Geology 100 — Geology for Engineering and Environmental Sciences

NOTE: This page is somewhat redundant to the material posted on CANVAS, however, I will try to keep this up to date. Be sure to check for updates of assignments and of study guides and resources!

Syllabus     Pat Pringle's spring quarter schedule  

Labs and Assigments [in progress] 

Study guides and resources    Don’t forget to log into the Earth Revealed video series at the Annenberg Foundation (see resources links below under “videos”). There are some terrific learning tools around.

The main student resources page

Field trip consent form pdf      Field trip participant information form pdf 

Check out geologic materials on reserve at the Kirk Library at Centralia College. Other relevant links are listed therein.


Pipkin_chp1      Pipkin_chp2     Pats rock cycle lecture      Earthquakes      5_volcanoes and their hazards     6_weathering-soils     7_Mass movement         glaciers and glacial deposits          coastal processes and landforms

Earth Sciences at Centralia College

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