU talks about climate change  April 9, 2009 presentation at WSU Whatcom Extension on Vimeo Link found between cold European winters and solar activity   Very cool (ugh, sorry, couldn't resist saying that!)Hurricanes since 1851   Russian scientists reach subglacial Antarctic Lake Vostok after 20 years of drilling  Earth Magazine, Feb. 2012  
Climate scientists counter claims and attacks of climate change deniers    from Physics Today, February 2012    
Humanity's water footprint from the Physics Today blog 2/17/2012  
Tegrity recording: Dr. Terry Gerlach (USGS-CVO) lecture on "Volcanic vs. anthropogenic CO2" Feb. 17, 2012 STEM lecture at Centralia College; with added links to publications
solar eruption of January 2012 history link blurb on the historic climate of the Puget Lowland

Intellicast Atlantic weather satellite and hurricane viewer

GOES satellites   and GOES satellite products    

Wind Map Very cool realtime map of winds in lower 48 states of USA world wind map   Ventusky wind and weather map  

Wunderground fronts   climate voices  Union of Concerned Scientists re warming

Real Climate           WUWT paleoclimate pages   

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On the normalization of pathological consumption    Prairie ecosystems—More complex than you think  
Drowned River: An Interview with Rebecca Solnit and Mark Klett about Lake Powell and the Colorado River 
The quietest place on now a war zone    Land use in the USA   US Energy Information Administration 2017 US energy imports/exports
Paonia reservoir in Colorado—a dramatic example of widespread infrastructure needs    global bug suppressors threatened 
of tar sands and water use    Trans-Canada pipeline and concerns about environmental integrity of the Salish Sea    Why a big utility is into solar and wind energy 
The Waterlines Project--prehistoric landscape of greater Seattle area  Scientist discovers possible link between glyphosate, GMOs, and autism...  
Students guide to global warming from  *   animated map showing world population increase 
Book shows with high-definition satellite images how humans have changed the planet   Population increase and sustainability (~6 min video) 
antiobiotics hide within soil minerals   world's largest deltas degrade from human activity  * CS Monitor: To feed the world, so we really need more food?    
Verde River Arizona: huge cost in failing to meet future water needs, by geologist Ed Wolfe    US is pumping lots of oil now...and???   
Open-source systems, science, solutions   Cornucopia Institute for family-scale farming  Marcellus Shale: Appalachian Basin natural gas play   
Mermerizing bird migrationsCornell Lab of Ornithology  Green-Duwamish Watershed Symposium, February 29, 2016      The power of one 
Yakima farmer want more water     David Montogomery is intereviewed about his and Anne Bikle's new book    EPA on pesticides and bees, by Tom Philpott  1/7/2016
Conflict minerals  National Geographic feature on conflict minerals    Algae, a new green power source  Forest Under Story -creative inquiry in an old-growth forest
California's Central Valley water projects, an environmental dilemma   September 2015 study in Nature: there are more trees on Earth than we thought, but...   
Cool nature video      Exploring solutions to plastic pollution    reading produce codes   How to fight desertification and prevent climate change  
They brought wolves to Yellowstone, but had no idea this would be the result...      Mount lions in Washington—The Mountain Lion Foundation point of view  
More about the California water crisis from Bill Moyers     USGS finds link between neonicotinoids and CCD (bee colonly collapse)   
Salmon challenges from glaciers to the Salish Sea   Abram Lustgarten on NPR Fresh Air reports on Colorado River water crisis (his Propublica series is Killling the Colorado) 6/25/2015
Environmental change as documented by satellites since 1972    Organic pest control—The best plants to attract beneficial insects and bees...from Mother Earth News
Earth: the Operator's Manual  Main web page    Earth: the Operator's Manual     Tar sands in Alberta --Climate Change Guide video 
Henderson Inlet Community Shellfish Farm    IARC assessment of organophosate pesticides     NY Times article on the weed killer     Chehalis River lampreys  
Digital Museum of Natural History Facebook page    Termites, guardians of the soil NY Times March 2, 2015     Science source article on the termites 2/6/2015
Climate change, extinctions signal Earth in danger zone   Reuters, January 15, 2014 from Science    USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service  
High Country News: Nov. 10, 2014  Wendell Berry interviewed by Bill Moyers October 4, 2013   
November 2014: Business Insider: more people work in solar now than coal in the US   (short ad before you get to the main page)
Map: how much energy is the world using?     Arsenic and lead in southern Puget Lowland lakes—Legacy of the smelter in Ruston WA  
glyphosate and human health   Journal of Organic Systems, 2014, v. 9, no. 2.    A University of Colorado study of fracking fluids     
biographyer Glen MacDonald writes about John Muir on the centennial of his passing AAG Newsletter      Revealing night photography of nature in Peru   
The movement toward reinvigorating sustainable agriculture in cities  
Pacific Northwest prairies, a video    (16 min)  A short video about the wolves in Yellowstone, and the amazing things that have happened there...
Bottled water mostly comes from the most drought-ridden places in the USA August 12, 2014    Rubber from dandelions    
Spill of toxic tailings pond in BC into streams causes major concerns August 5, 2014
"real price of steak", comparing environmental costs of livestock-based foods   
Environmental History Resources     NEOTOMA Paleoecology Database        SOLAR FREAKIN' ROADWAYS   could it happen!? Great idea
Scientists discover one-oz mouse-like mammal related to elephants   June 26, 2014, Reuters 
Pollinator guide     Using old smartphones to stop illegal poatching and logging in the tropical rainforests   
Andian superfood lost in Quinoa craze as orphan crop    Bloomberg News May 29, 2014
Mercury found in fish within our national parks  Jeffrey Major, The News Tribune    Bill Moyers asks 9 scientists, policy experts, writers, and activists how to save the Earth  
Fires in nature can do more good than harm. Dendrochronologist Lori Daniels of UBC gets the scoop from fire scars   
New information on what may be killing the honeybees       "End fake debate over climate..." Scientists interviewed by Salt Lake Tribune May 15, 2014
Rural microbes could boost city dwellers' health    sciencedaily
Points of view on the environmental healthy effects of "fracking"   April 22, 2014    The GLOBE program    do science!
How the world's only superpower is vulnerable to catastrophe...not like you think!
Whale poop and krill populations, a facinating relationship    Krulwich Wonders, NPR
People use antibacterial soap incorrectly  Livescience    Food quality will suffer with rising carbon dioxide, field study shows   
Black Death was not spread by rat fleas, say researchers  The Guardian March 29, 2014
Encouraging native bees with insect walls        Illinois Natural History Survey      bee-related pesticide ban! 
TestAmerica        A short (4+ min) video essay on how wolves have dramatically helped out the Yellowstone ecosystem  
Wikileaks, drought, and Syria   Thomas Friedman in the NY Times Jan. 21, 2014, drought is playing a role in Syria
About "fracking", a review of the critical issues by the Geological Society of America  
Harmful chemicals among your personal care products!   historical roots of our ecological crisis  
Save the humans: plea from an idealistic blogger  
tiny plastic beads pollute the Great Lakes  NY Times Dec. 14, 2013  Microbeads a major problem in L.A. River  LA Times Jan. 25, 2014
Large old trees grow fastest; store more carbon  
Wendell Berry on his hopes for humanity, a 39-minute interview by Bill Moyers Oct. 4, 2013
Vandana Shiva on the problem of genetically modifed seeds Bill Moyers and Co. July 13, 2012 
Global Forest Change 2000–2012 
Thurston County stream team   unhealth chemicals linked to fracking   The Scientist 
Marcellus shale in the Appalachians—surprising info  
Sheel Bansal gives a presentation on forest ecology in a changing climate Centralia College Rising Tide lecture series, Nov. 15, 2013
Poverty and education.... A sustainability issue brought up by Bill Moyers
exotic alligator snapping turtle from SE USA discover in Prineville Reservoir in central Oregon  
An alternative environmental approach with respect to property and energy rights  
Youngstown, Ohio quakes caused by hydraulic fracturing   short video on Slate
Pacific bluefin tuna transport Fukushima-derived radionuclides from Japan to California 
Gorgeous glimpses of calamity  NY Times January 10, 2013 man-made perils seen from space
Dams destabilize river food webs: lessons from the Grand Canyon   
Glow of gas bleed off from drilling in North Dakota as seen from space at night  
National Geographic: mesmerizing views of changing Earth  
An amazing map that shows every person in America   Slate
A thoughtful point of view about Capitol Lake in Olympia WA by Bill Yake in The Olympian August 10, 2013 
A point of view about GMOs    Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science August 7, 2013
A commentary on diamonds (a form of carbon) from Rohin Dahr on the Huffington Post 8/5/2013
Understanding Pakistan's water concerns  a 2013 report to the US Institute of Peace  
The Ogallala Aquifer  
Water sustainability links from NBC 
NAS study: fracking can increase methane in drinking water   June 24, 2013, Tribune
Change the course: Colorado River interactive web by National Geographic  new insights into future Colorado River flows  sciencedaily
time-lapse videos of Earth changes  
Geophysicist challenges fracking's bad rep  more on Zoback and fracking on fracking  
UN World Ocean Assessment  World Ocean Assessment workshop  
Singing the blues about water scarcity   Columbia Univ. Earth Institute
Stormwater and Puget Sound water quality  March 2013, and nice video from OPB, Oregon Field Guide
Our world from the International Space Station  
Sustainability Science   Proceedings of the National Academy of Science
Washivore a website about agriculture and food production in Washington State  3.8 billion-pixel tour of Mount Everest   An article about the proposal to explore for potential mineral resources near Mount St. Helens   Vancouver Columbian, Dec. 16, 2012; By Natalie St. John, The Daily News Fracking and earthquakes    

science paper: "Land transformation by humans: a review"  by Hooke, Martin-Duque, and Pedrazza, in GSA Today December 2012; an overview of how humans have altered Earth 

A perspective on the Bakken oil boom, Earth Magazine 2012
PEER: Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility  

