Where are they now? Centralia College earth science students explore the Earth

updated March 27, 2013

Kim Stone is working for WADNR Division of Geology;  Dustin Hicks is working for Halliburton in Vernal, Utah;

Kim Stone 

Kim took her AA degree at Centralia College in 2009 is now a at the Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources doing geologic mapping. Below she stands next to an echelon series of reverse faults the mapping team discovered along Hood Canal. 
Kim Stone stands at a fault outcrop along Hood Canal

Below Kim takes a sample of glacial sediments for luminescence dating.  
Kim Stone takes a luminescence sample from glacial lake sediments.

Dustin Hicks

Dustin took his AAS in Energy Technology from Centralia College in 2007, and took geology courses too. He later graduated from Montana Tech of the Univ. of Montana and now works for Halliburton in Vernal, Utah.
Dustin and a winter scene