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Teens Entering Education Now (TEEN)

This program is designed to provide support services for high-school aged students to be successful in high school graduation and parenting. Participants are able to attend classes, obtain high school graduation and gain parenting skills. The program will assist students in creating a network of other resources and expose them to opportunities academically and vocationally.

Enrolled students complete high school and college level courses to earn their high school diploma. All students enrolled take a vocational college credit parenting class. The curriculum is interactive and hands-on.

Child care is available to students enrolled in courses at Centralia College. Transportation may be available to and from school. Contact personnel to inquire about this possibility.

High School Completion: Students enroll in and complete high school and college level courses for the purpose of earning a high school diploma.

Parent Education: All parents enrolled in TEEN take a vocational, college credit parenting class through the program. The curriculum is interactive, hands-on and developmentally appropriate for teen parents. A strong occupational therapy component makes parent education more relevant to general sequencing, critical thinking and problem solving skills. All parents spend time in the TEEN Child Care as part of their parenting credits.

mother with son

Child Care: The lack of reliable, quality child care is one of the largest barriers to young parents completing their education. The TEEN Program runs three rooms of licensed, fully staffed child care rooms. Age groupings address the specific developmental needs of young children. Bulletin boards, art projects and parent resources available in the child care rooms is closely linked and integrated to other program components such as core course and parenting class.

Van Transportation: A program van meets the need for reliable transportation to and from school. Many young parents enrolled in the TEEN Program live in more remote rural areas where bus transportation is not available. Van service has increased rider's attendance by 30%.


Jamie Baker, Program Assistant
(360) 736-9391, ext 341

Kristi Jewell, Program Manager/Ed. Support
(360) 736-9391, ext. 650