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Coastal paleo blog   The day the dinosaurs died, The New Yorker, April 8, 2019 *
More plants survived the end-Permean Extinction than previously thought   blog article about ancient Earth weblink    ancient Earth weblink  dinosaur database
Do the ancient Archaean rocks east of Hudson's Bay contain Earth's oldest fossils (~4.2 billion years old)?   Photo of a 54Ma gecko in amber 
Clues to what the Dickinsonia fossil is   Geoscientist Jennifer Glass finds a connection between nitrous oxide, Earth's early oxygen, and how life learned to breathe 
"The Nastiest Feud in Science" The Atlantic Gerta Keller's research on Deccan volcanism vs Chicxulub impact—Arguments over extinction of the dinosaurs* 
Paleowire: a review of the fossil record of selected North American turtles  Contraints on Paleoprotorozoic atmospheric oxygen levels   About Devil's corkscrews  
Network analysis of major extinctions...PNAS open-accesss April 2018  The Ediacaran Period and the astounding Avalon Explosion of life  
The million year old salmon fossils in the southeast Olympic Mountains of Washington  publication  About iron formations during Earth's "middle ages" 
Dinosaur feathers    Oregon geologic history by Ian Madin  Why Earth history appears so miraculous—The Atlantic   
Pterosaur egg find in China  Lower Cretaceous  EOS blurb: When was Eocene-Oligocen boundary?  ==>AGI Paloeocean..Sahy etal on Eocene-Oligocene boundary
Biggest dinosaur thus far found in Argentina   Ediacara and the lead up to the Cambrian explosion of life    The fossils of Panama   Dinosaur Ridge 
Paleomagnetic data hint at link from Earth's continents to core   Clarkia Miocene fossil beds in Idaho   70 Ma: did tiny algae kill dinosaurs?  
Clair Paterson: "the most important scientist you've never heard of" --Calculated precise age of the Earth; a force in removal of lead from gasoline  
700,000-year old horse found in Yukon permafrost yields DNA   *Burke Museum's Northwest geological origins  
Museums of western Colorado  Natural History Museum of Utah  Judith River Dinosaur Institute  Balch's Dinosaur Digs, MT  
Finding Fossils (Jeff Layton, The Seattle Times 7/13/16)   John Day Fossil Beds    collect fossils at Wheeler HS OR
What stories lie in the muck of Walden Pond?   The salt mine under Lake Erie, a five-minute piece on the geology  of Zircons and continental fragments in the ocean  
Woolly Mammoths of the Siberian Tundra, a lecture by Dick Mol    Dinosaur tails leave clues about feathers in amber  
* The Fossil Museum   John Day Fossil Beds National Monument    *Cryogenian ice ages, weathering, and carbonate deposition, key relationships!  2016 -PNAS 
* Research by Paul Renne: new evidence that impact was last straw for the dinosaurs  Dinosaur extinction: asteriod–volcanism one-two punch  
How climate differed 145 million years ago when Pangaea was breaking up    Rudolph Zallinger's famous mural, "The Age of Reptiles"  
Earth's ancient magnetic field may have been different   New radiometric dating suggests Earth is 60 million years older than previous estimates   
New information about early Earth's atmosphere   Lake Superior and the mid-continent rift   Science Daily excerpt on the rift   Trilobites   USGS: the age of the Earth  
Scientists hit paydirt when drilling into dinosaur-killing impact crater     Anomalocaris: largest fossil of the Cambrian   Anomalocaris, Smithsonian 
Earth's oldest rock    More on oldest Earth rock from livescience  Implications of the Nuvvuagittuq Greenstone Belt for the Formation of Earth’s Early Crust   Jour of Petr. 2011
Early Mesozoic volcanism in the western Laurentia cordillera—Evidence from the Chinle Formations, Riggs et al, Geosphere 2016  fossil of oldest known land dweller ID'd 
unlocking the secrets of Shark Bay stromatolites  Tiny fossils and the story they tell at the Cretaceous-Paleocene boundary  to Anthropocene or not to Anthropocene?  
Why do mitochondria still have DNA    The future of US geochronology Warning, this report is a huge download   Annenberg: Snowball Earths  BBC: Snowball Earth  
Lake Superior and the Midcontinent Rift: the billion year story  Geology of Watkins Glen New York from Steve Schimmrich's blog  Marcellus formation 
Earth's largest dinosaurs discovered in Argentina   Thomas Jefferson, fossils, and the Lewis and Clark expedition   African geology and paleontology  Penn State Univ. 
Life history in iron   Expedition recovers mantle rocks with signs of life    Grand Teton rocks show evidence for first continent-continent tectonic collision, 2.68 billion yrs ago 
Moon formed by collision of Earth with small protoplanet named Theia  Modern microbial systems provide window to early life on Earth 
Watch scientists assemble the world's largest dinosaur  ==> here's the time lapse of building the dino    BBC Earth: building the biggest dinosaur in 60 seconds  
Deep-earth carbon and the origin of life   basement rocks of the US shown in map   download a high-quality version of Roadside Geology of Mount St. Helens, by Pat Pringle 
New Burgess Shale site found in Brititsh Columbia! 2014    Photos of the new Burgess fossils and more at the Marble Canyon site recently discovered  scroll smart to avoid ads
New ideas about Ordovician climate   Have geologists found a dinosaur fossil bed from the great extinction event?  
The Ice-Age floods post on Chicagoboyz blog  1/1/16 ==> good pics + a cool ~3min video on the power of bubble vortices & a ~15-minute video with CWU's Nick Zentner
Was early life cooperative—another look at the Ediacarans   "Lake Superior and the Midcontinent Rift: the billion year story"  13-min video
Microplate discovery dates birth of Himalayas at ~ 47 Ma    What is the Anthropocene?  EOS, 11/30/15  Volcanic activity may have contributed to Cretaceous extinction  
When did the Andes Mountains form?   Univ. of Bristol article on when the Andes formed   New ideas on the value of extinctions in forcing evolution  
Paleozoic forest unearthed in Norway   Computer simulations help interpret how Ediacaran organism fed 555 Million years ago 
End-Devonian mass extinction led to dominance of tiny fish   New findings in Karoo basin challenge ideas on end-Permean extinction and suggest it's  two extinctions 
Dust, iron, and life geologypage  Growing Antarctic ice sheet cause Mediterranean Sea to dry up during the Messinian salinity crisis... hmmm, and I thought it was volcanism??
Treasure trove of late Triassic fossils discovered in Utah   methanogens may have produced hydrocarbon haze atmosphere on Earth for times prior to the GOE 2.4 Ga 
Large igneous provinces linked to extinction events   "tree of life" for 2.3 million species released    Did complex skeletons evolve earlier than previously thought?  
Some ancient birds flew ove the heads of dinosaurs new 125Ma fossil provides anatomical evidence    Dilophosaurus 
360-million-year-old coelacanth fossil    Ancient alga and a relationship with prehistoric fungi ...the paper: Algal ancestor of land plants was preadapted for symbiosis 
Earliest Jurassic corals discovered    Paleogene fossils in New Mexico—Life after the dinosaur extinction    Triassic Coelacanth fossil found  
Paleogeography (NAU)  Animated reconstruction of SW North America since 36Ma   Earth's first rocks  Mammoths killed by abrupt climate change   pigments from fossils 
crinoid fossils   What color were dinosaur feathers?  comets and the origin of life on Earth  Permean animal to walk upright on all fours?  
Closing a gap in the tetrapod fossil record...EarthMag 9/7/15   Anderson et al., PLOS One paper on the tetrapod fossil 4/27/15  
Volcanism and the Cambrian explosion of life    On the rise, and fall, of the Ediacarans...     80Ma lizard fossil overturns hypotheses about timing of southern Pangaea split  
Global chronostratigraphic correlation table for the last 2.7 million years  correlation table download link     260 Million-year-old skull sheds new info on origin of turtles   
New ideas on the banded iron formation    Is life influential on the formation of minerals on Earth?    human-size fossil sea scorpion found in Iowa   science on the scorpion 
Animals took first breaths after small Oxygen blip 7/31/15  Improved age for Earth's latest magnetic field reversal via radiometric dating   MBB is 770.2 ± 7.3ka
Paleobotanist identifies earliest evidence of a flower    Dinosaur feathers found in amber  io9     Just how good/bad is the fossil record of dinosaurs?  8/29/15 gp
Fossilized marine plankton tell the tale of end-Permian mass extinction   Earliest evidence of reproduction in a complex organism, 565 Ma  
Study resolves reptilian family tree   An opinion on fossil hunting   Carnivorous dinosaurs strolled along beachers in what is now Germany in the early Jurassic  
scientists downsize the Dreadnoughtus dinosaur    Defining when the Anthropocene began, 1610 CE     Expedition to explore Chicxulub crater  
Four-legged snake fossil discovered   What supercontintent Pangaea looks like with modern borders    Zircon in USA from three supercontinents ago  
Finding the origins of life in a drying puddle  Ancient early-Jurassic life in three dimensions at Somerset    A whiff of old life in rocks, essay   Earthstory    Dinosaur oasis site      About Donologue and it's creator, Brian Switech   Deep-Earth carbon offers clues on origins of life on Earth   Geologypage 7/21/15
Ordovician Carbon isotope curve   Geologypage 6/25/15    New evidence on the origins of life, Geologypage June 2, 2015
Computational simulation sheds light on how Earth's continents were formed   Geologypage 6/25/2015     Nanotyrannus and Triceratops locked in death embrace in MT   
Sphenopsids, ancient vascular plants of the late Devonian      New evidence on the origins of life...     New species of horned dinosaur...    
Some subtle differences between chickens and their dinosaur ancestors   What would Pangaea have looked like with today's national borders penciled in...
Burke Museum paleontologists discover first dinosaur fossil in Washington State!  May 20, 2015  Rare tidal movements exposed Kimberly dinosaur tracks...
Data suggest legs and toes in ancestors of living snakes   NYTimes  Fern like plants appear in the lastest Devonian   
World's earliest flower may date back to 162 Ma     North American geologic history revised—Huffington Post    Asteroid impacts once make Earth's oceans boil for a year Smithsonian  
David Attenborough's The rise of mammals     A perspective: David Attenborough's muddled thinking can't stop human evolution     David Attenborough's Rise of Mammals  
About that impact that killed the dinosaurs 66 million years ago...     and more info: Did the Chicxulub impact have an affect on the eruption of the Deccan Traps?  
 Chemistry of seabed's hot vents could explain the emergence of life  
Acidic ocean lead to greatest extinction    Fossils in the heart of the Amazon provide evidence that South American monkeys came from Africa 
Callan Bentley on the rocks of the Belt Supergroup    Scientists find more clues about how continents formed 2.5  billion years ago ...   Geologic time scale 2015/01  
When did India begin to collide with Asia tectonically?   oldest Archaean stromatolites   Strelley Pool Chert, W. Australia  stromatolites of America 
Geologypage: about amber    Iron rain fell on early Earth   Geologypage 150320   Defending Darwin, by James Krupa, Orion Magazine 
New dates proposed for the Anthropocene, the Age of Man    Geochemical analysis shows Jurassic climate in the America west was more complex than thought  
Ice-age floods videos    Amid chaos of Lybia, mammalian fossil anthrapoids reveal evolutionary tales of the Eocene-Oligocene boundary time of cooling climate  Geologypage
Petrified Forest National Park   Ginko Petrified Forest, Washington wiki2    CWU Prof Nick Zentner on youtube about the petrified forests of WA   Nick's 2-minute geology version 
Deep-Earth carbon offers clues on the origin of life   What a 66-million-year old forest fire reveals about the last days of the dinosaurs 
The Wenas Creek Mammoth CWU     A benthic perspective on Earth's earliest evidence for oxygenic photosynthesis  
Vinegar-like acid rain may have fell during the end Permian "great dying" extinction         Evidence of a firestorm caused by the Chicxulub impact 66 million yrs ago   
Scientists unearth 9-ton quicksand block containing Utahraptor skeletons     1/11/15   Of Mastodons and Mammoths: Yukon paleontology, part I     
Biointeractive--free resources on extinctions       NSF: enormous underwater fossil graveyard found in Madagascar caves   ~4 min video
Jurassic World-2014    trailer for the lastest Jurassic Park film
low oxygen and its stifling of early life, a new study    Science Friday, Nov. 7, 2014 Piecing together the puzzle of insect evolution  
Spectral diversity of the banded iron formations and associated rocks: implications for Mars remote sensing (poster)     
'Missing' disaster [may have] led to the all-time worst extinction (end Permian)  Oct. 24, 2014
Ideas on the rise of atmospheric oxygen astrobiology magazine  2003
Dreadoughtus—largest terrestrial animal ever     dinosaur-killing asteriod hit at the wrong time     end-Cretaceous impact helped forests bloom 9/17/14
More evidence that the Younger Dryas event possibly was caused by a an impact    Lots of reactions to this
Paleoforensics at the La Brea Tar Pits   5 min 40 sec    Fascinating!  Science Friday video on La Brea--nice!   
Toothless pterasaurs once dominated the skies  
Wyoming's Natural Trap Cave to be reopened—potential treasure trove of recent geologic history  
Huge trove of dinosaur tracks found in Alaska      520-million-year-old fossil "sea monster" discovered in China with brain parts partially preserved   
The Earth Story      The evolution of Triceratops' horns      Gabonese fossil marine ecosystem displays biodiversity 2.1 billion years ago   
Snowball Earth and the carbon cycle        Geologic time metaphors (Quicktime of other add ons or plugins may be required)   
548 million-year-reef discovered in Namibia, created by Cloudina—oldest known animal with hard parts  7/26/14; the abstract by Penny et al in Science  
A guide to the orders of Trilobites by Dr. S.M. Gon; sponsored by Exxon      Reassessing Stanley Miller's experiments about the beginnings of life on Earth   Sciencedaily 6/26/14
Trees that miss the mammoths   a story of evolution and changing environments and climates
In a meteorite grain, a glimpse of the cosmos    
Dinosaur-killing impact also cooled the Earth after the dinosaurs died   LA Times May 13, 2014  Meet Johan Vellekoop of Utrecht University, lead author on the research   
A Diplodocid Sauropod Survivor from the Early Cretaceous of South America   in PLOS One, May 14, 2014  related article:  Argentine dino find  
biggest dinosaur ever discovered    BBC News May 16, 2014    Montana State Univ. paleontologists discover most diverse dinosaur fossil site yet found in Idaho   May 21, 2014   
Fossils of the Burgess Shale    An informative site contributed by Emma and her fellow students in Ms. Lowe's class in Texas (Thanks!)
Tracing the path of conifer fossils     Extinct "wheeled" creature discovered as ice recedes  
Is Alabama an exotic terrane that was part of South America?      "Chicken from Hell"—yet another dinosaur discovery  March 2014 
What sculpted Africa's margin?      Solving the mystery of North America's Neoproterozoic midcontintent rift
evidence that terrestrial species may have crossed sizeable (~900 km) stretches of ocean      
Proof that the 4.4 billion-year-old zircon crystals found in Australia in 2001 were really that old, and that Earth had a hydrosphere then  
further investigations of the end-Permian extinction by MIT geologist Sam Bowring      
Why did Woolly Mammoths and other late Pleistocene megafauna die out at the end of the last Ice Age?   forbs replaced by grasses ~10ka
Amazing Cambrian fossils from Canada's Marble Canyon in eastern British Columbia  
Plate tectonics set the thermostat for early life...           What killed the woolly mammoth--new clues.  
Eocene insect fossils in Montana     study of Earth's crust tells of first plate tectonics and life on Earth  
Study shows large landmasses existed 2.7 billion years ago    January 24, 2014 Geology 
NIST walk through time   The evolution of time measurement through the ages
First animals were jellies, not sponges     Tiktaalik, the amazing Devonian fossil linking the sea with land   life may have arrived from space   Nov. 11, 2013,
Acid rain my have contributed to end Permian extinction, "the great die off"    
North America's broken heart   Nature, Dec. 3, 2013
Dry dredgers and how to collect fossils (video)  
700,000-yr-old horse found, DNA oldest ever found  
Global stratigraphic sections and points, GSSP    
Silurian fish fossil with oldest known face found in China Sept. 25, 2013
Ediacaran fossil in Newfoundland gives clues to the origin of animal life   Ottawa Citizen, June 27, 2013
Scientists release most precise date yet for dinosaur extinction   ...more on the precise dating of dinosaur extinction   
Asteroid may have killed the dinosaurs quicker than thought  Feb. 8, 2013

Oldest fossilized animal form (sponge) found in Oman   February 4, 2009
GB3D type fossils   
Banded iron formations (BIFs) reveal early conditions and changes on Earth  
Bolivian Cretaceous dinosaur trackway    STEPPE  
more info about the earliest bird fossil  
Australian rocks yield evidence of ancient life  

Radiocarbon dating

What is carbon dating?    Redefining Carbon dating   10/18/12  About radiocarbon calibatration: Oxford lab   Oxcal  

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New age estimate for the giant landslide at Zion National Park   WA Post: sinkholes from around the world—64 photos  
Washington State waterfalls—There's a rock behind each; post from geologist Marli Miller  The veins of America: a map showing every river basin in the US  
When England split from Europe in a big way...NYTimes April 4, 2017   Climate changes cause river piracy in the Yukon River  April 2017 NYT
Open-access article on paleofloods   Leopold and Langbein: Entropy in landscape evolution   USA river basins map   The Tapestry of Time and Terrain  N. American geology
15,000-year history of Oregon's Willamette River rendered as lidar art   More on the historic turns of a river; American Scientist  
The Bighorn Mountains landslide in Wyoming    London pavement geology  Location details for London Pavement geology  
Geodynamic evolution of the Hangay Dome, Mongolia, central Asia   
"symphony of the soil", a documentary    The sinuous Shenandoah  
Chehalis River floodplain mapping by WA Div. of Geology and Earth Sciences   
Russian mystery crater 2014   Sonora mystery crack/trench, 2014    
Voices of the Oso landslide...thoughts by Dan Miller, a geomorphologist...     about 2.5 min.  What creates drumlins?     Collection of web links about the 3/22/2014 Oso slide 

Missoula Floods

Missoula Floods—In Ice Age Floods Institute story on youtube   Floodscapes—Bruce Bjornstad's video tours of landscapes created by the Missoula Floods   

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Op-ed about Washington State's Hirst Decision, challenges to the decision, and groundwater hydrology realities  

