Geology 101: Introduction to Geology

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GEOL 101
Explore earth materials, processes and structures within a plate tectonics framework: origin and structure of the earth, rocks and minerals, geologic time, fossils and evolution, earthquakes and volcanoes, ocean basins, formation of landscapes, special topics. No course prerequisites; concurrent enrollment in GEOL 101L or instructor permission. S.

Learn how to recognize earth materials, features, and structures. Identification of common rocks and minerals; topographic and geologic maps. Concurrent enrollment in GEOL 101 or instructor permission. S.

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Lectures from Fall 2010

Ch_1_why_study_geology   Ch_2_how_we_study_geology       Ch_3_plate_tectonics      Ch_4_min_rx      Chap. 5 Igneous Rocks and volcanism    Ch_7_metamorphic    Ch_13_earthquakes

Chapt. 8--geologic time       Ch_9_Earth_history       Ch-11_H2O        



(old stuff) Lectures from Winter 2010    Intro to Geology, Chapter 1       Mineral summary, part 1, chap2       Minerals, part 2     Rock cycle, chap. 3

Chp4_ingeous rx          Volcanic hazards lecture      Volcano types part 1      Volcano types part 2

      Sedimentary rocks        Metamorphic rocks        Chap. 11 Structures..earthquakes      Chap. 15 Mass wasting

Mass wasting (small) screen version


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