updated 7/11/18

ENGL 093
Independent Study (1-5)
Individualized instruction for the student whose needs are not currently being met by the available course offerings. Specialized curriculum and instruction are developed to meet each students needs. Permission of instructor only.

ENGL 094
Spelling (1-5)
Topics covered in this course include basic spelling patterns, commonly confused words, apostrophe use, capitalization, plural formation, and how pronunciation helps to improve spelling. Students utilize materials according to pretesting information.

ENGL 095
Vocabulary Development I (1-5)
Builds a base of words used in everyday communication, provides systematic study, increases proficiency in oral and written communication and reading comprehension. Students are given a placement test and assigned materials at an appropriate level.

ENGL 096
Vocabulary Development II (1-5)
Builds a base of words used in everyday communication, provides systematic study, increases proficiency in oral and written communication and reading comprehension. Students are given a placement test and assigned materials at an appropriate level.

ENGL 097
Vocabulary Development III (1-5)
Course provides a systematic study of college level academic words and their roots, prefixes, and suffices to increase proficiency in oral and written communication.

ENGL 098
Writing & Grammar Review (1-5)
Study proper word usage, sentence structure, and punctuation. Writing includes personal essays and summaries. Emphasis is on improving grammar and writing skills for personal needs and preparation for technical coursework. Prerequisite: students must meet mandatory placement requirements to enroll.

ENGL 099
Fundamentals of English (1-5)
Prepares students for college composition. Students analyze texts, review sentence structure and punctuation, and write several short essays and other writing. Students must meet mandatory placement requirements to enroll.

ENGL& 101
English Composition I (C) (5)
An expository writing course encouraging students to think and write clarity and conciseness; to organize and develop their ideas; and to express themselves sharply, economically, and grammatically. Students must meet mandatory placements to enroll. Prerequisite: Placement into ENGL& 101 or 5 credits of ENGL 099 or WRT 105 with 2.0+

ENGL& 102
Composition II (C) (5)
A course in argumentative and persuasive writing, methods of research, development and preparation of original source-based papers and projects. Prerequisite: completion of ENGL& 101 with a minimum grade of 2.0.

ENGL 103
Writing for College (1)
Lab hours in the Writing Center will support skill development and confidence in specific aspects of college writing, to be defined in an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) with instructor.

ENGL& 111
Intro to Literature (H) (5)
Introduces the major genres, techniques and themes of literature by examining the work of a variety of classic and contemporary authors.

ENGL& 113
Intro to Poetry (H) (5)
Introduction to modern poetry (mid-19th c. to present) through the study of major English language poets: their lives, influences, and works. Prerequisite: ENGL 101.

ENGL& 114
Intro to Dramatic Lit (H) (5)
Survey of dramatic literature from classical Greek to modern plays, emphasizing basic elements of plot, character, language, and the traditional genres of tragedy and comedy. Students will attend two plays at their own expense.

ENGL 160
Women's Literature (D)(H) (5)
Examines literature written by women to understand how gender, class and race shape their experience and their writing. Genres will include poetry, short stories, non-fiction, fiction and drama. College-level reading and writing skills expected.

ENGL 180
Short Fiction (H) (5)
Survey of short story as representational vehicle in romanticism, realism, modernism, horror, satire, science fiction, magical realism. Primarily American in focus; includes cross-cultural comparisons. College-level reading, writing skills expected. Creative writing options. Prerequisite: college level reading and writing skills.

ENGL 204
Introduction to Shakespeare (H) (5)
Learn about the life, times and works of William Shakespeare, how Elizabethans' likes and dislikes, superstitions, and social order influenced this golden age of the theatre by studying six of the Bard's 37 plays.

ENGL 208
Intro to Creative Writing (H) (5)
Writers will move beyond the traditional "academic essay" into an exploration of literary genres to include poetry, creative nonfiction, short fiction, and drama. Prerequisite: college-level writing: test into ENGL& 101.