Natural_hazards —living on the edge

2/16/2016 Tehuacan 8.1 intraslab earthquake in Mexico 
Video of large moving landslide in Italy  * Earthquake myths debunked!   Temblor: Evidence of pre-Columbian tsunamies in the Caribbean?  
Simulate seismic waves for the great Sumatra-Andaman 2004 megathrust earthquake      California earthquakes and economics--some esoteric info  
NY Times: watching a ridge collapse in slow motion  January 21, 2018  This day in history: February 7, 1783 Italian earthquake  
Growing cracks on Rattlesnake Ridge raise alarm   drone flight video over the Rattlesnake Ridge cracks   magmatic vs. volcano-tectonic earthquakes PNSN    
June 2017 earthquake and tsunami, Greenland    California could be hit by an 8.2 megaquake     Carribean sediment traced to 1755 Lisbon earthquake  
Signs of past CA megaquakes show danger of the "big one" on the San Andreas Fault   They survived the huge Lituya Bay tsunami   
Lightning strikes a moving car!  USGS page on the New Madrid Seismic Zone   USGS: Investigating the San Andreas's past history to forecast the future...   
Taan Fiord landslide and tsunami, 2015 Alaska   *New guide helps landowners identify landslides   GEER report on the 2014 Oso Landslide, WA  
Uh-oh! Rodgers Creek and Hayward Faults revealed to be one big fault capable of a 7.4 Mg quake...    Earthquakes: is southern California next?   WA Post 2/11/17 
New Zealand fault video footage   *What to do before, during, and after an earthquake     Learning about earthquake intensity IRIS  
Mg. 6.6 Norcia Italy earthquake of October 30, 2016   Geonet NZ quakes on the 11/14/16 Culverden quake Mg. 7.5   Neotectonics blog on the NZ quake 
US Geol. Survey page on the 8/24/16 Rieti, Italy Mg. 6.2 earthquake near Amatrice   2016 Rieti M=6.2 earthquake leaves seismic gaps last filled by three large quakes in 1703  
Southern segment of the San Andreas is locked and loaded; LA Times May 4, 2016   August 24, 2016 Amatrice quake occurred at seismic hotspot   quakes and lax construction 
Expert panel on the New Madrid seismic zone   *Earth Magazine_landslides   Earth Magazine: a history of recurrent landslides near Oso WA  
The most dangerous fault in North America—Earth Magazine  The Hayward Fault!  Is middle America due for a huge earthquakeStein says no, but other seismologists 
Rapid earthquake viewer   Dr. Lucy Jones visis Conan O'Brien to talk about earthquakes in California--informative interview ~ 8 min, May 2016  
4/17/16 Muisne, Ecuador earthquake, Magnitude 7.8   Are earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador related? Science says "no". Henri Fountain NY Times 4/17/16  
Blog post about tectonic stresses and the 2016 Kumamote-shi, Japan earthquakes   Legal writeup: The Oso landslide: disaster management law in the space age  
  2016 Taiwan earthquake, and example of a blind thrust fault   Cliffs collapse in NZ 15 km from 5.7 earthquake 2/14/16   4/15/16 Mg 7 Kumamoto-shi, Japan earthquake  
1/10/16 rockslide onto US 2 closes road near Waterville WA   landslides: geology page    Underwater landslides discovered to be the cause of great 1964 tsunami in AK locally 
Seismogram of North Korea's 1/5/16 nuclear test (red) compared with others      USGS post on 1/5/16 N Korea nuclear test     IRIS: earthquake amplification  
10/17/15 Taan Fiord landslide in Alaska    University of Washington's Natural Hazard page     
Nov. 10, 2015 Santa Clarita CA landslide  why? gravity of course!  Shazam for earthquakes!     New analysis shows Oso landslide was no fluke, Seattle Times 12/22/2015
Mobil phone data helps ongoing quake relief effort in Nepal    Past earthquakes play a role in future landslides   Nov. 20, 2015 Vasquez Canyon CA landslide  
Rethinking earthquake safety post-Cantebury, NZ quake 10/3/2015   What earthquake maps should really look like, National Geographic    Pakistan landslide after 7.7 quake 
Vital seconds: the journey toward earthquake earl warning   Giant sinkhole swallows campers in Queensland Australia 9/28/2015  geotech info on the sinkhole 
IRIS: September 16, 2015 Illapel M8.3 earthquake, Chile   Sept. 16, 2015 tsunami Chile  What can Japan teach us about preparing for a major earthquake 
Balanced rocks and clues about the San Andreas       Landslides: USGS video     Geologists to study Doty Fault    Earthquake and landslides: some slides happen later...  
The San Andreas Fault, a short film   Animation of the tsunami following the 1960 Chilean 9.5 mg megathrust quake  Landslides triggered by the Nepal quake 
New simulations of the 1811–1812 earthquakes show strong and prolonged ground shaking in Memphis and Little Rock  USGS via Earthscope
Origin of the Dead Sea's mysterious "cannon earthquakes" revealed  6/15/15 Maybe "Moodus noises" in CT are similar?
The New Madrid earthquake story   7 steps to earthquake safety   Did underwater landslides double the size of the 2011 Tohoku tsunami?  
Aftershock—Find your own Cascadia quake story    Seattle Times guide to earthquake preparedness 2013    Nice ~3-min video on preparedness kits with Alison Ryan
2010 landslide covers freeway in Taiwan   Rethinking southern California earthquake scenarios in Coachella Valley, San Andreas Fault   geologypage July 15, 2015
AEG 2015 Landslide Forum     Could west LA fault cut as deep as the Earth's mantle?   More on Jim Boles's research on the Newport-Inglewood Fault 
Underwater landslide doubled the size of the 2011 Japanese tsunami   Rupture along the Himalayan front    Mysterious Siberian "hole" likely due to methane release  
Earth Observatory of Singapore about the Nepal earthquake   Scientific American: How the deadly Nepal earthquake happened  
Webcam showing seiche in pool caused by April 25, 2015 Nepal earthquake, magn. 7.8       4/25/2015 Nepal earthquake, Mg. 7.8    A Google tour of Nepal quake destruction 
One year later, the USGS reflects on the Oso landslide disaster, Washington State USA 3/16/2105   Rockfall onto US highway 52 in Lawrence CO Ohio, April 2015
New evidence of large meteor impacts in Australia, ~ 300–600 Ma   KING5TV: could better warnings come from the Oso landslide? 
How to make landslides less deadly Montgomery & Wartman, NYT 3/21/15  Landslide mobility and hazards: Implications of the 2014 Oso disaster  Iverson and other, 2014
March 10, 2015: USGS releases new long-term earthquake forecast for California    The Oso Landslide, one year later, a USGS review  
DOGAMI maps showing landslide risks from a subduction zone earthquake in Oregon       Homeowners insurance does not cover many types of damage
Pacific NW Earthquake Early Warning prototype goes live, February 17, 2015 and passes first test on 2/18 
Unearthing Landslides using lidar   Lidar News 2014, v.4 no. 7, p. 14.  Good writeup on the use of lidar with some excellent images by Klein, Bennett, and Brockway
Disaster preparedness, a free online class        AGU: visualizing earthquakes over eight days before and after the 2004 Andaman-Sumatra Mg9   
July 13, 2012 debris flow caught on video in British Columbia (2.5 min)     Oso landslide research paves the way for future hazard evaluations    USGS newsroom 1/12/15
NOVA: Killer landslide, their special on the March 2014 Oso landslide in Washington State, which killed 43    Ice-jam release flood, Caribou Maine 3-14-2014 
Scientists descend into mysterious Siberian hole      A decade of great earthquakes   ~ 2.5 min    11-year old invents new type of flood control alternative to sandbags  
Oregon earthquakes increase local landslide risk EOS   Without warning—A comic about a student who must rescue her little sister after a Cascadia megathrust earthquake 
"the first four minutes—a timeline of Portland's upcoming cataclysmic quake"   The Portland Mercury March 15, 2012  Portland needs seismic upgrades   Yumei Wang to KOIN6 News
Orting WA emergency evacuation summit, 10/22/2014—youtube video of a meeting about the lahar hazards of Mount Rainier volcano and the proposed Bridge for Kids  
Deposition in a landslide-dammed lake ~7,600 years ago in the Skagit River upstream of Marblemount WA: 10 meters of Mazama ash!  
riverbank collapse on youtube...somewhere?          Italian scientists appeal absurd conviction for quake deaths    wired Oct. 15, 2014
A good article about the 2009 L'Aquila earthquake and subsequent trial of the seismologists (scroll down to the words)  
Jokuhlhaup (glacial outburst flood) on Mount Shasta, Sept. 21, 2014   Mount Shasta seismographs     Landslide safety all over the map in WA     KUOW 9/30/14
Japan hangs on to a goal of earthquake prediction   Sandi Doughton in the Seattle Times, Sept. 1, 2014   AGU presents—Geoscience: saving lives  
David Applegate of the USGS interviewed on the Morning Joe about the Napa quake   August 25, 2014
Are slow-slip earthquake under Tokyo stressing faults?     Earth Magazine August 7, 2014  Nick Zentner's Two-minute geology on the Seattle Fault   he sums it up so nicely!
Deadly Malin landslide in Pune India on July 30, 2014     AGU blogs  Megadrought in the American west?    huge Italian landslide   from February 5, 2011
Oso landslide history and hazards, Seattle Times special, July 24, 2014   Report on the Oso landslide by geologists of the AEG (Assoc. of Engineering and Envir. Geology)  7/14
Unlocking the Cascadia Subduction Zone's secrets: Peering into recent research and findings   Earth Magazine, summer 2014
gas-fired earthquakes linked to mysterious Louisiana sinkhole     260-ft-diameter mystery crater in Russia   July 16, 2014
A tale of two tsunamis    a 5 min EOS knowledge capsule with Kerry Sieh (OK, well a couple of those "mountain layers" look like lahar or lahar-derived deposits—eruptions?)
Building resiliency: a cross-sectional study examining relationships among health-related quality of life, well-being, and disaster preparedness   
20,000 m3 flash flood-debris flow, May 6, 2014 in Vietnam km59 820 Highway 12, south bridge area so far Phin Pon, Sin Ho district boundaries, Lai Chau province
So called "tsunami earthquakes" explained    livescience July 2014   
Karen Berry, Interim CO state geologist, annotates an amazing 3-min video tour of a large Mesa County landslide
in CO May 26, 2014
Chehalis basin flood strategy meetings, May, 2014          The fascinating slow-moving Zenica landslide in Bosnia         May 21, 2014
Deep-sea study reveals cause of 2011 tsunami: unusually thin, slippery megathrust fault     Dec. 5. 2013, Science Daily  
Photos of the April 25, 2014 Abi Barik landslide in Afghantistan        John Vidale's Cascadia earthquake hazards powerpoint slide show, version 1    
Univ. of WA launches effort to prepare for major quakes   
Oklahoma's small earthquakes     NY Times: "Promises of preparedness followed devasting earthquakes. And yet..."  April 13, 2014 11-minute video worth watching!
Debris flow behaviour and hazard assessment, by Dick Iverson, USGS CVO            Oso had it's roots in earlier landslides    July 2014
State seismologist John Vidale talks to Ross Reynolds, KUOW, about the challenges to predicting earthquakes   April 18, 2014
Tsunamis generated by megathrust earthquakes     a graphical portrayal of earthquake energy  
David Montgomery on "science and the social challenges behind landslide prevention" on NPR March 24, 2014
Science experts assessed recent advancements in earthquake science
IRIS animations of the great 1964 Alaska earthquake    shakemap for the 1964 Alaska earthquake     regional Alaska tectonics      computer simulation of the 64 AK quake  
William Lieth discusses the history and future of earthquake science in Alaska    classic newsreel footage of 1964 Alaska quake  
How the 1964 Anchorage megathrust earthquake changed science     seismo registers 2 landslide signals at Oso  
"totally psyched for the full-rip nine"  Bruce Barcott on the Cascadia megathrust earthquake
March 22, 2014 landslide near Oso WA, King5 pictures    simplified geology of the Oso area slide    watch a flight over the landslide  
1964 great Alaska earthquake—USGS   ~11.5 min     
Radiation dose chart  
"big one" will hit LA harder than previously thought      LA Weekly
Rupture area and displacement of past Cascadia great earthquakes from coastal seismic subsidence  GSA Bull. paper (PDF)
New view of Los Angeles earthquake hazards     Sinkhole at National Corvette Museum in Kentucky devours 8 cars  
UNAVCO: anticipating and monitoring a large earthquake in Costa Rica   Boulder smashes through Italian farm  
A very technical article about megathrust earthquakes 
Wow, ice shove at Mil Lacs Lake Minnesota, 2012  
Geomagnetic storms, a 7-minute overview from USGS 
Clarifications about the dangers of radiation in the ocean from Fukashima 2011 disaster   Deepseanews  
An open-access paper about where great earthquakes are most likely to happen  Science Direct (this is technical), December, 2013
When Seattle shakes from quakes, it's going to slide too   Sandi Doughton in the Seattle Times
Dr. Lucy Jones talks about Los Angeles earthquake hazards at the 2013 AGU meeting in SF
Utah rockfall kills two   Dec. 13 2013
Sumatra cave holds stunning tsunami history  Dec. 11, 2013
Tohoku: slippery fault unleashed horrible earthquake   Dec. 6, 2013 Geology Times
NZ quakes may have weakened the crust  
Old photos help scientists relocate 1906 SF earthquake rupture point  
videos from the AGU blog of the "strongest shaking ever recorded"  
Mitigating Chehalis River flooding?    Nov. 6, news
Why do people live on floodplains   Oct. 23, 2013, Cool Green Science blog
Information page on the 10/15/2013 Mg. 7.1 quake near Catigbian, Philippines  
Port Townsend bluff collapse caught on video   
Cascadia subduction zone update, 2013  
A short video interview of two victims of the Sept. 12, 2013 floods near Boulder CO   
Sequester sets back monitoring of Glacier Peak volcano  

Seiches in Norway's fiords linked to great earthquakes  
Dr. Helen Caldicott on impacts of radiation from nuclear power plants  keynote presentation Taipei, Taiwan, on July 7, 2013; on  listen to part 1 and part 2 of the talk
Slow subduction rates could yield larger megathrust earthquakes  Watch out for the quiet types! Nature Geoscience August 11, 2013
New information on the part of the San Andreas Fault that ruptured in the great 1906 earthquake  
An amazing collection of sinkhole photos from The Atlantic     July 12, 2013; USGS: learn about sinkholes   
UBC Dendrochronologist Lori Daniels on the "fire suppression paradox"  July 29, 2013
Videos of flash floods   (about 5 min, by David Rankin)
Tibet landslide 2013   A catastrophic landslide that killed 83 people; April 13, 2013; were humans responsible? hmmm???  Dr. Dave's Blog

Using social media and GIS to map a volcanic eruption's aftermath Spring 2013 Arcnews
WADNR page on the Whidbey Island-Coupeville landslide  
Whidbey island landslide of March 27, 2012 --images  KIRO story with location map for landslide  video of landslide
Foreshocks announce future earthquakes on some faults  on March 24, 2013 in Livescience by Becky Orskin, Our Amazing Planet staff writer
2011 youtube earthquake visualization map Watch Japan as you approach the first part of MarchJanuary 2013 Mount Cook landslide, New Zealand  
Earthquakes map and short earthquake video about magnitude --from "our amazing planet, June 28, 2012
More musing and clues (maybe) about the Cascadia megathrust fault and potential future earthquakes   Seattle PI online, January 2, 2013
Ted Talks: seismologist Ross Stein on "defeating earthquakes".  ~20 minute presentation on seismic risk and how we can reduce it  Seismologist Kelin Wang on what we've learned about megathrust earthquakes   Nature Geoscience, v. 6, no. 11–12, Dec. 2012; free, but you must register with Nature to access
Deep tremors may foretell major quakes  "thought provoking article...[perhaps] somewhat far we have only vague and untested ideas" John Vidale (more research ahead!); NBC News Science, December 2012.
video: landslide derails freight train in Everett WA   Dec. 17, 2012  Deep Earth tremors may foretell earthquakes    Our Amazing Planet, December 14, 2012 (from 2012 AGU meeting abstract)
fault map might improve forecasts of earthquakes   The article says "predict" but they don't really mean that, they mean forecast, a more general term. Dec. 17, 2012
2007 debris flow (not mudslide) in Afghanistan   Toutatis asteroid flyby, December 2012   Yahoo News video from the AGU Annual Meeting December 2012: A trio of fascinating talks about communicating natural hazards and the verdicts in the L'Aquila case    
IAVCEI condems the conviction and judgment of earthquake scientists and emergency preparedness officials by an Italian court   Geologist Ken Cameron posted this on his Facebook page. The letter by Ray Cas was posted on the Volcano Listserv Oct. 25, 2012
Palisades rockfall of May 12, 2012   
Nisqually Glacier rockslide, June 27, 2011
Debris flows in Austria August 2012   NOAA tsunami animations                  Amazing video of the Tohoku tsunami   
Post quake inspections can mislead, October 2011
geologic evidence of past superstorms in California, USGS research January 2011

