updated 7/9/18

CHEM& 121
Introduction to Chemistry (NS) (5)
Survey of chemistry with applications in everyday life: atoms, bonds, reactions, and calculations. Prerequisite: one year HS algebra or MATH 098.

CHEM& 131
Introduction to Organic/Biochemistry (NS) (5)
Study of major organic functional groups and their properties and major biochemical compounds including carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and major cellular energy pathways. Targeted for allied health programs. Prerequisite: CHEM& 121 with a 2.0 or instructor permission.

CHEM 159
Problem Solving in Chem (1)
This course is designed to provide instruction and practice in quantitative problem solving, critical thinking, and the mathematics and study skills that are required to be successful in CHEM& 161. Corequisite: CHEM& 161.

CHEM& 161
General Chem w/lab I (NS) (6)
First of a three-quarter sequence for science and engineering majors. Includes matter, measurements, equations, stoichiometry, solution chemistry, gasses, thermochemistry, quantum theory, and electronic structure. Problem solving and critical thinking are stressed. Includes lab. Prerequisite: CHEM& 121 (minimum 2.0) and MATH 099 or equiv., or instructor permission.

CHEM& 162
General Chemistry w/lab II (NS) (6)
Second of a three-quarter sequence. Includes periodic trends, chemical bonding and structure, valence bond/molecular orbital theory, intermolecular forces, liquids and solids, solutions, and kinetics. Lab emphasizes data analysis and interpretation. Prerequisite: CHEM& 161 with a 2.0 or better or instructor permission.

CHEM& 163
General Chemistry III w/lab (NS) (6)
Third of a three-quarter sequence. Includes equilibrium, acids and base and solubility equilibria, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and an introduction to organic and nuclear chemistry. May include polymers, transition metal, and/or coordination chemistry. Prerequisite: CHEM& 162 with a 2.0 or better or instructor permission.

CHEM& 261
Organic Chemistry I (NS) (6)
General physical and chemical properties of simple aliphatic and aromatic compounds. Prerequisite: CHEM& 161, 162, 163 or instructor permission.

CHEM& 262
Organic Chemistry w/lab II (6)
Complex organic reactions: alkenes; alkynes; aromatics, aldehydes, ketones. Spectroscopy. Prerequisite: CHEM& 261 or equivalent.

CHEM& 263
Organic Chemistry w/lab III (6)
Complex organic reactions: acids, amines; carbanions, heterocycles; polyfunctional compounds. Prerequisite: CHEM& 262 or equivalent.

CHEM 270
Research in Chemistry (1-12)
Design a research project, set up experiments, collect data in the lab or in the field, and/or analyze data. Each credit hour requires 33 hours of activity per quarter. Prerequisite: instructor permission.