Civil Engineering

updated 6/22/15

CET 100
Intro Civil Engineering (2)
Introduction to the field of Civil Engineering with discussion of the history and practice of civil engineering, sustainability, career success, and the various disciplines within the field of Civil Engineering.

CET 101
Flagger Certification (1)
Course meets the Department of Labor and Industries State Certification and safety requirements for traffic control. Traffic control situations will be demonstrated. Three-year photo certification card issued upon successful completion.

CET 260
Hydraulics (5)
A study in the basic theory of hydrostatics and fluid mechanics with emphasis on the fundamentals of flow in pipes and open channels and the construction of water distribution systems. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 2.0 in CET 122, 132 and 152.

CET 261
Environmental Technology (5)
Introduction to environmental technology focusing on sanitary sewerage, septic systems, stormwater quality and treatment, and the environmental impacts of land development. Prerequisite: minimum 2.0 grade in CET 260.

CET 271
Land Planning & Permitting (2)
Study of the fundamentals of land use planning and urban design methods related to land development projects. Focus on project permitting processes at the city, county, and state levels in accordance with Washington State laws. Corequisite: CET 270.