Shake, Rattle, Seattle       Peter Yanev in 3/28/2010 NY Times about how “new” buildings handled the Mg. 8.8 quake in Chile

NYTimes article of 01/26/2010 on seismology & paleoseismology of Hispaniola area, where the Haiti quake struck 1/12/2010

Yahoo news on the deadly New Years 2010 landslides in Angra dos Reis Brazil

On the deadly New Years 2010 landslides in Brazill--the Latin Americanist

Heavy rain triggers landslides, flash floods, killing 48 in Tamil Nadu India

Sept. 2009: Deadly tsunami triggered by strong (8.3 magn) quake in American Samoa, the South Pacific

May 2009 deadly landslide in the Phillipines in Pantukan in the province of Compostela Valley

A collection of pictures from the Chehalis River flood 2007  

Mitigation of natural hazards

about cripple walls  

Geological hazard guidelines in Washington State's Growth Management Act  

LIDAR—Key component of landslide loss prevention    Landslide Reporter  

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Oceans warming accelerating faster than previously thought—Research news from Science  
Switch in ocean circulation ~15ka released CO2 and helped end the Ice Age     *Coastal dynamics and transport processes    NOAA ocean current model  
video from the bottom of the Marianas Trench   GEBCO-bathymetric chart of the oceans   Oceanic nutrient cycle and the importance of fecal materal      
"Smart boulder" record huge turbidite   How high might sea level rise in the 21st century?    Journey to the Pito Deep 
Man-made heat in the oceans has doubled since 1997   Aquarium of the Pacific   Instructor Alan Trujillo's home page 
The 40,000-mile volcano NYTimes 1/12/16   "Sneaker waves" on OPB's Oregon Field Guide     Middle-school Portal: Earth's oceans 
Pacific Northwest charts—Ocean waves and currents...    Undersea mapping by LDEO–Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia Univ.   
NASA: Earth's oceans show decline in microscopic plant life 9/23/2015  bellysmacking rays--nice!   Basic equipment for oceanography  
Warming ocean might be triggering mega methane lead off Pacific Northwest coast   OPB 2/18/15    census of seafloor sediments 
Big data maps the ocean floor     Axial Seamount expedition 2015    clever Octopus    An informative overview about sharks and surfing safety by Dr. Abalone  
Soundings, the story of Marie Tharp, who mapped the ocean floor    EOS news: oceanic glider images reveal erosion/deposition caused by Hurricane Sandy  
New maps reveal seafloor features May 24, 2015   Access the new seafloor map    Hydrothermal siphon drives watert though seafloor  
Seabed sediments provide new data on Mediterranean climate over the past 20,000 years      NOAA coasts         NOAA sea level rise and coastal flooding  
Trophic cascades and how whales can affect climate  (~ 5 min) videography by...  Peter Schneider's underwater   
Oceans plastics problem     Snailfish—Living five miles down in the Mariana Trench!    National Geographic, Dec. 19, 2014
Orca whales filmed at Nisqually Reach on December 6, 2014     Ocean Explorer, Ring of Fire 2014 expedition   December 2014 in the Mariannas area
Centralia College Rising Tide STEM lecture series: November 7, 2014, Dr. Hank Carson: Tracking movements in the ocean   
BRIDGE: teacher-approved marine education resources    
Expedition to study Axial Seamount, a submarine volcano off the WA and OR coast with ROVs    NOAA tides education pages   
Where's the octopus?   ScienceFriday      Dr. Abalone's oceanography blog        What is ocean acidification?    NOAA website
Living fossils in the Indo-Pacific warm pool--a refuge for dinoflagellates during glaciations     Surfing some nice waves, a ~ 2-min video   
Puget Sound's rich waters supplied by deep canyon and turbulent flow    April 14, 2014, Univ. of WA      Ocean acidification attacking snail shells    
The Coastal Nerd Gazette     Ian Miller's blog includes links to the restoration of the Elwha River post dam removal.
Ocean currents map USA         
Sea sponges and the beginnings of life on Earth in places of low Oxygen  
"Tides of Change" 13-minute video about the changes in intertidal zone of Olympic National Park with coastal ecologist Steve Fradkin 
How radioactive is our ocean?   whoi
Sylvia Earle gives a 2.5 min comment about saving the ocean        Diatom basics, LDEO  
Hidden universe of fish biofluorescence revealed January 12, 2014
Change in Pacific Ocean Nitrogen content tied to climate change  
NOAA estuary education site  
A 10-minute youtube video about Capt. James Cook   
Could corals adapt to global warming...somewhat?  
The Devolution of the Seas  ...and essay about the status of our oceans
2013 State of Puget Sound Report  
Nautilis submersible live feed  
Monster oarfish called discovery of a lifetime  
Icebridge Arctic 2013: best views from the cockpit 2.5X around the Earth to look at Arctic sea ice  
Live HD camera on the Mushroom vent at Axial Seamount   Becky Oskin reports in     
Okeanos Explorer    NOAA oceanographic expeditions; watch live streams from the ocean bottom
Coastal research community suggests ways to deal with storms, coastal erosion, and climate change  August 6, 2013,  
Voyage to study effects of ocean acidification off the west coast of the USA  
A map of the Salish Sea    
Antarctic Ocean whale skeleton discovered   
Sea high could it go? Ancient deposits provide some clues   NY Times, January 21, 2013 Mysterious giant squid finally photographed   Livescience via Yahoo News Jan. 8, 2013 Joides Resolution and Hess Deep Rift expedition Dec. 2012—Feb. 2013    More on James Cameron's findings in his great solo descent into the Challenger Deep   Video from James Cameron's deep dive
Yahoo news reports from the AGU annual meeting, December 2012 Filmmaker James Cameron performs first solo descent to the hadal zone, the deepest part of the ocean, March 2012 National Geographic News Service  High tides in Venice   Nov. 11, 2012 Humans caused historic Great Barrier Reef collapse   Yahoo News; Nov. 7, 2012 Ocean acidification peak news     "Surfs up": a NY Times  review of Susan Casey's book on rogue, freak, and giant waves
NOAA sea level rise viewer
Glossary of Oceanography and related geoscience terms     WA Dept of Glossary of Coastal Terminology    NOAA: Coral reef information system glossary    
Ocean Observatories 

Puget Sound—Salish Sea

First Salish Sea-wide study of shoreline armoring April 18, 2016
Puget Sound update, Puget Sound Partnership   Fish of the Salish Sea, 2015 Professional Paper  this is a link to the pdf file    Link to all NMF NOAA pubs 
Gravel Beach—Puget Sound Beaches blog 
USGS regulating beach armoring in Puget Sound  

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WA Geological Survey: lidar helps reveal the geology under the dirt  
Chehalis River flood plain and channel patterns     7-minute video about Oregon's rugged and beautiful wild rivers coast  
Dam demolition let's Elwha River run free    informative article in Science News Dec. 30, 2014; plus USGS scientist Jeff Duda speaks in a video about the project   
Missouri River Earthcache Trail   Well this is really Rocky Mountains, but cool anyway!   BBC—The strange origin of the Mima Mounds 
A study published in Geomorphology interprets that gophers could have built the Mima Mounds  
New Washington State kmz files for geology!  
2012 US Geological Survey report on sedimentation downstream of Mount Rainer    The drumbeat of sediment moving downstream, year to year, storm to storm...Bruce Bjornstad's Ice Age floods website     Giant Eocene bird fossil found in Whatcom County      

WSDOT report on economic impact of great floods of 2007—2008 on I-5 & I-90    New 2010 USGS report on the Puyallup, White, and Carbon Rivers!

Horse lava tubes in Deschutes County, Oregon    Ape Cave fan? Central Oregon has lava tubes too.

Evolution of the Pacific Northwest by John Figge  A great new online resource on the geology of the Pacific Northwest by John Figge of North Seattle Community College

Drops of Water, published by the Chehalis River Council  
The evolving landscape of the Columbia River Gorge: Lewis and Clark and cataclysms on the Columbia  by Jim O'Connor in Oregon Historical Quarterlly, 2004 

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Pacific Northwest-Natural History

RIP 4/18/2018 Gifted author Ruth Kirk. Her marvelous writing brought the American west's natural history to life 
OPB: The river (Columbia) they saw   The Northwest Photography Archive   Natural Areas of Washington State (DNR) 
The Waterlines Project--prehistoric landscape of greater Seattle area  Columbia River geology tour  OPB 

Physical Geology

The story in a grain of sand  Isotope geochemists glimpse Earth's imprenatrable interior EOS  
Zealandia   OPB on Oregon's Smith River running through the serpentine barrens to the Redwood rain forest    Film story of the Himalayas--Earth Magazine  
Thickness of Earth's crust (isopach map)   New evidence on how continental crust could form    Satellites help discover "jet stream" in Earth's core  
The truth about Earth's core Hollywood and reality May 12, 2003    What lies beneath Antarctica?     What is the pressure gradient in the Earth?  ~3.7 kbar/km 
Forbes list of dangerous rocks and minerals   How plate tectonics works (nice diagram)    On the origin of black diamonds...  The truth about Earth's core  
Scottish Geology page on Siccar Point     Five outstanding questions in earth science    Consistency of Earth's magnetic field history surprises scientists 
A scuba diver explores the rift between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates   Siccar Point, the angular unconformity that blew James Hutton's mind 
Basalt boulders along the Withrow moraine in centralia WA    First ever digital geologic map of Alaska      *The 40,000-mile volcano NYTimes 1/12/16 
Wow—recycling processes within the Earth systems   Stretchy lithospheric slabs found in deep Earth   Slick molten layer 10-m thick lies 100 km below top of Pacific Plate  
Realmonte salt mine, Sicily, and story of salt    Diamonds may not be so rare as thought     Earthscope earthquake simulator 
Mantle flow stress and intermontane seismicity in the USA    Plate tectonics explained in short...Earthscope    Everything you need to know about Planet Earth 
Cratons: Is old rock really as "solid as a rock"?     What could black rocks mean to a geologist? (depends on what kind of rock it is)  
Julia Turner, Editor and Chief of Slate, talks about how taking a geology class changed her view of the world 
all about opal     CT scan of Earth links deep mantle plumes with volcanic hot spots 
formation of dolomite   diamond geologypage   Aggradation: rivers move vast amounts of sediment from mountains to valleys below—especially at Mount Rainier   NPS
Geoid: the Potsdam gravity potato   What you see—What a geologist sees....     tectonic plate boundary map GeologyPage
3.5 carat diamond found at Arkansas crater     Map shows content and origins of geologic basement    Earth's gravity—different than you think...
Voyage from Earth's crust to mantle   fine copy of William Smith's first geology map discovered  
Embryonic subduction forming off the coast of Portugal  Geologypage  3/9/15    Interactive visualization of tectonic plates  
Moqui marbles and martian blueberries         History of Geology: Mohs hardness scale made mineral identification much easier        About quarries   
Diamond-rich rock from Russia Dec. 141216    Earth story blog: Is it black basalt or white limestone?   
Mystery of the Racetrack Playa solved          Chasing Ice and the largest glacial calving event ever filmed   
On the need for good 3D info about the Earth      Leaverites and surface markings   Steve Dutch's informative home page    On becoming geologically literate, Dan's wild, wild...
Vast amount of water-rich mineral found in Earth's mantle    June12, 2014    fluvial geomorphology videos at SERC  
quickly rising Antarctica shows rapid isostatic rebound   
Scientific American Blogs—History of Geology: A concise history of geologic maps: the harmony of colors   
Symphony of the soil trailer   
New plate tectonics model may explain how continents grow  
Crystallography–Atomic secrets      Rare diamond reveals further evidence of water in Earth's interior
debris flows and their behavior   an open-access article by Richard Iverson of USGS CVO 
rock cycle extraordinaire!      Earthcache      faults in Xinjiang    Ron Schotts gigapan images  
Geologic Map Day  
"fingers of heat" in Earth's upper mantle revealed by seismic waves  
How plate tectonics clicked—50th anniversary of Vine and Matthews famous 1963 paper on magnetism of the ocean floor  
Mexico's Cave of Crystals    Check out the 2-minute video of geology professor Iain Stewart in the cave
Jets of molten rock push Earth's tectonic plates   past plate movements hint at how Earth's innards move; June 26, 2013
Reading Earth's story in glittering gems   NY Times, June 13, 2013
Jane Atha talks about studying rivers—Centralia College Rising Tide lecture series, Nov. 1, 2013 
Conflict minerals, a sad and tragic reality!      Bernardo Cesare's photos of thin sections—spectacular!  

