Introduction to Oceanography 2015

OCEA& 101A



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Class and Lab Assignments  PLEASE recheck this periodically!

Nisqually field assignment  pre-field trip

Study outline for Oceanography  not perfect, but it's a start...

Rubric for field reports 

Field trip consent form pdf      

Field trip schedule 2016  (not yet finalized)


Selected links   

Online Oceanography textbook by Robert H. Stewart

Earth science resources;  

Annenberg Foundation Earth Revealed online videos

Check out geologic materials on reserve at the Kirk Library at Centralia College. Other relevant links are listed therein.

Lectures (old versions)

Ch_1_Intro_to_planet_Earth                Ch_2_tectonics_ocean_floor                CH_3_Marine_provincesCh_4_Marine_sediments         Ch_5_Seawater

         Ch_6_air_sea         Chp_10_beaches      Ch_7_ocean_currents_el_nino      Ch_9_tides



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