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Introduction to Environmental Science

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Assignment (NEW): Read the paper on electronic reserve under my name in the Centralia College Kirk Library entitled The physical science behind climate change, by Collins and others, Scientific American, August 2007. NOTE: Because of the computer glitch—here is how you download the article after you log into Geology 108-- To login to the article, the password is GEOL:

a) right click on the “Collins…” link and choose “Save target as”

b) then just save it to the computer desktop or to your flashdrive and open in from there.

Write several paragraphs stating some of the significant points the authors made in this article. From reading this article, does it appear that the authors of the IPCC report of 2007, which they comment on, have attempted to test previously unresolved issues or the critical comments of other scientists?  Give details. Please type this assignment. Assignments that are not typed will receive 1 point less credit. DUE: January 29.


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