Comments on Roadside geology of Mount Rainier National Park and vicinity, by Pat Pringle:

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The comments:

I just finished perusing the Roadside Geology of Mount Rainier National Park and Vicinity. What a masterpiece! The breadth and style of coverage, the rich illustrations, the overview sections, and the detailed road logs; all combine to make this one of the nicest publications I have seen. Congratulations!

Vincent Matthews
Geologist and Director
Colorado Geological Survey


Its a thing of beauty! …. I've enjoyed
paging through it and imagining myself on a field trip..

Ray E. Wells
U.S. Geological Survey.


[I] …began paging through your gorgeous Roadside Geology of Mount Rainier area. What a magnificent publication! …You have brought together almost unlimited information. It is an invaluable reference for me, and I am sure, for others. The photographs are terrific, showing excellent examples described in the text. And the maps are gorgeous, the colors most attractive. Every thing about the publication is first class. A most hearty congratulation, a job well done.

Paul Hammond
Professor Emeritus, PSU


It looks fantastic – wonderful graphics and great info

Rob Viens, Bellevue Community College


Just received a copy of the new opus. Just thumbed through it and read a few things here and there. Looks very well organized and surprisingly complete. Looking forward to reading the entire publication...This is a major addition to the book world!

I have my eye on some of your wonderful illustrations to use in talks, etc. If I were still teaching I would definitely use some in classroom situations.

I and I'm sure the rest of the geologic community thank you for making a very important compilation as well as your own contributions to our knowledge of Mt. Rainier and the Pacific Northwest.

Gene Kiver, Professor Emeritus, EWU


I just ordered your *fabulous* Roadside Geology of Mount Rainier. WOW!
The maps, diagrams, photos, etc. are all TERRIFIC!
I downloaded a copy too. I will encourage my summer teachers next year to think about Mount Rainier and its resources for teaching. Your book fits in well with David Biek's two books on the plants and trees of Mount Rainier National Park. It is like the whole picture is complete.
Your book is a wonderful resource - so detailed.

Katherine Glew, PhD
Program Organizer
The UW-HHMI Visit Biology Program
Curatorial Associate
Herbarium, Lichen Collection
University of Washington


I just ordered your book, and it came a couple days ago.  What a great job!  A tremendous amount of work and information and the guides look wonderful. Can't wait to hit the trails with it in hand.  You provided a great service to the world of geology.  Many thanks for your long labors.


George Sharp

Information Circular 107 … is beautiful, and loaded with information. I look forward to taking it with me whenever I am traveling to the mountain.

Stephen C. Porter,

Prof. Department of Earth and Space Sciences

Univ. of Washington



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