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Biological Sciences Program

Cell divisionThe Biological Sciences at Centralia College span the tremendous temporal and spatial breadth of life on Earth.  This includes phenomena on as fine a scale as the synthesis of DNA strands via DNA polymerase and on as broad a scale as changes to nutrient recycling in the biosphere by living organisms.  Our goals are to train students who will further our understanding of basic and applied Biology and to foster a deeper understanding of the importance of Biology in our lives.  Centralia College offers both Associate of Biology and Associate of Science degrees for students interested in a variety of careers in Biological Sciences.

Course Information:  The links to the right will guide you to specific information on courses within Biological Sciences (Biology, Botany, Zoology), including course descriptions, intended audience, and prerequisites.

Student Advising:  All students are Centralia College are assigned a faculty advisor who is closest to the students' future career goals. You can find general information on science advising for students wishing to transfer to bachelor's degree programs or professional degree programs at the advising link to the left. You can find a side-by-side comparison of the Associate in Biology and Associate in Science, Track 1 and the merits of each here.

Faculty:  The full-time Biological Sciences faculty are Dr. Lisa Carlson ( and Dr. Steve Norton ( 

Facilities:  New Science Center.  Kiser Outdoor Learning Laboratory