Physical Geography homework and lab assignments   SEE NOTE BELOW ON CANCELLED ASSIGNMENTS.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! We are using both a new textbook and lab materials, so assignments this quarter will be added on an “as we go” basis.


Lab book that is bundled with Elemental Geosystems is Encounter Geosystems by Christopherson and Thomsen

Homework assignments (updated 2/7/2013)


Read the paper on electronic reserve under my name in the Centralia College Kirk Library entitled The physical science behind climate change, by Collins and others, Scientific American, August 2007. NOTE: Because of the computer glitch—here is how you download the article after you log into Geology 108. To login to the article, the passwrd is GEOL

a) right click on the “Collins…” link and choose “Save target as”

b) then just save it to the computer desktop or to your flash drive and open in from there.

c) To login to the article, the passwrd is GEOL

Write several paragraphs stating some of the significant points the authors made in this article. From reading this article, does it appear that the authors of the IPCC report of 2007, which they comment on, have attempted to test previously unresolved issues or the critical comments of other scientists?  Give details. Please type this assignment. Assignments that are not typed will receive 1 point less credit. DUE: January 29.


Assignment. Weather description assignment [cancelled!]



IMPORTANT:  Find your access code on inside the front cover of Encounter Geosystems.

Go to to register, as directed.

You will submit some assignments and do some lab quizzes online: The Class ID is cm239584

Also, if you have your own computer, you probably will want to log into the Google Earth web page and download the software to your computer so you can work on labs there. See the comments on Google Earth program on p. iii of Encounter Geosystems.

Lab Assignment 1:

a) Do the login procedure for Encounter Geosystems book that is noted above. See if you can sign into the class noted. Also do the Prologue Exercise on p. v of Encounter Geosystems. Due Thursday.

b) We will work on assignment 1 p. 1 of Encounter Geosystems on Thursday in lab, so it is important that you do part “a” above first. You can start working on assignment 1 before Thursday.


Lab Assignment 2:  Try to get it done this week, and turn it in on January 19th.

a)      Go back to and log in using the password you created last time. Hopefully you remembered to write it down! If you have not done the Chapter 1 assignment yet that begins on p. 1, then you should begin that this week. Please note all the things you find ambiguous and confusing as you go along. I notice some really vague stuff in the way the questions were worded in the Prologue, so I expect we will find more. NOTE that you will have to go up to the pull down menu that is right under the main header, click on the down arrow symbol, and go the select the next chapter. Then click “Go”.

b)      You’ll notice after new page materializes that you’ll have to download a totally new kmz file, worksheet (unless doing it in your book), and quizzes.




Miscellaneous lab assignments

Centralia topographic map exercise     There is a map on reserve in the library if you miss this assignment

Video assigment 1

Watch Videos 1,2, and 3 of the Habitable Planet series. Take notes on these and write or type up a short summary of what you got out of each film. Please hand this in on Tuesday. You should be able to fit this on one page.

Video assignment 2

Watch Habitable Planet videos 8 and 12 and Earth Revealed videos 6 and 7. Please watch these videos with a critical eye and take notes. I'm not going to collect the notes, however I will include at least one question based on each video for the next exam. I think you'll enjoy these videos.


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