Field trip November 2 and related preparatory assignments

        This is a mandatory field trip, and counts for several labs. We will be going to several shoreline sites in southern Puget Sound.
        We will be going to the Nisqually Reach Nature Center at Luhr Beach. This is quite a dramatic location adjacent to the Nisqually Reach of Puget Sound and west of the Nisqually River Delta. After leaving the nature center we will to the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge to look at the exhibits and take a hike to see the area they are restoring.

Please examine the following flyers regarding the restoration—you can probably use some of the information therein to help your write up of the field trip (thanks to Kelley Turner from USGS for these):
First off, see the Nisqually delta monitoring page, where you will find a number of valuable resources including graphics and LiDAR maps; also, check out this Nisqually restoration brochure, and
Some of the scientific publications on the restoration of Nisqually estuary are accessible online.

This initial monitoring proposal lays out the purpose and plans for monitoring:
Another great place to research is the Washington DNR Nearshore Habitat Program. Please explore here including the shorezone inventory links at the bottom of the page. There is some good work going on to understand these areas. In particular see the "key findings" link for an overview.

updated October 23, 2013