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Earth Sciences Program

Earth SciencesInformation about the Earth Sciences program at Centralia College.


  • Astronomy (see online catalog and schedules)
  • Geography
    • GEOG 201 Physical Geography
  • Geology
    • GEOL 101 Physical Geology
    • GEOL 208 Geology of the Pacific NW
    • GEOL 108 Natural Hazards and Catastrophes
  • Oceanography  (See class schedule)
  • Science (Earth Systems)
    • SCIE 115 Weather and Climate
Mt. St. Helens


Mount St. Helens ash and gas emission on April 16, 1983 (photo by Pat Pringle).

It happened at CENTRALIA COLLEGE March 24–27, 2010:

Proceeding of the 2010 Northwest Scientific Assoc. 82nd Annual Meeting jointly hosted by the Cascadia Prairie-Oak Partnership and the Northwest Lichenologists