Forensic geology
How geologists unraveled the mystery of Japanese vengeance balloon bombs during WWII 

Plate tectonics
Plate tectonics overview on SERC 

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Pseudoscience, creationism, science literacy, etc

How to slam dunk the arguments by creationists when it comes to the theory of Evolution    Reply to a creationist's claims about rapid formation of Grand Canyon 
Physicist Lawrence Krauss on why the teaching of creationism instead of scientific reality is "child abuse".  
NPR: Science isn't partisan, but public perception of science often is   Creationist sues NPS re the Grand Canyon The Atlantic  
What is science, and how and why it works, Neil deGrasse Tyson in the Huffington Post    A ridiculously wacky, geologically absurd video about sinkholes and more  
What would Darwin say to creationists? —a lecture by Euginie Scott  8/3/2015  How anti-evolution bills have evolved  Dec. 22, 2015 Slate
What if? World War I and the creationist-evolution controversy    NCSE blog 4/8/2014   41% of Americans think humans and dinosaurs coexisted  
Bill Nye: Creationism is 'raising a generation of young people who can't think'   Dec. 13, 2014   vaccines work: here are the facts  
A movie review in the LA Times by Kenneth Turan of "Merchants of Doubt", a film showing how the public's opinion is manipulated    Nov. 13, 2014
Five common myths about evolution (3 min video)  common mythconceptions   
Carl Sagan's baloney-detection kit     comedy takes on anti-science    The problem of false balance in science reporting   
Eight pseudoscientific claims debunked by real scientists    publicly-funded schools in the USA that are allowed to teach creationism   Slate Jan. 26, 2014
Neil de Grasse Tyson, a lightening rod for the major threat science poses to creationists     Man affiliated with hate group donates dinosaur fossil to Creation Museum 5/23/2014
A staggering number of Americans have doubts about the basic science of global climate changes, evolution, and the big bang    Huntington Post re new AP poll April 22, 2014
Poll: Big bang a question for most Americans  April 21, 2014 AP     Neil de Grasse Tyson "goes there" on climate change; AIG and others freak out    
Science deniers freaking out about Cosmos    by Chris Mooney,   March 18, 2014
Bill Nye: "Creationism is not appropriate for children" why: "there's no evidence for it"
Agnotology: "a neologism signifying the study of the cultural production of ignorance"  
Scientific American: 15 answers to creationist nonsense      Zach Kopplin on keeping creationism out of public classrooms on Bill Moyers
Bog entry: the facts of science are not a belief system  Science deniers are freaking out about "Cosmos"   140318 Chris Mooney on Bill Moyers
"megalithic runs" in Russia--probably nothing more than jointed igneous rock  
Skeptical science  
Mathematics, the beauty of abstraction: an essay on math and abstract thinking on Big Think  
2014 NSF poll suggests 1 in 4 Americans do not know the Earth revolves around the Sun   
2013 was a terrible year for evolution    Bill Nye interview in regards to his debate with creationist Ken Ham  
Carl Sagan interview with Charlie Rose in 1996 2.5 min of good thoughts about science literacy and the future of the US
Scientists and educators speakingout against creationism   sponsored by NCSE
A 10-minute video on the scientific method Excellent!
Evolution, climate change, and uncertainity:why understanding the process of science matters   

Another critique of Meyer's "Doubting Darwin" book by paleontologist Don Prothero  
Paleontologist Don Prothero guts creationist book   
7 misused science words: Scientific American  
Neil debunks zombies...funny too  CBC's Fifth Estate "Silence of the Labs" about attacks on science in CA  
A rough guide to spotting bad science     NCSE: The National Center for Science Education    Reports of the NCSE —Access pre-2011 back issues  ..more access to Reports

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An interview with dendrochronologist Jeff Dean 
Two-minute video by Fritz Schweingruber and Holger Gärtner about their International Course on Wood Anatomy and Tree-Ring Ecology 
More on the dating of the log cabin in Hodgenville KY  Tree-ring activities for aspiring young scientists (sponsored by Alan's Factory Outlet) 
Storm Emma unearths 7000-year-old buried wood on the UK coast   *Skeleton plotting instructions   EOS: tree rings tell tale of wartime privations 
More on tree rings and Stradivari's instruments, from Peter Ratcliff   Henri Grissino-Mayer using tree-ring analysis in Hodgenville KY Lincoln birthplace log cabin 
Argentine dendrochronologist indicted over design of glacial survey (news of the bizarre)  More on Ricardo Villalba's case in Nature 
Comment on the article "fossil forest reveals sunspot activity in the early Permean"   How archaeologists uncover history with trees  
Tree rings show the Earth is warming PAGES 2K constortium 7/2017   CANOPY ANALYTICS, PSU—ancient trees in the Portland OR metro area  
How astronomer Andrew Douglass turned to tree rings to get celestial information Smithsonian    Analysis of tree rings using mass spectrometry ==>MS & OR trees
The history of storms in tree rings--news story June 2017     Dating of a 966 CE fortress in Denmark via tree rings  
Can tree rings "predict" volcanic eruptions?  (Maybe not predict, but they can react to changes) Interview with dendrochronologist Henri Grissino-Mayer on WUOT 
...or did two volcanoes cause mid 6th-century climate changes? ==>the Nature article  Siberian permafrost melt reveals subfossil trees and more...  
The Büntgen and Di Cosmo Mongol invasion/tree-rings paper in Nature   Petrified tree rings tell tale of ancient sun's behavior  
Tree rings: bad weather (1241–1241 winter) hampered Mongol invasion of Europe  EarthMagazine   More on 1241–1242 from 
Tree rings and climate in a Sandia educational workshop   World's oldest tree resistant to mountain pine beetle  
Tree rings provide new clues to ancient archaeological evidence   Tree rings: the Art and Age of Nature--A short intro to the LTRR written by a student  
The "divergence problem" in dendrochronlogy and global dimming; Yale Climate and Energy Institute   Overview paper by D'Arrigo on divergence  pdf
Tree-ring study: Did 13th-century Mongols give up on conquering Europe owing to wettness? ==> The paper on the 13th-century environmental effects from Scientific Reports  
The hidden forest on the Niagara escarpment   photos of an ancient Iranian cypress  The Irish Times: drought-triggered unrest in medieval Europe 
Park Williams, tree-ring scientist, finds links between droughts/climate change    Tree-ring data suggest BC is facing harshest droughts in 350 years  May 4, 2016
Encylopedia of the Earth: tree rings and past climate in the Arctic   NASA finds drought in Mediterranean worst of past 900 years—tree rings   Ancient Tree Forum on Twitter 
Forests synchronize their growth in contrasting Eurasian regions in response to climate change  PNAS  *Oregon coastal ghost forests exposed by storms
Volcanoes, tree-rigns, and the Late antique Little Ice Age (LALIA) ~1500 years ago   paper on LALIA and volcanism in Nature Geoscience 2016  
Uncertainties in tree-ring-based climate reconstructions probed    Tree rings provide clues to ancient history at Jemez Mountains field station New Mexico  
Tree rings—How we use them   Tree-ring data show history, pattern to droughts   Tree rings reveal unexpected wood sources for Pueblo great houses   more on the wood source 
The amazing Neskowin, Oregon ghost forest, victims of a megathrust earthquake about 1600 years ago   OPB link regarding the Orphan Tsunami and 1700 Cascadia quake 
Decoding history hidden in the redwoods  10/7/2015  New drought atlas for the northern hemisphere from tree rings ==> the paper: Old world megadroughts and pluvials in CE   
900 years of tree-ring records in Saskatchewan tell a story about declining river flows     The world's oldest tree might not be sitting in a warehouse in Tucson 
NPR interview with dendrochronologist Saskia Van De Gevel, "an accurate log-ing of time" 9/25/15 ~4 min
How to you determine the age of a tree?  Why core if of course!    Lamont tree-ring lab turns 40  
The enigma of cypress trees that resist wildfires    Beth Moon's photos of ancient trees    A new drought tipping point for conifer mortality IN  Environmental Research Web 
Resources pages LTRR    California: one way to fight the drought, study trees   ~8-min video  Late-glacial, ~12.5ka subfossil forest found in Zurich Switzerland  
Ice-core dating corroborates tree-ring chronologies  8/5/15   Dendrochronology should be more widely used to study violins—an opinion in The Strad    6/19/15
TRACE Tree rings in archaeology 2015, abstracts, meeting    Tree rings extend African climate records     mashable_docuportrait of the bristlecone pines  
wood collection images, Smithsonian Museum   Henri Grissino-Mayer on coring trees   How much drought can a tree take?    Human impacts on pines in Spain  
Ron Towner of the Univ. of AZ Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research about tree rings...   How to recognize old trees   
Univ. of AZ researchers use tree-rings to help unravel the history of the Mediterranean region  Tree-ring times, March 9, 2015   Charlotte Pearson explains tree rings 
Studying tree rings to learn about global climate—AMNH     Sediment samples from Japanese lake extend carbon dating timeline  ScienceDaily   
North American Dendroecology Fieldweek      Drying of the West by Robert Kunzig National Geographic Magazine February 2008
High-altitude forests in the Himalyas harder hit by droughts  
Occurrence of Sustained Droughts in the Interior Pacific Northwest (A.D. 1733–1980) Inferred from Tree-Ring Data ==>  The paper: Knapp, Soule, Grissino-Mayer  
Underwater forest found in the North Sea along the Norfolk coast    More on this 10,000-year-old forest off Norfolk      
Is the stage set for another megadrought in the American southwest's pinon forests?       how the smokey the bear effect led to today's raging wildfires   
Beth Moon's quest to photography ancient trees      Tree-ring lab at the University of North Carolina  
Dendrochronology and Aegean archaeology     2,000 years of northern European summer temperatures   Note: 141217 review in CO2 Sci. of Esper et al, Jour. of Quat. Sci.
Bristlecone pines and climate senstivitiy    Tree-ring study suggests California's drought is words in 1200 years    More on the Calif. drought study   
InsideWood—Maple      Climate variability has an opposing impact on marine life and tree growth 
Using tree rings to date the ancient ship found under the old World Trade Center  A short blurb from NBC's Brian Williams
Gordon Jacoby, influential dendrochronologist, 1934–2014      Dendrobox software   
tree rings record ocean changes    Tree-ring scientists shows Front Range has a long history of damaging fires   9/24/14
Eastern Mediterranean climate of the past 1000 years revealed by tree rings      Tall, ancient, and under pressure  
Bristlecone Pines paint lessons from the past     Britain's "oldest tree"? An ancient yew in Wales. Well maybe, but 5,000 years?  
Tree rings solve mystery of World Trade Center ship   July 28, 2014   "Go on a journey" to communicate science    AGU blogosphere
Cybis wiki on dendrochronology     dead Douglas-fir having five fire scars, the earliest being 1664   
Seahenge-like structure found on West Norfolk coast tree-ring? date of 2049 BC   
Glossary of Dendrochronology        Building tree-ring chronologies and program Arstan     Britain's oldest tree (Yew) discovered at > 5,000 yrs?  
How to read the mind of a wildfire    Research by dendrochronologist Don Falk
Fires in nature can do more good than harm. Dendrochronologist Lori Daniels of UBC gets the scoop from fire scars 
Climate change caused empire to fall, tree rings reveal  
Climategate revisted: new theory explains tree-ring controversy    Climate episode likely cause of Akkadian Empire collapse    
Australasian Dendrochrology Facebook page     young students doing tree-ring projects in Colorado  
A unique photo and video of the President's Tree, a Giant Sequoia    Tree rings show lasting effects of drought in rainy eastern USA   
California: tree rings help better understand past droughts   March 11, 2014    fantastic images of trees   
Pluvials, droughts, the Mongol empire, and modern Mongolia     more on tree-rings show climate helped Genghis Khan
Tree ring study: housing developments near drying forests a deadly combo  
Santorini tree rings support the traditional dating of the eruption  Tree-ring Times  
What tree rings sound like on a record player   livescience  
A story by Gavin, Anderson, and Roering about a subfossil redwood exposed in the beach along the coast of southern Oregon   poster
tree rings offer clues to Mexican droughts and a connectio with typhus outbreaks, 1655–1918  
Tree rings offer clues to the past  
tree rings offer link to El Nino's past      Ancient subfossil stumps emerge at Cardigan Bay Wales   
tree rings and Monglian drought: work by Neil Pederson and colleagues at LDEO
What caused a ten-year winter beginning in CE 536?  
"the world's oldest astronomors"   from the tree-ring times
The oldest trees on the planet  
Unlocking the secrets of time through tree-ring dating  
Redwood tree rings reveal climate history via isotopes; UW researcher    Oct. 30, 2013; more details about the redwood study  UW news
Inside fossil wood Plants with a past
Massive spruce beetle outbreak in Colorado tied to drought   Oct. 10, 2013
It all started with a tree stump...
Science of tree rings, video 1, with Henri Grissino-Mayer  
red cedar tree ring study shows Clean Air Act has been working to reduce pollution and improve forests    
Ancient redwoods in growth spurt of a lifetime 
Tree rings reveal new age for painting of Mary, Queen of Scotts     August 2013
North American Dendroecology Fieldweek   Facebook page
When the "oldest" tree got cut down    
Clifford T. Brown's Archaeology Blog comments on "Mesoamerican Droughts: New Dendrochronology Study"  2/4/20/2011 in regard to a GRL paper by Stahle and others; and here is another blog by archaeologist Michael E. Smith: "droughts and the decline and rise of urban civilizations"  
North American temperatures back 1500 years from tree rings    ==>Trouet et al paper on the 1500-year reconstruction of temps (open access) 
Global warming and El Nino—News from tree rings  
researcher proposes using cellulose to date trees  
Growth rings from the time of the Black Death 
The  fellowship of the rings  Nice article on Kauri trees & tree-rings in general. From National Geographic News via The Tree-Ring Times  
Tree-ring study shows monsoon droughts in the American southwest               
GIS and ancient trees reveal past temperature and climate change   from Arcnews Winter 2012–2-13   
Space explosion to blame for tree-ring mystery? via Yahoo news Jan. 23, 2013
A story of Bristlecone Pines  Aeon, Oct. 16, 2012
Early neolithic water wells reveal earliest wood architecture    PLOS 2012 (but how do you date a paper on PLOS?) Here's the citation for the paper I found via
Tegel W, Elburg R, Hakelberg D, Stauble H, Buntgen U (2012) Early Neolithic Water Wells Reveal the World's Oldest Wood Architecture. PLOS ONE 7(12): e51374.
Japanese lake sediments extend radiocarbon calibration curve back to more than 52,000 years before present    
Finding ancient wood in Mongolia   tree rings and the paleoclimate and paleoecology of Mongolia, a blog about ongoing research Lord of the rings
tree-rings reveal secrets of a barn    From the Tree-Ring Times;    tree rings and El Nino's past   
Li Jinbao tracks past El Ninos in tree rings 
On Genghis Khan and Mongolian tree rings   
Crossdate tree-ring software overview   by James B. Engle      An attempt to cross-date trees in drowned forests    by Lyon and Goldthait, 1934

Tree-ring tools, tips, tech
Videos about tree-ring analysis by Henri Grissino-Mayer   More tree-ring videos by Dr. Grissino-Mayer   online calculator 

TREX—Tree-ring Expeditions   Tree-ring research activities for undergraduate sciences

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The amazing life of sand (Deep Look science video series)  2006 lecture video: Brian Atwater: "Japan's orphan tsunami of 1700" 
Neil deGrasse Tyson: a succinct four-minute video about the importance of science*
Westbar giant ripples    Interview with Robert Dunn about microbes in our lives ~28 minutes
five landslide videos from the landslide blog   video of beautiful karst topography in Vietnam   *Alaska tectonics, and 8-minute summary by Bob Butler 
UNAVCO science seminar—Anne Sheehan, deep crustal imaging using USArray 
August 27, 1883, the paroxsysmal eruption of Krakatoa           Science minute videos-Olympic National Park   
2-minute geology series from Nick Zentner at CWU; the 2-minute geology Facebook page       Ice Age floods video ppt   
NOVA: Earth from Space   a marvelous, two-hour special with amazing photography and satellite imagery; NOVA learning resources for Earth from Space     NOVA LABS 
Eugenie Scott on science, origins, and religion  
TED talks: Amory Lovins 40-year plan for energy    
Geologist and author Marcia Bjornerud gives a lecture on geomimicry  Oct. 20, 2009      
Neil deGrasse Tyson examines the origin of the Solar System  
Earth Revealed  
9 short videos summarizing the big ideas in Earth science    ...from AGI, the American Geosciences Institute  
The rise and fall of the Great Lakes   A classic by Bill Mason
Pancakes and geology with Kirk Johnson and Ray Troll
Fossil rock anthem*  a parody of "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO
How stuff works: science videos   from the Discovery Network     
NSTA: Teaching with web-based videos  Professor Pat watches a segment of "The Three Faces of Time" at the WA State History Museum, filmed by Leslie 

Atmosphere, weather, and climate videos
NASA aurora gallery   

Mass wasting videos 

Short video of a large landslide in Japan    short video of landslide  video of a late April 2017 landslide in California along US 101  
Snow avalanche video    Bonneville landslide—The Bridge of the Gods, geology with Nick (4.5 min)  
4-minute video of debris flow in Afghanistan   2013
Almost killed by a rockfall  August 31, 2013     almost killed by a rockfall (2)    about the driver of the car in rockfall video 
Wow__dramatic video of the advancing toe of an earthflow in Puerto Rico  August, 2013
August 2013 sinkhole in Louisiana   a punctured salt dome sucks in part of a swamp. Watch the short video.

