updated 7/3/18

ANTH& 100
Survey of Anthropology (D)(SS) (5)
Participate in a four-field approach to the study of the diversity of humans and human cultures. Explore subfields of anthropology: social/cultural anthropology, physical/biological anthropology, archaeology, and anthropological linguistics.

ANTH& 205
Biological Anthropology (NS) (5)
Exploration of human biology, evolution, paleontology, taxonomy, primatology, genetics and human variation. A student cannot receive credit for both ANTH& 205 and ANTH& 215.

ANTH& 206
Cultural Anthropology (D)(SS) (5)
Explore the whole of the human social and cultural world by means of investigating other people's beliefs and behaviors. Through a cross-cultural perspective we attempt to understand others in order to better learn about ourselves.

ANTH& 210
Indians of North America (D)(SS) (5)
Investigate cultural systems of beliefs, behaviors and technology practiced by native North American peoples. Learn about subsistence patterns, exchange and trading relationships, marriage and the family, political organization, the life cycle, religion, belief and knowledge.

ANTH& 215
Bioanthropology w/Lab (NS) (5)
Exploration of human biology, evolution, paleontology, taxonomy, primatology, genetics and human variation.

ANTH 225
Cultural & Ethnic Pluralism (D)(SS) (5)
Examine ethnicity, ethnic identity, and cultural characteristics of ethnic and social groups in North America and around the world. Understand the relationship between social organization and forms of social, economic, and political domination and subordination.

ANTH 235
Myth, Ritual, and Magic (D)(SS) (5)
Experience the supernatural and religious beliefs of peoples and cultures. Examine different modes of constructing "reality" and "belief" as well as their methods of ritual application in societies worldwide.

ANTH& 236
Introduction to Forensic Anthropology (NS) (5)
Students will explore forensic anthropology method and theory, forensic taphonomy theory and practice, research methods, and the processing, analysis, and identification of human remains.

ANTH 260, 261, 262, 263
Latin America Field Trip I-IV (D) (5)
Explore the culture(s) and language(s) of a specific region of Latin American through first-hand experience. Contact instructors or follow Field Trip links on Anthropology or Foreign Language pages of college website for current information. Prerequisite: instructor permission.