Electronics, Robotics & Automation

updated 7/11/18

ERA 101
Electronics Assembly (5)
Techniques of electronics assembly using through-hole and surface mount components. Schematics and computer aided design will be studied. Heavy emphasis placed on personal and component safety and Electro-Static Discharge (ESD). Pre/Corequisite: MATH 098, ENGL 099 or equivalents.

ERA 117
Adv AC/DC Electronics (4)
Advanced theorems, analysis and troubleshooting of Direct and Alternating Current. Devices including inductors and variable resistors and capacitors will be studied. Circuit simplification theorems will be studied and demonstrated. Prerequisite ERA 116 or MEC 116.

ERA 170
Solid State Devices (4)
Applications of circuits using solid state electronic devices will be studied. Course content will include diodes, transistors, solid state relays, operational amplifiers and their respective applications in sensory and device control circuits. Prerequisite: ERA 115.

ERA 212
Digital Electronics (4)
Digital logic systems and devices, boolean and hexadecimal numbering systems, combinational logic sequences and application of logic systems. Lab section emphasizes safety and electro-static discharge avoidance. Prerequisites: MATH 115, ERA 115.

ERA 230
Robotic Controllers (4)
Introduction to robotic control systems and input/output processing. Platforms studied will include microcontrollers, computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines, various types of motor drive controllers and integration of input devices and sensors into algorithms to drive outputs. Prerequisite: TMATH 122 or equivalent.

ERA 235
Communication Systems (3)
Survey of communication systems used in electronics. Wired systems will include Serial, Parallel, Ethernet, fiber optic, industrial communication protocols and others. Wireless systems will include RF, IR, Bluetooth and wi-fi including basic applications in robotics.

ERA 240
Amplifiers (5)
Amplifier applications in audio and industrial settings. Topics will include small and large signal voltage and current amplifiers, analog and solid state configurations and applications to audio, sensing and measurement, and digital comparison circuits. Prerequisite: ERA 170.

ERA 252
Data Processing for Automation (3)
Introduction to retrieving, storing, processing and reporting data from input devices common to an industrial setting. A heavy emphasis will be placed on MS spreadsheet and database applications. Prerequisites: ERA 121, ERA 170.

ERA 276
Robotics Capstone (3)
Class will cover project management through research and product development. Students will be required to supply project proposals, plans, budgets, structured updates and technical reports. Effective time management, communication and team dynamics will be emphasized. Prerequisite: instructor permission.