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Competency Based Education Business Professionals in a meeting

Competency Based Business Degree - (no longer taking enrollments at this time)

With Competency Based Education (CBE), you use your experience in work and life to earn a college degree.

At Centralia College, CBE can be used to earn an associate degree in business. You'll prove you know the information by completing assignments and passing tests online.

  • Earn credit for what you know. Use what you already know from work or life to pass assessments and prove your knowledge.
  • Start during any three months of the enrollment period. Earn your degree without being locked into (or out of) a traditional quarter system.
  • Advance at your own pace. Use the flexible CBE structure to progress by passing assessments when you are ready.
  • Receive personalized support. Get help from an on-site program guide, highly qualified instructors, and a CBE Completion Coach.
  • Program Length

    Centralia College's CBE Business Degree is an accelerated, self-paced program. You can complete the program modules as soon as you're able. This allows you to progress quickly and save money.

    CBE Educational Plan
  • Important Dates
    Term One: January - June

    Students can begin in January, February, or March.

    Term Two: July - December

    Students can begin in July, August, or September.

  • Start Today

    It's easy to get started in Centralia College's CBE Business Degree. Follow these steps. If you have any questions, contact the CBE Program Guide at 360-736-9391, ext. 608.

    CBE Application Steps:
    The following steps need to be completed by each CBE applicant -
    1. Apply to Centralia College using the FREE online application.
    2. Complete your financial aid file (this includes the FAFSA, Financial Aid Data Sheet, Applicaiton for Admission, etc.).
    3. Complete the COMPASS placement test.
    4. Contact the Centralia College CBE Program Guide for a transcript review and program evaluation. Please include the following when contacting the program guide:
      • An unofficial copy of your transcripts
      • COMPASS placement test scores
      • Any questions you have about the program

    Students who plan to transfer credits from another college or university must submit official transcripts to the Centralia College admissions office. This process may take 4-6 weeks.

    After meeting with the program guide, your information will be forwarded to the CBE Completion Coach, who will then contact you to further discuss program specifics and your educational plan.

    Acceptance decisions for the CBE program will be mailed to each applicant by the CBE Completion Coach once all steps have been completed.

  • Prerequisites

    You must demonstrate college readiness by taking a COMPASS assessment.

  • Transfer Options

    The CBE Business Degree is designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a bachelor's degree in business.

    If you complete the CBE Business Degree at Centralia College, you are eligible for priority status in Centralia College's Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Management program.

  • Why Centralia College?

    Accelerated Pace
    You can advance as soon as you successfully complete all of the necessary assessments. There's no waiting for specific classes or following a set path.

    Flat Rate Tuition
    Tuition is charged at a flat rate every six months (you pay for time, not credits). The faster you finish, the more money you save.

    No Textbook Costs
    The CBE Business Degree program uses free online resources. You won't buy traditional textbooks.

    Personal Support
    You receive personalized support from highly qualified instructors, a CBE Completion Coach, and a Centralia College Program Guide to provide on-site assistance.


Katie Dailey
CBE Guide