Volcano videos

Historic footage of Lassen Peak eruptions, May 1915   August 2016 lava flow montage at Kilaeua   Could melting of Iceland's glaciers trigger eruptions? 
NOVA: Iceland's doomsday volcanoes   aired January 2, 2013   In the path of a killer volcano --youtube  
Science policy
Seismologist/volcanologist Seth Moran of USGS on the hazards of Cascade Range volcanoes 

AGU Science policy and science policy alerts  

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Oregon scientist make discoveries furing IMUSH research are Mount St. Helens   USGS blurb on the IMUSH study research  
On the dating of the North Atlantic Igneous Province   Precise dating of the ~232 CE Taupo eruption  Dispatches from the Geosphere  
2018 Kilauea eruption Photo and Video Chronology, USGS*  Hazardous volcanoes of the USA  ~536CE eruptions, Ilapongo? and ?    Age of the Siberian Traps 
Small lahar from Fuego Volcano in Guatemala on Sept. 19, 2018, courtesy of Andy Lockart, USGS  Animation of 100 days of eruptive activity at Kilauea 
Overview of the deadly Fuego pyroclastic flow of June 2018 in Guatemala      CRBs warmed planet—93% erupted in just 750,000-year interval  
May 2, 2018 volcanic activity near Pu'o on Hawaii—video footage    Photo and video chronology of the May 2018– eruptive activity of Kilauea volcano 
Grapes reveal impacts of sulfur-rich 1257 eruption of Samalas volcano in Indonesia  Volcanism triggered PETM—hottest time in the mast 56Ma 
a pulse of mid-Pleistocene volcanism in the Ethiopia at the dawn of Human evolution  Wikipedia: supervolcano [not up to date—doesn't included Crooked River]
Syracuse University makes their own lava...   *The age and origins of the Pacific Islands, an overview   More info about the magma bodies under Yellowstone  
WOVOvat—Online, growing library of volcanic unrest   WOVOvat  *EOS, 2017, 98:12: Volcano woes & ancient Egypt's fall? ==>Nature volcanoes-Nile flow 
Could NASA and others cool a supervolcano?   New results for dating of the great Campanian eruption  Italy's supervolcano is more dangerous than we thought   
animated gif of Plinian plume from Sheveluch volcano in Russia and smaller plume of Klyuchevskoy volcano right below it on 6/18/17  
The Danakil Depression of Ethiopia   170228_Etna lava flow on snow  Volcanoes images via lidar, USGS    2017 National Academies' report on volcano research 
More on "two volcanoes create crisis in Late Antiquity"   Climate Change: Climate and societal impacts of a volcanic double event at the dawn of the Middle Ages  
Did an El Chichon 6th century eruption cause Mayan cultural upheaval?   ...or did two volcanoes cause mid 6th-century climate changes? ==>the Nature article 
Dating of the millenial Changbaishan volcano eruption in China using tree rings and radiocarbon   ==> The scientific paper on the Changbaishan eruption  
Short draft videos about volcanic hazards (IAVCEI)  - Pyroclastic flows - impacts  Pyroclastic flows - hazards Lahars - impacts   Lahars - hazards 
US Geological Survery partners with Indonesian volcanologists in volcano monitoring     Colima Volcano dramatic eruption video January 18, 2017  
New study of Mars' Olympus Mons volcano, largest in the Solar System    NY Times article by Henry Fountain noting how USGS monitors remote Bogoslof volcano 12/16  
2016: Mount Rainier and the Thunderbirds    USGS CVO: The volcanoes of Lewis and Clark   Scientists puzzle over the location of Mount St. Helens, probe subsurface  
Gorgeous 1832 map of Vesuvius and its flows and deposits   Hawaii lava breakout May 24, 2016  Hawaii lava flow skylight June 3, 2016   Zombie volcano in New Zealand?
Igneous rocks of Paraguay and the Cretaceous Parana flood basalts  Jour. of Petrology 1996  Mantle plumes and Parana basalts???   Parana flood basalts   Columbia River Basalts
Volcano Cafe: an overview of eruption types    Mount St. Helens 2016 seismic activity   Livescience: Mount Etna "breathing"    
Eight years of activity at Kilauea summit   volcanic eruptions: how bubbles lead to disasters  1960s-vintage 17-minute documentary about Hawaiian volcanoes  
Evidence of 12 cataclysmic eruptions from the ancient Yellowstone hot spot: evidence from the Cassia Hills  How ash flows move in supervolcano eruptions 
Using "Blue Waters" to model the plumbing system of Yellowstone volcano   *Flood basalts, MTU page  Steve Self and Mike Rampino's flood basalts page 
The lateral extent of volcanic interactions during unrest and eruption, Nature Geoscience 2016   * Marli Miller's blog regarding the CRBG  
5/5/15: Spirit Lake outlet tunnel needs work  KGW, 5/8/15: more details on deformation of the Spirit Lake outlet tunnel  USACE article on the Spirit Lake outlet tunnel 8/15
Sakurajima volcano, Japan—a frequently active volcano     The tectonic plate blockage hypothesis about Yellowstone   ==>Science News article about the Yellowstone idea  
The art of fracking a volcano—A look at geothermal energy  from Volcanocafe   Great time-lapse of Colima eruption on 1/29/16   Animation: a day in Pompeii ~9 min.
Geologist who modernized volcanology, Stephen Sparks, wins 2015 Vetlesen Prize   Recent climate cooling caused by volcanoes 
Researchers discover tephra layer and evidence of VEI 6 volcanic eruption in the Caribbean ~ 2.4 million years ago    Gunung Egon in near the island of Flores may soon erupt  
Columbian volcanologists in the field monitoring Nevado del Ruiz volcano    January 8, 2016 Hawaiian Volcanoes update   
Volcano eruptions that changed history—Evidence from ice cores       More info on these history-changing eruptions from Desert Research Institute News  
No, Mount St. Helens does not have a new magma chamber     The 2015 list of the world's most hazardous volcanoes 
"Pompeii of the New World" reveals power of Mayan commoners   BBC footage of lightning in eruption cloud at Cabulco volcano  
Modelling magma mush under Mauna Loa  UW study with George Bergantz and others    Large igneous provinces (LIPs) associated with mid-ocean ridges–new ideas    
Large landslide from Fogo Volcano in the Cape Verde Islands off Africa may have triggered 170-m megatsunami ~73,000 yrs ago  Chris Mooney in the Washington Post
IMUSH images the ground under Mount St. Helens volcano  NOTE: what has been interpreted as magma chambers may be warm's not clear yet (11/7/2015)
Lahar detection systems developed by USGS  Peruvian volcano triggers mudslides   The Big Obsidian Flow, erupted ~ 1,300 yr BP at Newbury Volcano, Oregon  
Global volcanic hazards and open-access book 2015  Small vulcanian eruption of Popocapetl ~10/7/2015      Sampling lava in Guatamala 10/12/2014 
Mount St. Helens, May 18, 1980 video  USGS scientists recount their experiences   Mount Aso Japan erupts on Sept. 14, 2015  
American volcanoes: complacency and uncertainty contribute to the lack of preparedness that raises the risks     Reconstructing the deadly 1790CE Kilauea eruption   
An interview with USGS volcanologist Andy Lockhart   Instrumenting Mount St. Helens—Plate Boundary Observatory lessons learned  
time-lapse photography of Cotopaxi eruption 8/22/15   Quantifying the impact of volcanic eruptions on climate using tree rings  ==>Stoffel et al, Nature Geosci. 
How a change of slope affects lavas      How a volcanic eruption in 1815 darkened the world, but colored the arts--the effects of Tambora eruption  NYT 8/25/15
Earth of Fire volcano news     USGS via Geologypage: early Hawaiian volcano footage  photos of volcano Colima   What up with quakes before eruptions?  
Mount St. Helens 1980—MinutebyMinute2014  45 min long video  Short video about the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption with Richard Waitt and Keith Ronnholm 
Yellowstone: how long between rising of magma and an eventual eruption?    The Decade Volcano Program  ...a VolcanoCafe blurb 2012
Terry Gerlach's EOS paper on volcanic CO2    Geoscientist and volcanologist Steve Carey heads to Kick 'em Jenny volcano in the Lesser Antilles
New info on the role of small volcanic eruptions and SO2 in climate 
Volcano Erta Ale in faroff afar 
Wired: eruptions     Erik Klemetti's volcano blog  30 June–4 July 2015 Batu Tara volcano activity  New lidar images of Glacier Peak volcano could help research 
Mount St. Helens network--UNAVCO    Eyewitness accounts of Mount St. Helens eruption helps scientists     Mount St. Helens—An event that changed the world Project Impact 
May 3 crater collapse and lava "explosion" at Kilauea caldera     John Dodge ponders on the 35th anniversary of Mount St. Helens 
Calbuco volcano, Chile April 23, 2015; video shifts to Fuego de Colima at 39 seconds     ...and now the volcano forecast...Glacier Peak, a dangerous Cascades volcano  
Are we ready for the next volcanic eruption   Amazing images of Calbuco Chile eruption 4/22/2015     More Calbuco      Halemaumau lava lake, April 2015 
"Dark magma", is there deep melt fueling "hot spot" volcanoes?      Volcanic gases and behavior of Hawaiian volcanoes  5/1/14—Collaborative volcano research and risk mitigation     USGS: Mount Rainier volcanic hazards     Longshadow Photography, Daryll Lloyd's volcano photos 
About Devil's Tower...    Small, sulfur-belching volcanoes could be more effective at cooling the planet than previously thought  
Carbonatite lava from Ol Doinyo Lengai in northern Tanzania         Volcano News Updates          volcano Colima explosions      Colima eruption, Feb. 28, 2015  
Impressive eruption video, Colima volcano, Mexico   HD versions of the Colima eruptions 
Outstanding, if not truly awesome video of lava at Marum Volcano's famed lava lake on Ambrym Island, Vanuatu  
How will melting ice affect volcanic hazards in the twenty-first century?   April 19, 2010 Philosophical Transactions 
Columbia River Basalt Group—Outrageous!  This January 31, 2015 post by Marli Miller on her geologictimepics blog has some excellent pics and diagrams on the basalts!
What happens when you throw a five-gallon plastic jug of water into a lava flow     Etna erupting again, January 25, 2015  
Short video of small eruption of Colima volcano Mexico on January 19, 2015     time-lapse video of the eruption  
hottest volcano of them all...       USGS_CVO_the eruptive history fo Mount Rainier volcano      Bardarbunga exploding video   images from a drone, 2015
Pressure, and Mystery, on the rise...trickiness of predicting volcanoes...and nerve racking for Iceland     NT Times Jan. 6, 2014 Henry Fountain
AAG: eruption of El Salvador's Ilapongo explains the AD 536 cooling      2014, the year in volcanoes!    From  
KOMO News: Glacier Peak labelled one of nation's most dangerous volcanoes     Interesting interpretation of Mount Rainier's basement rocks   
Earth Observatory: Kamchatka, the erupting peninsula, NASA Earth Observatory      Pahoihoi lava flow at the Pahoa transfer station Hawaii  
Nov. 13, 2014 NPR interview with volcanologist Jack Lockwood regarding the Kilauea lava flow threatening the Puna area of the big Island   
Explosive eruptions at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii  2014   "dark magma" and mantle plumes, a provocative study     Nov. 11, 2014
Kilauea lava flow pictures November 3, 2014    UCSB scientist and team discover new evidence about mantle plumes: journey to the center of the Earth   
short drone video of Bardarbunga October 28, 2014   ~ 4 minutes      Mount St. Helens runaway glacier, a time-lapse video by USGS  
continuing Bardarbunga eruption in Iceland produces surprising amounts of gas...     Nature Oct. 28, 2014   Center for the study of active volcanoes    
National Geographic's alltime favorite volcano pictures   Kilauea pictures from The Atlantic   
Frontier Scientists connects discuss Cook Inlet volcanoes...           Cool oblique of Sarychev volcano Plinian eruption of June 12, 2009 from ISS  
A film (4.5 min) by Liz Westby commemorating the 10th anniversary of the 2004–2008 reawakening of Mount St. Helens   
Of vikings, volcanoes, and mythology...   140918   
September 27, 2014 Japan's Ontake volcano erupts—climbers trapped on mountain of the hikers gets caught in the ashcloud and gets it on film  1.5 min video
Volcanism, impacts, and mass extinctions: causes and effects  GSA Special Paper 505     Mount Shasta seismographs  
A new hypothesis of how hot spots form  September 8, 2014    Bardarbunga update on Daily Kos  Sept. 11, 2014  great photos of Bardabunga 
USGS Professional Paper 1806: 200 years of magmatic activity at Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii     
Explosive eruption at Papua New Guinea's Tavurvur volcano        youtube video of the Tavurvur eruption  
Larry Mastin's computer modelling of a Yellowstone eruption    An alternative analog to such a volcanic eruption by Dufek and Bergantz is here    
Barbarunga status   Iceland Mila webcam        Kilauea flow could approach homes      Photos of the Bardarbunga eruption!       Lava fountains
Barbarbunga in Iceland, August 2014 activity     40-km fissure is ripping into violent Askja, linking Iceland's three largest volcanoes....   hmmm, are we ready for another Laki?
Time lapse and other video of Hawaiian volcanism and clouds  by QT Luong at      
Pictures of the ice caves in Mount St. Helens crater        a write up on the IMUSH experiment in Nature    July 8, 2014  Dukono eruption pictures, Indonesia  
Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano in Tanzania  the only volcano on Earth that gushes weird natrocarbonatite lava
Dodging volcanic bombs at Ducono Volcano, Indonesia    ~ 2-min video, June 29, 2014   new volcanoes discovered in Australia  
Out-of-tectonic-context volcano in China interpretation that the plume starts at a tear in the subducting slab
Photos of the Vesuvius eruption of 1944 by George Rodger   The eruption began on May 25, 1944    
Magma building as Mount St. Helens readies for 34th anniversary    KOMO News May 15, 2014   52 Alaskan volcanoes in one shot    
Hank's geeky funny and mostly accurate 4+ minute video blurb about Yellowstone on Scishow    
Volcanocafe: using remote sensing to monitor volcanoes, part 2        iMUSH—Investigating the Mount St. Helens magmatic system from slab to surface    a GeoPRISMS and Earthscope project
New evidence on source of 30 million yr old African flood basalts    Rooney et al abstract about the flood basalts in Geology  
Volcanoes that act as air conditioning for a warming world   Scientific American blogs
Tambora: the largest eruption in recorded history, April 10, 1815     The volcano that changed the course of history 
Cool videos of carbonatite lavas in Tanzania        Mount Etna video cams      Yellowstone is not about to erupt...and other rantings    
Sinabung Volcano 2014 eruption   Imagery from March 6, 2014
Dji Phantom drone films Strombolian-style explosions at Yasur Volcano, Vanuatu    
Volcanoes guard Ice-Age secrets        Collapse of the Puu O'o lava floor on March 5, 2014  (timelapse)
Iceland basalt pillars attributed to warring trolls Earth Magazine 
volcanoes including Mount Hood can become quickly active     Health effects of volcanic ash   SERC  
2009 news: large ancient calderas discovered in central Oregon near Prineville   
A paper by Burgisser and Bergantz related to the "cold storage" stuff mentioned below 
The most incredible volcano pictures--wow!      crystals in "cold storage" in magma under Mount Hood erupt thousands of years later  
an essay about volcanic hazards   volcanologist Chris Newhall is featured      time-lapse video of lava lake 
damage by volcanic ash   videos of pyroclastic flows from Sinabung volcano in Indosia, 2014   more of the same  
Supervolcanoes erupt by their own rules    Scientific American  blue lava from Kawahljen volcano at night, Indonesia  
When was the most recent volcanism on the east coast of North America?  Scientific American
New evidence on how pyroclastic flows behave  December 29, 2013
Erik Klemetti blog: an opinion about devising a metric ranking scale for volcanic eruptions Dec. 19, 2013
2013: the year in volcanoes    scroll past the ad to see more photos
Evidence for colossal 30 Ma "supervolcano" eruption found in Utah   
The Electronic Volcano                        Dana's Rosetta Stones blog on Mount St. Helens field trip, part I   cool!
NASA EOS IDS volcanology 
Lava devours a can of ravioli  
video of erupting volcanic off Japan in 2013  
New volcanic island forms off Japan, Nov. 2013 
Videos of Mount Etna paroxysm on Nov. 16–17, 2013  
Yellowstone's magma chamber at least 2.5x larger than thought!  Robert Smith at the 2013 GSA
volcanoes and cities  
Earth Magazine: Mount St. Helens Science and Learning Center becomes a reality   September 2013;  Here's the MSHSLC web link
August 27, 1883: Krakatoa, the day the world exploded    read the interesting accounts of two ships who witnesed the eruption
Lava meets ice and snow in Veniaminof eruption  
iMUSH—Imaging magma under Mount St. Helens  
Magma can survive in the upper crust for hundreds of millenia   UW press release, August 19, 2013
New volcano observatory opens in CA    
15 volcanic eruptions seen from space   
The great Novarupta (Katmai) eruption of 1912 
Mount Rokatenda eruption in Palue Indonesia kills six   August 10, 2013
Pubvolc   Volcano literature database;   AVA-Aster Volcano Archive   NASA-JPL;     Volcano Database  anon.?    
Center for the study of Active Volcanoes facebook page  
Damaging volcanic ash lingers after eruption...  2'43" video
Precise age for the Parana Flood Basalts  
Scientists from around the world gather at Mount St. Helens, July 2013  
Instituto Geofisico in Quito Ecuador Facebook page
Popocateptl volcano cuts loose with an SO2 plume outside Mexico City   GOME 2 satellite imagery, July 5, 2013; aerial footage of Popo 
What lies beneath Hawaii?   Livescience July 5, 2013
Megaquakes cause volcanoes to sink in Japan...  
Syracuse Lava Project does a lava-ice interaction experiment  
10-minute snippet of the classic NOVA special on the great 1991 eruption of Pinatubo 
Shock wave in video of Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico, June 17, 2013  
MODIS, MODVOLC, and hot spot volcanism   MODVOLC monitoring site for hot spots 
More on Yellowstone: the magma chamber is 50% larger than we thought it was!    Our Amazing Planet April 18, 2013, by Becky Oskin
On the formation of Yellowstone and mantle plume hypothesis   It would be good to hear what volcanologists say about this. More details?
Olivine—GSA geocache  

