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Earth Sciences

Geology, Geography, Oceanography, Astronomy, Meteorology

The degree program in Earth Sciences transfers to four-year colleges and universities. Completion of the program qualifies a student for junior standing at most four-year colleges and universities in Washington and reasonably assures qualification outside of the state.

The program will not qualify students for junior standing in astronomy at the University of Washington because only one year of physics with calculus is offered at Centralia College.

Students not prepared to enter MATH& 131 and CHEM& 121 should plan on more than four years to complete a bachelorís degree in one of the earth sciences. For those students, a three-year program of study at Centralia College, carefully planned with an advisor, is recommended.


Mt. St. Helens


Mount St. Helens ash and gas emission on April 16, 1983 (photo by Pat Pringle).