Spring 2017 FIELDTRIP SCHEDULE for Centralia Earth Sciences

updated May 20, 2017

Geology of the Pacific NW, GEOl& 208

The fieldtrips will go on the following dates, weather permitting:

scheduled for Saturday, May 6, 2017               PUGET LOWLAND FIELDTRIP

scheduled for Sunday, May 21, 2017 —                COLUMBIA GORGE FIELDTRIP

scheduled for Saturday May 27, 2017—               WHITE PASS FIELD TRIP (short version for note taking)  see also WHITE PASS FIELDTRIP (long version!)


The following two trips are not scheduled for spring 2017:




NEW! Geology FIELDTRIP Guides Online A compilation put together by the WA DNR Division of Geology and Earth Resources

Also check the Washington Geology Library online or visit on the first floor of the Natural Resources Bldg in Olympia WA

Natural Hazards and Catastrophes, Geol 108

Saturday, May 13th 2017         Mount St. Helens FIELDTRIP … with other points in Lewis and Cowlitz Counties along the way. We will depart the parking area at the north side of WSC about 8:30 AM and  will return by 6:00 PM at the lastest

OCEANOGRAPHY FIELDTRIP, tentatively planned for late Octover or early Novembe 2017. We will depart the parking area at the north side of NSC about 8:30 AM and will return by 4:30 PM at the lastest.

FIELDTRIP consent form pdf      FIELDTRIP participant information form pdf 

Checklist for college-approved drivers only:

1. Drivers abstract ($13 at Dept. of Transportation—reimbursable; or online PLEASE GET RECEIPT      

       2. Take van safety training.