Call for Papers and Registration

A joint event hosted by:

Northwest Scientific Association

82nd Annual Meeting,

Cascadia Prairie-Oak Partnership

Ecoregional Science Conference,

and Northwest Lichenologists

24–27 March 2010

Centralia College, WA


             Meeting Theme:

from Mount St. Helens to Oak-Prairie Lowlands

Disturbances, Biological Legacies, and Conservation


 NEW!! Program for the 2010 NWSA-CPOP Annual Meeting at Centralia College

It’s not too late to register:


NOTE: ALL REGISTRATIONS NOW $120 (students still $50)

Registration WITH MEETING OVERVIEW See this first! pdf w/ info; meeting overview showing schedule of sessions is at very end of document


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Registration form only (for printing out)  FAX to: BILLING OFFICE, 360-330-7501

Registration form, MS Word version  Fill in via computer & email to: ppringle 'at' with NWSA in subject line (if wary about emailing credit info, you may call Pat Pringle to leave your info in voice mail 360-736-9391 x550; please speak slowly and distinctly if you do this, and leave call-back number)

PLEASE NOTE: this is a FRAGRANCE-FREE meeting. Out or respect to those with chemical sensitivities, please do not use scented products.


Tentative Program

(March 25)

Plenary Session

FREDERICK "FRED" J. SWANSON: <Bio for Fred Swanson>

US Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station, Geomorphology, Ecosystem Disturbances

"Mount St. Helens: 30 years of learning about geology, ecology, and human dimensions"


GEROULD WILHELM:  <Bio for Gerould Wilhelm>

Principal Botanist/Ecologist, Conservation Design Forum




(Thursday evening, March 25)

GREGORY JOHN RETALLACK: <Bio for Gregory John Retallack>

Professor, University of Oregon

"The World's greatest midlife crisis in Antarctica—The Permian-Triassic extinctions"


NWSA-CPOP 2010 Meeting Web Site and Registration Link:


Join scientists from all over the Northwest, present your latest research and exchange ideas.

Abstracts for paper and poster presentations must be submitted by midnight, 28 February 2010.

Student participation encouraged

Please share this information with science students and colleagues who may not be members of NWSA!

Special Symposia:

* 30-Years of Research at Mount St. Helens: Lessons Learned, and Their Applications Around the World

* Floristic Quality Assessment: Opportunities for Application in the Pacific Northwest

* Prairie-Oak Woodland Restoration and Management

* The Biological, Landscape, and Disturbance Legacies of Railroad Logging:  50 to 130 Years of Post-Disturbance Recovery.

Technical Sessions for Contributed Papers/Posters

People-Plant Interactions On Prairie-Oak Woodland landscapes through time

Ecology and Management of Pacific Northwest Forests                  Pacific Northwest Lichens and their Ecology                               

Prescribed fire                                Invasive species control        Native plant materials production

Rare species reintroductions            Climate change                     Prairie-oak wildlife

Geology                                        Paleontology                        Quaternary geologic and environmental history                      

Cretaceous and Eocene Tectonics and Magmatism,   

Dynamic Earth—Geomorphological changes and geologic hazards of the Pacific Northwest


To be announced

Field Trips: Details of all field trips (scroll to the bottom of this link)


More details on the meeting will be posted soon at this website