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Dramatic Arts Program

Theatre—great stories told here. Audiences wanted.

Theatre lives in the present tense. It is always here and now. Whether the story is drawn from ancient Greece or set in some futuristic world of tomorrow, the sense of occasion and participation make it a communal event.

Centralia College boasts two state-of-the-art theatres: the 506-seat Margaret Corbet Theatre and an intimate 110-seat studio theatre, the Phillip Wickstrom Studio Theatre. More than 150 productions have entertained and enlightened our campus and community since 1935 (see our production history). We invite you to attend an upcoming production or, if you're so inclined, take a class, audition or help us in some technical capacity. Like theatre itself, we're here to serve you.

"Believing in the power of the theatre is like believing in religion: you have to experience its effect in order to understand the attraction to it."
-Richard Eyre, Changing Stages

Corbet Theatre

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Emmy Kreilkamp, Professor