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updated June 2, 2015


Research by undergraduates 

Tree-ring societies

Tree-ring labs

Tree-ring databases

Tree-ring weblinks

Books & misc on tree rings in the Kirk Library at Centralia College

Tree-ring software and utilities  


Tree-ring societies

The Tree-Ring Society

The Association for Tree-Ring Research



Tree-ring labs

Lab. of Tree-ring research at Univ. AZ --education tools

Tree-ring lab Lamont-Doherty at Columbia Univ.

Univ. of Arkansas Tree-Ring lab

Tree-ring databases

NOAA Paleoclimate--tree-ring data  

Tree-ring weblinks

The Ultimate Tree-ring web pages

Books on tree rings in the Kirk Library at Centralia College

Agee, J.K., Huff, M.H. 1986. The care and feeding of increment borers. CPSU/UW 86(3): 1-14.    KIRK LIBE Pringle e-res

Stokes, Marvin A.; Terah L. Smiley. 1996, Introduction to tree-ring dating:  BOOK

Good tree-ring references

Searchable bibliography of dendrochronology

Henri Grissino-Mayer's references and readings about dendrochronology   

Common and scientific names of trees of the Pacific Northwest, Oregon State Univ.  


ASCII text conversions utilities flip and ConvertNewlines (Mac)  as suggested by Dr. Hitoshi, Yonenobu (Naruto University of Education, Japan)

Pat's ImageJ measuring guide        ImageJ macro for measuring and labeling rings  

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