Diesel Equipment Technology

updated 6/22/15

DET 100
Shop Skills (7)
Theory and application of basic tools and practices as used in heavy equipment repair facilities.

DET 102
Forklift Certification (1)
A comprehensive classroom training along with practical, hands-on instruction on forklift operation and safety. Course covers state and federal regulations and proper operator training. Students are awarded a certification card upon successful completion. Prerequisite: DET 100.

DET 110
Mobile Electrical Systems I (7)
The exploration and application of fundamental principles of direct current electrical systems found on mobile equipment. Prerequisite: DET 100 or instructor permission.

DET 120
Internal Combustion Engines I (7)
This course covers the operating principles of internal combustion engines. A variety of diesel engines will be disassembled and reassembled with the use of service manuals. Prerequisite: DET 110 or instructor permission.

DET 125
Power Transmission (7)
The theory and application of mechanical power transmitting devices and associated components as used in diesel powered equipment.

DET 126
Power Transmission I Lab (4)
The application of mechanical power transmission and components. Repair and overhaul of components is studied and practiced in the lab. Corequisite: DET 125.

DET 130
Mobile Hydraulic Systems (7)
Students will be introduced to terminology, physical properties, and principles relating to mobile hydraulic equipment. Students will engage in practical exercises that will aid in the understanding of basic hydraulic systems. Prerequisite: DET 110 or instructor permission.

DET 166
Shop Skills for Welders (3)
Develop practical work skills and work habits in the student. Includes safety procedures and practices, proper use and maintenance of common shop equipment and common processes and materials of metal products fabrication and manufacturing.

DET 190
Cooperative Work Experience (1-15)
Cooperative Work Experience allows students to apply classroom learning to on-the-job settings. Credit is earned for new and continued learning taking place in the work environment. Positive work habits are emphasized. Prerequisite: instructor permission and Cooperative Work Experience Seminar.

DET 200
Mobile Electrical Systems II (7)
Students will examine electrical components and electronic systems. This course will cover electronic control modules and advanced direct current troubleshooting. Prerequisite: DET 110 or instructor permission.

DET 210
Power Transmission II (7)
The study of power shift and automatic transmissions as used in diesel powered equipment. Prerequisite: DET 125

DET 215
Preventive Maintenance and Inspection (1)
The study of appropriate procedures and practices of vehicle and machinery preventive maintenance and inspection. Compliance with state and federal regulations is covered.

DET 216
Preventive Maintenance and Inspection Lab (2)
The application of designing and implementing a preventive maintenance program and the practice of appropriate inspection of vehicles and machinery. Computer related exercises are required. Corequisite: DET 215

DET 220
Internal Combustion Engines II (7)
This course will cover diesel engine analysis and testing for optimal performance and longevity. Students will perform live engine testing, troubleshooting, and repairs. Prerequisite: DET 110 or instructor permission.

DET 225
Heavy-Duty Chassis Systems (7)
The study and application of heavy duty chassis systems used in diesel powered equipment. Pre-requisite: Completion of 1st year diesel classes.

DET 230
Practical Shop Applicati (7)
The discussion and implementation of proper shop practices and repair procedures.

DET 235
Mobile HVAC Systems (7)
The theory and application of basic principles used in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems of diesel powered equipment.