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Nursing Assistant  Certified (NAC)

This comprehensive training course provides basic awareness of the role of the nursing assistant in nursing care and skill development in the several facets of that care. Nursing Assistants are qualified to work under the direction of registered nurses and licensed practical nurses and assist in the care of patients in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Includes maintaining a safe environment for the patient, restorative care, communicating with patients, and basic concepts of care.  Click here to download the current  NAC class schedule (pdf).

Class Requirements

  • Students must have their 2-step TB test done prior to clinicals if they have not kept their TB shots up-to-date yearly.
  • Students need to have a:
    - gait belt,
    - watch with second hand,
    - scrubs (any color), and
    - white shoes.
  • Background checks will be performed on all students. Students with exclusionary findings may not be able to participate in the clinical experience. A list of exclustionary offenses can be found in the Workforce Office
  • Students are responsible for the $110 Nursing Assistant license fee if they are wanting to be certified with the state.

Nurse Delegation, Mental Health, Dementia

Nurse Delegation, Mental Health and Dementia are additional certifications availalbe for NAC. Students have the opportunity to take 1, 2 or all 3 classes depending on the skills they would like to obtain. The courses are intended for Washington State caregivers who work in or will work in specific community-based long-term care settings. Click here to download the current Nurse Delegation, Mental Health, and Dementia class schedule (pdf).