Business Administration

updated 7/18/16

BUS& 101
Intro to Business (5)
Introduction to the world of business. Emphasis will include functions of business, management, types of business ownership, human resources, production, marketing, ethics, and the role of accounting.

BUS 121
Business Math (5)
Surveys the commercial application of mathematics designed to assess and analyze business activities and their effect on cost, profitability and overall performance. Prerequisite: MATH 096 or equivalent test score.

BUS 161
Leadership Development (2)
Leadership is a key component to success in the 21st century. This course provides an introduction to the evolution of leadership, leadership styles, and traits needed for effective leadership in today's workplace.

B A 190
Cooperative Work Experience (1-12)
This is a three way partnership involving Centralia College, The student, and an employer from the community working together to extend classroom learning to the workplace. Students are placed in jobs relating to their field of study or career plans. A total of 10 credits are required to graduate from the Marketing/Management program. Prerequisite: Instructor's permission.

BUS& 201
Business Law (5)
Introduction to state and federal constitution, laws and procedures including international trade, crimes, torts, contracts, sales, property, bankruptcy, securities, consumer protection, employment, and debtor-creditor relationships. The relationship between ethics and law will be discussed.

BUS 203
Human Resource Management (5)
Introduction to fundamental concepts of human relations management. This course will focus on recruiting, employee selection and training, employee performance and compensation, and employee laws and labor. Prerequisite: BUS& 101, college level reading and writing.

BUS 215
Principles of Finance (5)
An introduction to the sources and uses of funds in a business. Focuses on ratio analysis, cost-volume-profit analysis, business valuation, and the relationship between risk and rate of return. Emphasizes the managerial implications of financial risk. Prerequisite: ACCT& 201.

BUS 220
Marketing (5)
A broad overview of the market structure and marketing philosophies currently being used in business. Includes a description, analysis, and evaluation of the marketing system. Each student will conduct a marketing research project.

B A 223
Principles of Retailing (Merchandising) (5)
Overview of Retail Merchandising including: Potential careers, retail planning factors, the work environment, retail customers, legal and ethical behavior, location analysis managing retail operations, merchandise buying factor, fashion, and issues involved in managing human resources.

BUS 225
Money and Banking (5)
An introduction to the core principles of money and banking. Topics to be discussed include interest rates, financial instruments, financial markets, financial institutions, central banks, monetary policy, financial stability, and modern monetary economics. Prerequisite: ACCT& 201, 202.

BUS 232
Entrepreneurship (5)
Experience the challenge and reward of planning a new business. Topics include: development of a business plan, failure factors in small businesses, capital, accounting, financial statements, marketing, human resource management, legal/regulatory issues and management principles. Prerequisite: BUS& 101; ACCT& 201, BUS 220.

BUS 235
Investments (5)
An introduction to the theory of investments. Topics to be discussed include interest rates, mutual funds, bond prices and yields, diversification, futures contracts, stock options, and risk and rate of return. Prerequisite: ACCT& 201, 202.

BUS 240
Merchandising Management (5)
This course emphasizes the principles and concepts of merchandising management and studies store management, inventory control, purchasing, pricing, logistics, customer relationship management, and advertising.

BUS 250
Project Management (5)
Explore the concept of projects and the unique administrative approach needed to successfully complete a project on time and within budget. Identify the components of projects and the tools available to track project progression.

BUS 270
International Business (5)
This course is an introduction to international business. Management, accounting and finance, marketing, importing and exporting and strategy as they relate to international business will be emphasized.

BUS 275
Principles of Management (5)
Management styles and effective management of personnel from the manager's side of business. The course is built around the five traditional functions of management and exploring management problems and practices. Real-life case problems used.