ENGL 209
The Hero's Quest: Survey of Eng Lit 7th Cent (H) (5)
Surveys how medieval and early Renaissance English writers explored issues like the relationship between rulers and subjects, God and free will, and the war between the sexes. Covers the Beowulf poet, Chaucer, Shakespeare, and more.

ENGL 210
The Crisis of Faith: Survey Engl Lit 1616 (H) (5)
Surveys late Renaissance through Enlightenment writers like John Donne, Ben Johnson, Andrew Marvell, John Milton, Daniel Defoe, Jonathan Swift, Alexander Pope, and Samuel Johnson, emphasizing how writers reflected social concern about faith, politics, and gender roles.

ENGL 211
Survey of English Literature: 1798 - Present (H) (5)
This survey studies how, amid political, technological, religious, and artistic ferment, English literature was transformed by the Romantic poets, the rise of the Victorian novel, and the innovations of modern fiction, drama, and poetry.

ENGL 220
American Drama (H) (3)
Presents six classic American plays which deal with society and family expectations. Students will view, analyze, discuss, and write on the literary components and substance of these plays.

ENGL 233
Literature for Children and Adolescents (H) (5)
Introduction to historical framework of this genre of literature and the authors and illustrators of children's books from pre-school to adolescence. Classics as well as contemporary publications included. Reading to children at day-care included.

ENGL& 235
Technical Writing (C) (5)
An alternative to ENGL& 102 for science and engineering majors, focused on writing with clarity, objectivity, audience awareness, proper formats as well as research techniques, problem-solving, critical thinking and development of source-based writing. Prerequisite: completion of ENGL& 101 with a minimum grade of 2.0.

ENGL& 244
American Literature I (H) (5)
Surveys three American literary movements: Puritans, Colonialists, and American Renaissance/Transcendentalism. Examines rise of a distinctly American literature, focusing on themes of faith, work, self government, race and gender. Prerequisite: ENGL& 101 with 2.0 or better or instructor permission.

ENGL& 245
American Literature II (D)(H) (5)
American literature from Civil War to World War I: Gilded Age of industry/capital, labor movement, postwar race relations, westward expansion, gender issues/ suffrage, shift from romanticism to realism/naturalism in prose and poetry. Prerequisite: ENGL& 101 w/2.0 or better or instructor permission.

ENGL& 246
American Literature III (D)(H) (5)
Surveys development and diversification of American literature from Roaring 20s to the present, including modernist innovations in poetry/prose, the Beats, Harlem Renaissance, Latino/a, Asian American, Native American, feminist, environmental, science, and dystopian fictions. Prerequisite: ENGL& 101 w/2.0 or better or instructor's permission.

ENGL 249
The Great American Novel (H) (5)
Explore development of the American novel, its major themes and stylistic techniques, focusing on classics by writers like Hawthorne, Melville, Twain, Chopin, Hemingway, Faulkner, Morrison, as well as evaluating contemporary works. Prerequisite: ENGL& 101 with 2.0 or better or instructor permission.

ENGL 250
Literary Themes (1-5)
A major theme is followed through important works of fiction, poetry, and drama. Themes vary depending on the instructor and the quarter in which it is offered.

ENGL 251
Science Fiction(H) (5)
Surveys rise and development of science fiction, focusing on short stories; students may address novels in course projects. Explores common themes; science fiction as social commentary; technology; war; relationships; race; gender; defining "human." Creative writing options. Prerequisite: ENGL& 101.

ENGL 260
Non-Western World Literature (D)(H) (5)
Literature of the non-western world, ancient times to the present: Middle East, India, Africa, China, Japan, Americas focusing on how literature expresses these cultures' spiritual traditions, political values, gender issues, environmental beliefs. Prerequisite: ENGL& 101 with 2.0 or better or instructor permission.

ENGL 271
Intermediate Creative Writing (3)
Students will hone their creative writing, workshopping, and revising skills while working on an individual project. Prerequisite: ENGL 208 and instructor permission.

ENGL 272
Advanced Creative Writing (3)
For serious students who wish to prepare a manuscript for publication and/or writing program admission. Emphasis on workshopping, and revising of an individual project. Prerequisite: ENGL 271 and instructor permission.