Computer Science

updated 8/19/14

CST 101
Intro to Programming (4)
This course provides an introduction to programming using Microsoft Visual Studio. Course focus is on building basic Windows Forms graphical applications.

CST 119
Web Scripting I (4)
This course is designed for new web designers who want to develop, modify and design web sites and web graphics using Macromedia products.

CST 120
Introduction to Web Design (4)
Create well-designed and effective Web pages. Hands-on computer projects help develop the basic application and design skills to create professional, eye-catching Web sites.

CS& 131
Computer Science I C++ (5)
Intended as an introduction to programming. Emphasis is on the features of the ā€œCā€ programming language with an introduction to C++ object oriented programming and good programming style.

CS& 141
Computer Science I Java I (5)
A study of rapid application development (RAD) JAVA. Development of GUIs using Swing Technology. Object Oriented Programming as it is implemented in JAVA. Introduction to graphics, animation, and multi-threading. Prerequisite: MATH 099 or equivalent.

CST 204
XML (3)
XML (Extensible markup language), XHTML, Cascading style sheets, Document Type Definitions, Schema, Document Object Model, XPath, XSL. Prerequisite: CST 119.

CST 228
How to connect to and query a database-based on client requests. Answers will be processed using Java Servlets and Java Server Pages. Data will be presented to the client as a dynamic web page. Prerequisite: CST 224 or CS& 141.

CST 230
JAVA: Server Side Programming III (5)
A second course in how to build and program dynamic web applications. Topics include: creating custom tags, integrating email into web applications, specialized servlets, Hibernate, Java Server faces, Struts and deployment strategies. Prerequisite: CST 228