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Cancelled Classes

Updated: January 12, 2017 - 9:35am


NOTE: Students who have instructors using CANVAS should also check their CANVAS classroom for instructor postings.

Individual Class Cancellations are as follows:

Dept/Div Instructor Days Time Room
All Classes Roberta Abarca - Student should check Web Assign & CANVAS      
All Classes Mark Brosz - Check CANVAS      
All Classes Chris Carlson - Check CANVAS      
PSYC& 200A4 Atara MacNamara Daily 9-9:50am WSC 107
PSYC& 100B4 Atara MacNamara Daily 11-11:50am WSC 107
ENGL& 102C3 Theresa Waliezer Daily 10-10:50am WSC 206
ENGL& 102D3 Theresa Waliezer Daily 11-11:50am WSC 110
ENGL& 101G3 Theresa Waliezer Daily 12-12:50pm WSC 110
ENGL& 102B3 Susanne Weil Daily 9-9:50am WSC 208
ENGL& 102E3 Susanne Weil Daily 12-12:50pm WSC 206
ENGL& 101D3 Alica Williams Daily 10-10:50am WAH 109
ENGL& 101F3 Alica Williams Daily 11-11:50am WAH 211
CMST& 220C4 Melissa Williams Daily 11-11:50am WSC 204
ENGL& 235A3 Melissa Williams MTWTh 12-12:50pm TEC 159