"The year without a summer" a special focus on the effects of the 1816 eruption of Tambora   AAAS April 1, 2013 (no foolin', this happened!)
Radar interfereometry catches "breathing" of Kilauea volcano as magma and gas inflate and deflate it   Becky Oskin,
Ongoing Pu'u'O'o eruption of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii–30 years of eruptive activity
new crater-view trail proposed for Mount St. Helens 
Volcanic geology of the Golan Heights  
Seismologists study glacier earthquakes on Mount Rainier  KING 5 news and video; Kate Alstadt and Steve Malone of Univ. of WA are doing the study, Dec. 16, 2012 
USFS tentatively approves drilling plan near Mount St. Helens    Dec. 4th Vancouver Columbian article; BLM still needs to approve plan.
Mount Hood's volcanic past    Oregon Field Guide, November 2012; the Mount Hood geology segment starts about 10.5 minutes into the video (filmed in 2011)
NOVA—Deadliest Volcanoes 2012  

Smithsonian News article about the 1985 volcanic CO2 tragedy in Cameron at Lake Nyos   Thanks to Nathan Randall for pointing this out to me.
USGS video of the Crater Glacier movements at Mount St. Helens, 2005–2010     View is to the SE from the NW part of the crater.  Very cool!
At Mount St. Helens: world's largest study of a volcanic system using seismology to start in 2014    The Columbian, August 21, 2012 Short video segment showing July 25, 2012 explosions of Sakurajima volcano in Japan  Note shock waves and impacts of volcanic projectiles
Inflating South American volcano

Jakarta Globe on the Nov. 5, 2010 eruption of Merapi

Aerial view (no sound) of jokuhlhaup (debris flow/flood) from Eyjafjallajökull glacier in Iceland
Mount St. Helens dome growth time-lapse on Vimeo

Volcano Picture of the Day   

The Daily News Online > Editorial > National Park designation would be best for Mount St. Helens  Nov. 10th, 2009

Volcano blog by Tom Pering    

America's most dangerous volcano, Mount Rainier    Science News, Nov. 20, 2001; by Sid Perkins. Has a photo of the big subfossil stump buried by the Electron Mudflow ~CE 1500

Chaiten, an active caldera in southern Chile  recent reports from the Volcano Blog

OVDAS--the Southern Andes Volcano Observatory, Chile

a study Holocene tephras of Chilean volcanoes

Chaiten Volcano -- SI Global Volc. Network

Volcano publications online 

Field guide to vents, dikes, stratigraphy, and structure of the CRBs in eastern OR and southeast WA, USGS 2017   

Chesner regarding the great Toba eruption of 74 ka  Publication about Lake Malawi sediments that record the great Toba eruption of 74 ka 

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Cascade Range

 Exposure to lahar hazards in Washington State   (open access: Journal of Applied Volcanology)  Mount Baker: America's forgotten volcano (not really) MyNW 

VIPER: Volcano Igneous Petrology and Economic Resources group at Oregon State Univ.  

Mount Hood

Oregon Field Guide, season 24, episode 4, Mount Hood    2012 Mount Hood clip at minutes 10:35–

Mount Rainier

Eruptive history of Mount Rainier: USGS web   Video of August 13, 2015 glacial outburst flood from South Tahoma Glacier at Mount Rainier  

Research abstracts on Mount Rainier from the 1999 Northwest Scientific Association Annual Meeting and Mount Rainier 100th Anniversary Symposium (p. 24–29) 

Geomorphic analysis of the river response to sedimentation downstream of Mount Rainier, Washington 

Geomorphic response of rivers downstream from retreating glaciers on Mount Rainier websearch on Mount Rainier volcano   

Legg and others (2014) Debris flow initiation in proglacial gullies on Mount Rainier, Washington   

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Mount St. Helens

A rivetting view of Mount St. Helens—photos taken in 1980 revealed in 2014, Portland Oregonian  USGS: relive the May 18, 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption  

Mount St. Helens Science and Learning Center    USFS: Mount St. Helens Science and Learning Center   backpacking the blast zone by Eric Wagner 3/6/17 

Tilling and others, 1990, Eruptions of Mount St. Helens, past, present, and future    2010 Spokesman Review: Barry Johnston talks about his near-death experience on 5/18/1980

Dedication to Jim Fitzgerald, a geologist who died at Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980   Rosetta Stone blog, Sci. Amer: The geologists who died at Mount St. Helens  

2005 TNT: five stories about the eruption   Valerie Smith's pages honoring the victims of the Mount St. Helens 1980 eruption 

Interactive map of Mount St. Helens 1980 eruption victims' locations   Videos after the 1980 eruption at WA State Univ. in Pullman WA 


Geologic field guide to Long Valley Caldera   by Wes Hildreth and Judy Fierstein 



Iceland, Institute of Earth Sciences         Volcano Video Productions     Kilauea Volcano status page  HVO main page  Hawaii Volcanoes webcams 
USGS volcanic ash info pages    Greg Stockmaster's Big Volcanic blog Erik Klemetti's Volcano Blog   Smithsonian Volcanism Blog 

World Organization of Volcano Observatories

Earth Observatory of Singapore     InSAR--Satellite-based techniques for capturing deformation in volcanic areas   The Decade Volcanoes   

