Oso landslide 2014

updated January 10, 2016

One year later, the USGS reflects on the Oso landslide disaster, Washington State USA 3/16/2105

KING5 before/after photos    KING5TV: could better warnings come from the Oso landslide? 3/27/15

SeattlePI picture of the Oso slide area looking northerly 

helicopter flight over the Oso slide 

AGU blogosphere by Dave Petley

River probably undercut soggy, destabilized slope, by Sandi Doughton Seattle Times   

Jim O’Connor visits with National Geographic about the Oso landslide       

USGS blurb on the Oso landslide   

article on a 1999 report by Dan Miller and Lynne Rodgers Miller re Oso landslide area 

A 2004 report on Stilliguamish landslide hazards by Dan Miller

Search list expands in Oso landslide (NY Times, 3/25/2014) 

NASA Earth Observatory: Oso landslide 140322 

Seattle Times on the Oso landslide and previous research 

Kate Allstadt’s annotated seismogram of Oso landslide  

Seismic spectrogram of Oso landslide from John Vidale  

Interview with geologist Bruce Bjornstad on local landslides on KVEW TV   

The video of above interview with the Bruce Bjornstad  

NY Times “in an ocean of mud” about the Oso landslide, 140325 

NY Times interactive map of Oso landslide  

NY Times “Deadly mix of loose sediments and heavy rain in WA 140327 

Seattle Times regarding logging activity on slope above landslide 140327  

small-scale LiDAR view of Oso landslide by Aaron Wisher

landslides are not predicable TIME 

Snohomish County slide news     

Kate Allstadt’s analysis of seismic signals from the Oso landslide   

Dragovich-geologic map of the Mount Higgins Quadrangle DGER-OF-2003-12 

Haugerud USGS OF-2014-1065 prelimary assesement of Oso landslide 

“Unforeseen” risk of slide? Warnings go back decades    Yakima Herald

NASA Earth Observatory views of the Oso landslide   

Snohomish County landslide photos–Gov Inslee website  

Quake did not immediately precede landslide USGS says 

The Landslide Blog by Dave Petley 

NTTimes: why listening to scientists could have minimized the slide’s impact 

Seattle Times: Oso slide before and after   

Cliff Mass blog on why Washington has landslides, the weather connection 

A mudslide foretold—Timothy Egan, the NY Times   March 29, 2014

NY Times: houses in the path of the Oso landslide  

Geologist David Montgomery talks about the Oso landslide   2 minute video

Snohomish County planning Dept.  see Parcel ID 00585700003700 and zoom out

laser maps reveal Washington slide risk with startling clarity    

David Montgomery on the Oso landslide  NPR, March 24, 2014

Washington mudslide: before and after  Washington Post

monitoring can warn of impending landslides    Sandi Doughton, Seattle Times

USGS CVO helps out at the site of the Oso landslide with monitoring tools  

Yahoo News: authorities new of landslide dangers...  

Geologist Dan Miller on the Oso landslide 

Seattle Times interview with Dick Iverson, USGS, regarding Oso landslide    4/8/14

Before and after the Oso landslide   

Oso landslide swipe map on the ESRI pages   

How politics buries science in landslide mapping   Bill Dedman, NBC News 4/6/14

Oso landslide on Inside Olympia Host: Austin Jenkins interviews Dave Norman, Eric Holdeman, and Peter Goldmark

Unearthing Landslides using lidar   Lidar News 2014, v.4 no. 7, p. 14.  Good writeup on the use of lidar with some excellent images by Klein, Bennett, and Brockway

60 seconds of terror, USGS animated model of the Oso landslide NBC News 

Animations show how the Oso landslide hit at 100 mph    April 11, 2014; animation and modelling by Dick Iverson of USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory; NewScientist  

USGS report on aggradation and land changes in the North Fork Stilliguamish River downstream of the Oso landslide