Geology assignments in The Essential Earth by Jordan and Grotzinger:

Updated November 29, 2010


Helpful Hints

Homework assignments    See below, revised Nov. 24th.         Geology assigments checklist



Final exam will be 9:00 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. on Tuesday Dec. 7.  Topics covered will include Chapter 13 (Earthquakes), and the main points in Chapters 8, 9, and 11 (geologic time, Earth history, and the hydrologic cycle). We will have review session on Friday at 9 AM.



Homework_assignments: Many from the book Essential Earth by Grotzinger and Jordan

Homework expectations: homework assignments, which include answering chapter questions, reviews of all videos shown in class, and other assignments, will be tallied up at 9 points each. However, two of the assingments will be optional. In other words, you can choose to skip two assignments during the quarter and still get full credit. The intent of homework is mainly to provide structured work that addresses basic learning objectives of the course and to allow another metric for assessment other than exams. Rubrics, or guidelines, such as that shown at  will be used to assess assignments.

Chapter 1 exercises:     due Wednesday September 22.

Chapter 2: exercises:    due Monday, September 27th.

Chapter 3 Exercises    due Thursday, September 30th.

Chapter 4 Exercises    due Thursday, October 7th    Due Monday Oct 3: Field-trip release form.

Chapter 5 Exercises    due Tuesday, October 12th

Chapter 6 Exercises    due Thursday, October 21, sedimentary rocks questions

Chapter 7 exercists     due Thursday November 4, metamorphic rocks questions.

Chapter 13, earthquakes. We finished this off on Monday Nov. 22 with the movie "The quake hunters", which is now "on reserve" in the Kirk Library, and then again on Nov. 23rd when we talked about tsunamis in class. If you missed this because of weather, then you will want to review the "tsunami" lecture handout online at the web page. Also, please do not miss more classes. In particular, the last class on Dec. 3 will be a review session for the final Exam. See exam schedule at top of page.  

Please skim Chapters 8 and 9 on geologic time and Earth history. We will also do Chapter 11 on hydrology.  The final will include chapters. 13, 8, 9, and 11 and anything we cover in class, including all films.



Lab safety notes

We occasionally may handle sharp rocks, volcanic glass such as obsidian, for example, or even glassy basalt. I should be obvious that glass is very sharp!

Please wear safety glasses. when breaking rocks with a rock hammer, whether it be in the field or in lab.

Wash your hands and the sample and blot dry after using weak hydrochloric acid on rocks. There are eyewash stations at the sinks on the north and south sides of the geology lab.


Lab week one:            

First thing: in the Busch lab manual Lab #1, p. 19, part 1B, Measuring Earth Materials. Do questions 69. See figure 1.15 on p. 21, then calculate the density of    basalt and the density of granite by measuring the weight of dry basalt fragments. Relate your results to how the continents (granitic) interact with the ocean floor (basaltic).

Second thing: Using the info in the Busch lab manual from p. 117, do your best to answer questions 15 on p. 18.

Lab week two:

We will start the Minerals lab. Try to get as many of the mineral lab handout questions done as you can before lab.

Lab week three:

Finish Minerals lab and have short quiz on about 7 or 8 minerals.

Lab week four

Igneour rocks lab.

Lab week five

Finish igneous rocks lab. Quiz on igneous rocks. Begin sedimentary rocks lab.

Lab week six

Begin sedimentary rocks lab.



Tests are typically mostly multiple choice with some matching, some true and false questions, and one or more "essay" questions that may require you to explain something or draw a concept map such as the rock cycle or hydrologic cycle.

Test 1 will be on Tuesday October 5 and will cover Chapters 13. We will have a review session on Monday October 4.