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From here to there and back again—Astronomy-Physics and scaling in the Universe    EOS BUZZ news: Asteroid explorations ongoing in 2018 and beyond...  
Hubble Space Telescope deep-field image   Out and back again; then in...   Vortex animation of the Solar System  Cecillia Payne, astronomer extraordinaire 
Voyager and other space exploration videos   Impact-related microspherules in Late-Pleistocene Alaska and Yukon muck—Catastrophic episodes Hagstrum etal
NASA eyes on the Cosmos   November 15, 2017 four major fireballs within 10 hours    The most detailed map of the universe to date  
Modern astronomers nail down source of 1437 stellar explosion    8/2017 gravitation waves from neutron stars colliding! WA Post  NY Times LIGO detection of neutron stars merging   <== at this link there is also a fine video animation about this event narrated by Dennis Overbye of the NY Times
The Willamette Meteorite   NY Times profile of scientists behind the Voyager missions as we near the 40th anniversary  
BBC: impact crater linked to Martian tsunamis    Total eclipse of 2017—Where to see it   Why can we hear and see meteors at the same time?  
Meteor on 2/6/2017 seen from Lisle, Illinois    Space dust—It's more widespread than you imagined!   NOAA Science on a sphere, people and stuff on the move 
Perspective on our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, and the universe 3-min clip  video of Huygens probe landing on Saturn's moon Titan in 2005 (2nd video down) 
Cassini's time-lapse video 44 hours of Saturn   NASA Sun science FB page    Total Eclipse, August 2017    More on 2017 eclipse from Oregon Live 
New map of the Milky Way    a video about Newton's 3rd law   Animation showing asteroids in resonance with Jupiter   Mars Curiousity shots of sedimentary rocks on Mars 
What's this about "planet X"?    Where your elements came from, from APOD       Brian Greene explains gravity waves  ~ 4 min
Hubble Space Telescope spots faintest galaxy ("Tanya") yet discovered from the universe—13.8 Ga 12/4/15  NASA astronomer Michelle Thaller on "we are stardust..."  ~4 min
Small asteroid buzzes Earth hours after it's discovery, Nov. 2015   Curiousity Rover's amazing journey in pictures (first three years) 
Curiosity rover's Chemcam makes new chemical and mineral discoveries on Mars  Invisible universe revealed by Hubble Space Telescope    Mars Explored * 
Apollo missions' photos--all online      Greenpeace timelapse of Milky Way and aurora borealis photobomb   Oct. 2015
150927lunar-eclipse animated gif    scientists refine hunt for life on Mars by looking at rock samples    NASA confirms liquid water on Mars   
Sunset on Pluto   NASA Pluto pictures   Pluto flyover tour by NASA   Early Earth got a bashing from meteorites—clues from chemistry 
Evidence for one of Mars' last lakes    India's 1st Mars probe captures 3D images of huge Ophir Chasm  8/26/15   Tunguska in perspective   Tunguska 2008 
Life's building blocks chemicals found on comet by lander  7/31/15  Possible evidence for strike-slip faulting on Mars 
Internal structure of the Moon    geochemical process on Saturn's moon Enceladus linked to origin of life  5/9/15
Evolving galaxy in the early universe spotted for the first time   EOS news: the value of craters in exploring Martian geology 
Neil deGrasse Tyson lays out the history of (almost) everything in ~ 8 minutes    Kepler 452b, another Earth-like? exoplanet discovered   7/22/15
New Horizons-Pluto_NASA JPL   Musings about the New Horizons mission to Pluto by Brown Univ. geologist James Head  
Does comet that Philae spacecraft landed upon host life?     1989 color mosaic of Neptune's moon Triton taken by Voyager2   
New tabulation of Earth's giant impact craters   link to the impact craters paper in the Sept. 2015 Earth and Planetary Science Letters  
Evidence of Earth's largest impact, in Australia?    Scientists fine methane in Mars meteorite  6/17/15  Curiousity finds mugearite on Mars   evidence of water...
Dust-covered ice glaciers found on Mars  150412  A new view of the Moon's formation    Did Mars have Earth-like soil development 3.7 million years ago?  
Is the Universe infinite in age?      Earth has some small orbital buddies     NASA research on comets      Evidence for groundwater on Mars  3/28/15
video tour of the Solar System      Death of a dynamo: hard drive from space    meteorite preserves record of asteroid's early magnetic field Geologypage Jan. 22, 2014
The Sun in XRays, Dec. 29, 2014    APOD        2015 meteor shower guide from Earthsky     'alien Earth' is among eight new far-off planets    BBC January 6, 2014
Rosetta instrument reignite debate on Earth's oceans     December 2014   How many stars died for us? ~6 min video 
Mars rover finds stronger potential for life  Dec. 8, 2014
to catch a comet, NOVA      Rosetta spacecraft, Philae lander, and comet 67P   Nov. 12, 2014   New revelations on dark matter and relic neutrinos   Dec. 4, 2014
Time-lapse video of a total lunar eclipse over Tajikistan    Oct 5, 2014     ALMA telescope array captures birth of alien planets   Yahoo News Nov. 6, 2014 
MAVEN arrives in Martian orbit to investigate the history of the Martian atmosphere    NASA MAVEN mission page       
Chelyabinsk: portrait of an asteroid airburst   Physics Today, September 2014    NASA: fireball and bolide reports   
Bolides, since 861 CE     JPL Solar System dynamics page  databases about our Solar System
USGS geologist Michael Carr reflects on 50 years of exploring the planets       Star size comparison by Agape Satori     2.5 min animation     Martian caprock damaging Curiousity rover's wheels    July 9, 2014
Map of the Universe questioned: dwarf galaxies don't fit standard model         Solar Dynamics Observatory unmasks the Sun    
rock hammers of the Apollo missions   Nice!        More Moon: 55-year old mystery of the dark side of the moon solved  June 9, 2014;;  Rocks talk I tell ya!
How the Milky Way will collide head on with Andromeda galaxy (M31) in about 4 billion years   
Chelyabinsk asteriod crashed in space before hitting Earth   May 23, 2014 Reuters: evidence provided by the high-pressure form of jadeite found in fragments of the asteroid
7 astonishing wonders of our solar system       risk related to asteroid impacts to get larger than thought  NASA April 22, 2014       Space Station livestream     
Cataclysmic asteroid impace ~ 3.26 billion years ago      Gusev Crater on Mars once held a lake    
Prof. Ed Copeland talks about the discovery of the microwave background radiation recording the beginning of the universe 
Brilliant fireball over Canada   
Neil de Grasse Tyson sums up "the most awesome thing" he knows from studying the Universe      Neil about Cosmos, and more...  
More on a Mars meteorite that fell to Earth during the Stone Age 
First geologic map of Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon      solar flare of February 25, 2014   northern lights in the UK, February 2014    
about tektites from the Australian Museum , Darwin Crater, and... Darwin glass 
'Oldest star' found from iron fingerprint  13.6 billion years 
A detailed article on the Chelyabinsk Meteorite   
Tenoumer Crater in Mauritania NASA's Earth Observatory  ...more on Tenoumer Crater   NASA visible Earth craters  
Rosetta spacecraft awakened from temporary hibernation to commence comet missions    January 2014
How close to a supernova is too close?   January 2014 supernova in M-82  
Quasar light reveals large web of gas and dark matter, the "cosmic web"   Jan. 20, 2014, Business Insider
Best images from China's moon mission as of January 2014  
Carl Sagan's musing on the pale blue dot and our place in the Cosmos   4 minutes
About the Hubble Movie   11 great astronomy quotes   These are inspiring!
A beautiful time-lapse video (~5 min) from the Pic de Midi Observatory in France   by Romaine Montaigut
The most important most important pictures taken by Hubble Telescope 2013
Curiosity finds evidence of ancient freshwater lake on Mars   Dec. 9, 2013
Bill Nye stand up for exploring the Solar System with a message to President Obama   Dec. 2013
Saturn's psychodelic jet stream  
A weird animation depicting comet Ison's encounter with the Sun on 11/29/13 
two planets, two comets, and the Sun seen from space   Nov. 22, 2013
meteor impact trapped ancient swamp plants...
A story about meteorite collecting ...from Popular Mechanics        The known universe, a 7-minute journey   
galaxy growth examined like the rings of a tree   NASA JPL Oct. 31, 2013
Great solar resource-TESIS 
Birth of star captured by radio telescopes       more about the ALMA radio telescope  
2 minute time-lapse view of Curiousity Rover's first 12months (almost) on Mars   youtube: very cool--you can terrain, bedding, jointing, erosional features, MSL in action, etc...
SOHO spacecraft sees giant "hole" in the Sun  (, June 28, 2013); video of "Sun hole"  the close up time-lapse video is fascinating
Curiousity Rover reveals new info on Mars atmosphere   
Impact crater discovered in Iowa  
NWS space weather prediction center  
Voyager 1 at the Solar System's edge!  Fascinating! Voyager 1 was launched 9/5/1977!! Voyager NASA-JPL site 
Enormous Asteroid 1998 QE2 flyby, May 31, 2013  3km asteroid passed 6 million km from Earth; Yahoo News via
Earth-Moon water may have same source   
NASA video shows 3 years of the Sun in 3 minutes via Yahoo News 4/27/2013; Solar video @ NASA SDO site (the whole thing)   One year of the Sun 
Kepler mission has discovered two potentially habitable planets ~1,200 light years from Earth; noted by JPL and NY Times April 20, 2013
Chemical evolution of galaxies—more proof that heavy metal was inevitable!  
Mars gigapixel panorama taken by Curiousity Rover MSL   Great resolution! Solar days 136–149
Review of Mars rover Curiousity's first seven successful months via Yahoo News 3/25/13
Forecast for the Sun and solar storms: a slight chance of havoc   NY Times, Kenneth Chang, March 18, 2013; a nice piece!
Meteor over Manhattan March 23, 2013 GMT,
Comet Pan-Starr and comet Ison, 2013  -a short video at explaining the origin and time frame of the comets visibility to us on Earth
Images from ESO telescope show possible formation of new planet in the Milky Way    3/1/2013; NPR story by Krolwich on the this 
NASA creates video of planet Mercury using images from Messenger spacecraft 
Colossal meteor slammed Australia 300 million years ago crater found by Andrew Glickson, Australian Nat. Univ. Reuters, Feb. 15, 2013
Fireball as meteor slams into Siberia injuring 1200; hear it from 9,600 km away; NY Times February 15, 2013; video of the fireball   : write up and ice crater photo   Chelyabinsk meteor: SERC site Thanks to John McDaris for this great little web page on the 2/15/13 meteor! A subsequent story on Oct. 30, 2013: Russian meteor's two scary lessons   
1999 RQ36 (560 m diam) will pass near Earth in 2182; IHT Rendezvous, Feb. 15, 2013; More on 1999RQ36  
Asteroid 2012 DA14 passes 17,200 mi from Earth February 15, 2013; ABC News. 2/6/2013; Video about asteriod 2012DA14 (JPL); pics NASA reveals radar video and images of 2012 DA14 flyby   
Comet Ison visits the inner Solar System in late November and December 2013; via Yahoo Science News February 6, 2013
January 11,  2013 bolide recorded on seismometers   Voyager I at the Heliopause   Largest spiral galaxy yet discovered  NGC 6872 is 212 light years away and is 522,000 light years across, >5x the size of the Milky Way; via Yahoo News, Jan. 10, 2013"Zombie planet" Fomalhaut b directly imaged via Yahoo News, Jan. 9, 2013
Vast, thin plane of corotating dwarf galaxies orbits Andromeda galaxy MSN, 1/6/2013; the Nature paper (source, 1/3/2013); ars technica coverage 1/3/2013 odd reflective feature photographed on rock by Mars Curiosity rover  Yahoo News, January 4, 2013 Baby planets (planetesimals) forming around fledgling star HD 142527 450 light years from Earth  by Nola Taylor Redd at via Yahoo News, January 2, 2013

Motions of the Sun simulator    NASA Pubspace    Spaceweather    

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Gabriella Quevedo plays Hotel California   Tomi Paldanius plays Hotel California    Peter Sellers performs "It's a hard day's night"  

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Angela Duckworth's grit scale  An interview with John McPhee in the New York Times   Comprehensive guide to stripy yellow things   
Historical atlas of the Republic of Philippines   Jane Goodall on life, education, and living...    Chefs cooking with rocks and dirt   
Go-pro footage of Felix Baumgartner's space jump  Agnotology-the study of wilful acts to spread confusion and deceit, usually to sell a product or win favor  
Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle   The United States of America according to geologists 
High cost of college: the truth behind the myths    Seattle Times, June 15, 2014     The chemistry of autumn leaves   
Centralia College Students present research results and project at Capstone Conference 2014   
Geology times      "Our story in two minutes"   by Joe Bush (17)...also seen on youtube here       1877 sketch of the Kanab Desert, Arizona, by W. H. Holmes   
What should teach when we teach about science communication?  
Beer's secret ingredient: geology  Earth
Pat Pringle shares a 15-second opinion about his favorite part of geosciences the AGI booth 125th meeting of the Geological Society of America in Denver
Earth Science Week 2013     webcasts from Earth mag  
A geo-gechno revolution  Hey, this kind of thing could change the world!
Linquists identify ancient words...
Is exposure to sunlight all bad? Perhaps not! 5/7/2013, Science Daily
The Fundamentals of Science that Americans are not learning, Part I  Dan's wild wild science journal
The fundamentals of science we need to teach our students, Part II   Dan's wild wild science journal
The Centennia Historical Atlas   and then there is this:  Historical map of Europe AD 1000 to present        USA Today: How old is the Earth?   Nov. 25, 2012; Geophyicist Clair Patterson published a breakthrough paper on the subject in 1955, but science news gets absorbed slowly! Database of fracking chemicals now available   Using geophysics to analyze the elections  NPR Nov. 9, 2012
End of the industrial revolution  A powerful point of view by sustainability advocate Paul Gilding  Geologic decathlon through Great Brittain  —from Earth Magazine online, August 2012 gold, lead, and death in Nigeria--geology, economics, and culture lead to deadly results Earth Magazine, March 2012  
fascinating gorilla video from liveleaks
"open science" ideas
from an article in the New York Times Science section January 17, 2012

Space balloon takes camera in a takeout container to 100,000 ft    

How green is your pet (from New Scientist Oct. 23, 2009

World's Most Amazing Views   from Yahoo News     World's oldest map or landscape diagram? 

Ancient rock art near China Lake CA

Ray Troll art and music    

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Why English is so weirdly different than other languages  
Discover Lewis County! Eight things you should know!    Maya Angelou has some words to live by for us   Six maps that make you think   Five Lewis County hikes for winter  
A natural prescription for what ails you   Pacific Crest Trail, class of 2014 68min Open-access textbooks via Bill and Melinda Gates—no geology yet
Waterfall hikes in Glenoma, Randle, and Packwood areas of WA   Music: top-10 archive  The first landscape photos of the Columbia Gorge
Fast food linked to lower test grades in eighth graders   Science Daily December 22, 2014   How playing music benefits your brain more than any other activity  
The case for drinking as much coffee as you like    10-minute workouts      The Station Wagon, with Marc and Julie  
Our ancestors didn't sleep like we do...., resource for voters     
build your own radio telescope to listen to meteors    chemistry of everyday compounds      Earth story  
Recipe: braised beef, dandelion leaves, and clear noodles    
The top ten spring hikes around Mount Rainier       Life is best lived   ...don't be afraid to fail, but you have to work to get where you want
22 important diagrams you need for camping      
Physics-minded crow brings Aesop's fable to life  
Navigate the Colorado River using Google streetview!  
Time-lapse video of Yosemite nice!  ...about 5 min 20 sec
Best maps of 2013    very cool!  Peaks of the lowermost 48 by prominence 

Oldest rock art in North America  livescience, August 14, 2013

"Science is not your enemy"   a thoughtful essay by Steven Pinker in the New Republic, August 2013

"Just a theory: 7 misused science words" from Yahoo News, 4/2/13   Ken Burns delivers a powerful commencement addresss to the Stanford 2016 class, and us...  
Irritating verbs-as-nouns   from the Opinionator
FCC—smartphone security tips     Radiolab: the secret power of trees   Using QR codes in the classroom   
Wind turbine at the Centralia College KNOLL 
Revealing maps—from Robert Krulwich's NPR news blog

Earthweek - A Diary of the Planet: News in Science, Health, Weather, Environment and Nature

10 phrases to deep-six your resume

Resources for Earth Science and Geography

Digital Library for Earth System Education

Pat's Earth Science links

Weather and climate videos for online viewing  American Meteorological Society

Blog blurb on the importance of writing   

3 facts to help you think like a scientist   

Psychedelic rock   awesome geologic maps
34 American lady scientists who helped change the world  Buzzfeed via the GSA January 2, 2014
Great astronomy quotes    Scientists tell their favorite jokes    Live from the North Pole webcam  

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Borax, glue, and iron filings creature with an appetite for a magnet   calcite as Viking sunstone  
Richard Berger's Masterpieces of the Earth geology collection     360°-view of Victoria Falls   Earthquake rose, triggered by the 2/28/2001 Nisqually Earthquake  
Lost weather balloon turns up with cool views of the Grand Canyon    Brad Paisley sings about geology   Geology: "The Kardashians of science"   
Scientific American: the Flavor Connection      Extremely beautiful minerals and stones   Lyndy Hop fun   
Fibinacci zoetrope sculptures  ~2 min video--wild!        Geology of the Acropolis (Athens, Greece)       The amazing skateboard fun of Thrasher  
Nick Zenter looses his rock hammer while filming "2-minute geology" episode--funny!      Under the influence of beer foam_Science_Friday 
True facts about marsupials      10 chemical reaction gifs   Periodic Videos from TedEd  
proto-Elamite: the world's oldest undeciphered lanquage      geo-humor from xkcd: subduction license   toroidal vortices in nature, some examples    
Everything you wanted to know about turtles          David Lenz, Centralia College grad, doing a flame performance at the Olympia Arts Walk 
Brad Paisley sings about geology    The Beatles: Don't let me down  
Physics-exploiting axe splits wood in record time         Salut Salon "Wettstreit zu vert"     
Where do those curling stones come from?         20 weird animals     First person view of Felix Baumgartner's space jump   
Huge and beautiful ice cave on Mutnovsky Volcano in northern Russia   Olympics waterfall road trip 
Blood falls 
North American English dialects based on pronunciation patterns      Rock stars and their parents    

"Formations"  a short video about geologically-themed music piece of music
resource furniture   Cool beans!xx
hmmm--the least scientific nature video....  about rocks of course
Wild bike ride  
10 reasons why I like the AGU   Huffington Post, Rebecca Anderson's The Blog, Dec. 10, 2012 Grace Youn playing Little Black Submarines by the Black Keys  So good! Wind-powered beasts    Gotta see this! The best blues show I know— John Kessler's show on KPLU Saturday and Sunday nights.

Great time-lapse video of Iceland      Charlie and Jackie and their amazing dance moves    

"Circumvolution Improbable" by Alexandre Lane   Do this and you get an "A" for the class!

Ross sisters crazy dance    Wild!      

Dance of the Peacock Spider   Lynda Barry's syllabus        "Who's on first..."   an Abbot and Costello classic

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